Hey, Rick Ross! What's wrong with you? Chill out!
Posted by: stevew ()
Date: March 26, 2003 07:57AM

It seems every time I read a post with someone saying positive stuff about their involvement in Sterling or Landmark, you have to come on here and post your long-*** schpeal of your perspective of the organization. Is that really necessary? Personally, I think it makes you look kind of controlling, like you want to make sure that no one has another perspective.

Look, I think your site is a great site. I took the Forum 10 years ago ... I thought it was great at first, though there were reservations in the back of my mind. Then after several weeks of the post-Forum stuff (I can't even remember what they called it), I was starting to get tired of it. Thought about taking another and, when I didn't, got a bunch of calls. They finally gave up on me.

For better or worse, I married a Forum grad 4 years later (she helped get me to take it in the first place). While Landmark has a relatively modest place in her diversified life (not as insane as what I've read on here), I still have big issues with it and that's part of the reason I'm glad I found this web site. She's very involved in an organization that evolved from Landmark, the International Black Summitt, that I think has some good ideas, but wastes a lot of time and money for modest gain.

Anyway, I could go on ... but THAT said, I think everything else (articles, etc.) on your site plenty well explains the Rick Ross philosophy without your having to punch it in every time someone conveys a positive LGAT perspective. Let the rest of us posters respond to it, why don't you? From what I've assumed, your site is to create awareness, not to have the controlling influence that these organizations that you rally against themselves are trying to perpetrate!!

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Hey, Rick Ross! What's wrong with you? Chill out!
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: March 26, 2003 11:33AM

There are no links to criticism, critical articles or any negative feedback posted at either Sterling or Landmark websites.

Obviously the Open Forum provides a place for you, or anyone, to express opinions.

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Hey, Rick Ross! What's wrong with you? Chill out!
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 26, 2003 11:58PM

this site doesnt push 'anything'> It offers research tools and information. Visitors can take what they like and leave the rest--or choose to disagree entirely.

What the site provides is not a program but : 1) links to information that certain groups, teachers and training programs WITHOLD from potential recruits, information that a prospective recruit needs to know in order to make a fully informed decision whether or not to participate in a 'licensed technology' training program such as Landmark or others like it.

Mr Ross is like a librarian--he offers information but does not tell us how to interpret it, nor does he teach us a new jargon. Whenver possible, he includes URLS of the official websites of the groups and teachers, along with information critical of those groups--thus providing both sides of the picture. This is in contrast to LGAT training, where anyone who disagrees is either kicked out or bullied into silence. Mr Ross does not try to define reality for you. He provides information that certain teachers, groups and programs will NOT mention when recruiting people.

Unlike various LGATs, Mr Ross's 'library' is available for free. A visitor can read this information at his or her own pace--and in private. You can think things over, take notes, discuss it with friends, allow yourself to reflect on whether you agree or disagree. And you can go to bed when you're tired. This is totally different from the high pressure, tightly controlled environment of an LGAT training. And, you can check other sources besides this website.

Visitors to this site are not taught a new and burdensome jargon. We remain able to enjoy the company of friends and family members who do not share our opinions.

Unlike this site, information in controversial LGAT trainings is often imparted in a high pressure controlled environment where there is no privacy, no time for self reflection, and where everything is tightly scripted by a trainer who exploits a combination of fatigue, peer pressure and language games.

Unlike problematic LGATs , [www.culteducation.com] is a self-paced, unscripted enviroment. You can log on and read the material at home in your pajamas if you want. You can get up and go take a morning shit if you want. You can take notes. The opinions you arrive at when using culteducation.com are uniquely your own. Above all, you are not under pressure to recruit your friends or co-workers people to register for this site--not like the rat race of recruiting obligations imposed by most LGATs!

Unlike various and sundry LGATs, this website sits peacefully in cyberspace and minds its own business. It does not recruit. It offers information but never opposes it. And a lot of us have decided, on our own, that we like that. Being treated as thoughtful adults is a marvellous thing. And it is an unprogrammed, uncoerced pleasure. That is why we do not need to recruit. This site keeps growing because people visit, then decide for themselves, (without a trainer breathing down their necks) that they like what they see.

When you offer a quality service you dont need to recruit. Word of mouth takes care of everything.

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