what was your experience "coaching" or being "coached" in LGAT
Posted by: wamback ()
Date: August 12, 2013 03:15AM

I have been spending time trying to make sense of my LGAT experience (mine was New Era Trainings in Concord California, a offspring of Lifespring [forum.culteducation.com])

I have learned a lot from this forum, but something I have not read a lot about is about "coaching" .

It sounds like LGATS use unpaid volunteer "graduates" to do the dirty work of dealing with new recruits. A big part of the LGAT mind control is keeping track of recruits to make sure they are "with the program" and continuing to break you down mentally and keep you under LGAT control. The LGAT leader cannot deal with all recruits at all times, so these volunteer graduate "coaches" do their "coaching" with the recruits. In New Era Trainings, you are spending many hours a day on the phone getting "coached"

Now that I have had time to think about about, my "coach" was really sadistic. It was like being under a drill sergant. I could never do anything right, so I was always getting being talked down and made to feel bad about myself. But now that I think about it, I think my "coach" would intentionally look for things or probably make something up or lie to me to get started so they could open me up and rip me. I think my "coach" enjoyed doing that to people to feel powerful. I have thought about the phone calls, and they always started with a little mind game to break me down and get me emotional - to "tag" me. It always was about doing something wrong - "not being my word" or something about not following the training exactly.

Now that I think about it, none of that "coaching" ever helped me. It did not help me with my LGAT "enrollment" goals, that I could care less about now. More importantly, it did not help me with my real life goals, so the LGAT was a complete waste of time and money.

And some of that "coaching" was pretty vicious. When people criticize LGATS for not being licensed therapy this is very true. Especially when a lot of that "coaching" is being done by unpaid volunteer LGAT "graduates" who have taken the questionable LGAT program for only a few months, and now think they know everything there is to know about helping people.

For my unpaid volunteer coach in New Era Trainings, I really just think they got a massive power trip off of being able to make people feel bad and mess with their heads. Which is what the owners liked to do too, but at least they are making lots of money doing it.

I am curious to hear the experience of other people being "coached" or if you are a recovering "coach" how were you taught to mess with the minds of recruits?


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Re: what was your experience "coaching" or being "coached" in LGAT
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 12, 2013 09:36AM

Some spoke about getting the needed number of recruits and how difficult it could be.

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Many years ago, a former worker for Landmark Education lifted the curtain. The person used the handle, 'Guy' and all of 'Guys' posts can be found here.


When doing an author search, or keyword search always select 'all dates'. This message board is now 11 years old--thanks to Rick Ross and the attorneys who have advised and represented him and this website and message board over the years.

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Re: what was your experience "coaching" or being "coached" in LGAT
Posted by: newfuture ()
Date: August 15, 2013 12:42AM

I was one of those people who landmark eventually deemed 'uncoachable' and was subject to intensive attempts to coach me, which descended into outright and blatant manipulation, emotional blackmail and severe bullying and psychological torture.

The first experience I had with 'coaching' was in the so-called self expression and leadership program where I was assigned a group coach... she was ok, actually a nice enough woman, but I have never liked being coached by anyone (as I prefer to learn by myself and my very good at doing so), particularly not someone that I have myself not chosen. This woman didn't really coach anything - she was more of an overseer, but I resented having to speak to her on a weekly basis as if i was a child checking in with a micro-managing parent. I found this strange and unneccessary not to mention irritating. She did try and implant certain things in my head, which I think she did unintentionally just because she didn't understand who I was as a person (how could she - she didn't know me). Later she began to confide in me her own personal problems (two failed marriages etc) and her own problems with landmark, which made her even less interesting to me as a 'coach' since I didn't know how someone with such significant issues could coach me in anything.

Anyway, the worst 'coaching' experiences I had were with the introduction leaders program where I was given this highly immature and weak human being and told that this person would be my coach. She was less educated than I, less intelligent, less together and to me it was a joke that she could be a coach of any kind. I actively resisted speaking to her. That got me in a lot of trouble!!! thus began what I can only define as harassment. Once she called me and emailed me about 15 times in one day. The more I attempted to define myself as an individual and to express my own thoughts and opinions, the more frustrated and angry she became. That was one of the things that made me realize how sick and destructive landmark was. She kept on calling me 'uncoachable' as an insult, and suggesting that there was something wrong with me that I didn't want to take her unsolicited and unwanted advice and suggestions, which were intended only to make me do things that I didn't want to do.

They also had several other so-called coaches who would take it upon themselves to give you their (generally negative) feedback and to again coerce you into behaviour that they wanted to have. As I later found out, all of these coaches were incentivized to treat an 'uncoachable' person like myself in this way because they had their own statistics to meet and report in, and they didn't want to have to deal with the repercussions of not doing so. I was therefore an obstacle in them meeting their own landmark-based goals and I was treated as such. I was treated like an object rather than a human being. It was dehumanizing to say the least.

The most awful experience I had was in a particular program which had levels from 1 to 4. I was assigned a 'mentor' (again, I don't accept imposed mentors) who was a level 4. This woman was like a mini version of Hitler. She was a deeply insecure person with a superiority complex based on this level that landmark had given her, which she thought should have made me immediately obedient. The problem was that she did and said things that I didn't agree with, questioned, found illogical and at times nonsensical. So, I would raise objections or ask questions. She HATED me for this. She actually told me that she couldn't stand me. She was a truly evil woman. Bear in mind, this is someone I didn't know from Adam. She talked to me like I was a piece of crap. She told me I'd end up a bag lady (btw, I have two degrees from ivy league institutions and have always been very successful - not exactly homeless person material) and went on an all out campaign to convince me that I was nothing, and also spread rumours and gossip about me to other people within landmark which they would report back to me. All of this because I wouldn't take her 'coaching' which included telling me that I should become a cleaner (not that there is anything wrong with being a cleaner, but like I said I have two ivy league degrees and I have always had very clear career goals). It was incredible. She wanted me to speak to her every day, she wanted me to keep lists of my activities. she wanted me to report into her all the time and she actually wanted to have a say in what I was doing - things that my own parents have never tried to do. She would literally scream at me on the phone. She actively tried to destroy me because I was a threat to her sense of entitlement. Eventually she tried to reject me from the group - little did she know that was my saving grace. Because I didn't know what landmark was about then, I just found her attitude and behavior totally strange and incomprehensible. Now I know and can see exactly what she was doing.

The thing is that trying to control me only makes me a stronger person in my beliefs and opinions. Maybe it is because I have a somewhat rebellious nature.

Anyway, the whole point of coaching in landmark and these other lgat's is to coerce, to keep you in the fold, to control your thoughts and movements and to make sure that you are doing what they want you to do. It's all part of the mind control and reformation of your personality. Sick stuff.

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