Vampires and Racketeers
Posted by: james777 ()
Date: September 19, 2005 03:25AM

work in progress

Vampires and Racketeers
a glimpse into Landmark Forum

Children of the night

Friendly happy people with an agenda they may be your hairdresser a store employee or anywhere they can get access to the vulnerable and the lonely. With an instant they strike up a conversation, flattering you and telling you about their wonderful group are involved in. When you first meet them and they seem very well-adjusted ,inquisitive and very interested in what you are interested in invite you to an introductory class that delivers instant success in all your areas of life. They're very ready to tell you about their wonderful experience and how they have become closer to their family and relationships.

Vampires must be invited in
a very hot room with furniture barred from a local business the volunteers begin to work in their way into your soul. There is use a few volunteers working in the crowd. At the introduction the volunteers begin in to talk about their own experience. They say something like "I have never had a good relationship with my father but now I have told him I loved him and I'll miss them when he is dead. Emotional outpouring of hurt and suffering in that is now gone a to a wonderful new technology that the landmark people developed. This introduction gives the participants a sign that it's OK to talk about the personal hurts and tragedies in their lives. The hot climates, emotional charge room and excitement of possibilities is all they need to sink their teeth into. Now since your in emotional wreck we need to fix you. They're good at listening and keying in on your wants and needs. Everything is set up in a very totalitarian way. The leader of the group has a agenda in front of him that he follows line by line step-by-step. The volunteer takes you to your problems in a somatic step-by-step approach. Some people in the room already have the sense that there is something very wrong here. However with his guided exercises it hard for anybody to get a clear idea what is going on. He tells the people now pretend that you won the lottery how do you feel? After that he tells them but you made a mistake you miss two of the numbers now how do you feel? Again the audience is captivated and tells them about their disappointment. Now it's time for breaking explain if you want to set up a time for you to come in and take the full weekend come do so. Now the the volunteers in the room start to talk to the individual participant sharing stories of family tragedies talking about how they've benefited in the form talking about how happy they are talking about how much closer their family they have become. Now breaks over h the leader softly said that were all late we shouldn't do that but that's okay. Discipline is the name of the game to get people to commit. Shortly we say the exercise and come to a breakthrough.

Self-help that helps itself
"how do you know what you don't know unless you need to be told" in some of the a circler reasoning they use to entrap your rational mind. Their pop psychology and ZEN philosophy is used to break down your sense of "I". In ZEN the outcome of destroying the false I is so you can see the suffering of others and have empathy for people around you. In LM system of belief is really nihilistic and other people all racketeering there reality. This creates a belief that one's own groups ideology saperer and that other people need to be told the truth. Instead of empathy you wind up with narcissism and a total disregard of other people's needs and values. This was evident not in what the volunteers were saying but their actions they took. They had no qualms of using you to get to your family friend and work colleagues to sell their technology. On one of my outings with the volunteer she would first seduce me in and then make a demand. She use all sorts of tactics and at first I thought she was just very needy. This is what really led me to believe that you're dealing with a Cult not a aggressive multilevel marketing ploy. Most of the literature I found on landmark was that it was a hard sell to get to do by corsets.. They tell you that your racketeering and causing people in your life hell. The best thing you could do is to forgive them and except them for who they are. You're now put at ease because it sounds logical its basic psychology at the key is really in the details. And before you know it you are part of a collective. That we can look at our problems in a different light. This is Standard boilerplate re-framing and most psychologists readily use technique to get people to see their difficulties as challenges. How we go from that to total submission and obedient probably taken some conditioning. It starts with a suggestion of reward or they call it

Vampires can't see their reflection
"the people need to know the truth" in the comment I heard out on many of my outings with the volunteer of the organization. I was able to get a lot of information about how somebody within the form sees their role in it. She was able to tell me that they have to sign loyalty agreement. That the organization's 2007 goal was to give the the individual the love that they need. I started talking about attachment and how you can get a attached to your very own ideals. This is in the something she didn't take very well she began to hyperventilating and talk in very fast. I told her that I wasn't trying to judge anything but that was nice to know. Careful not to pressure her to much. She seemed to be very talkative almost manically thoughts would fly to her mind. At one point she even said that she would kill somebody if she was told to which a something of a clue how her mind works. She said she talked to trees and she sees paintings in natural. Before the outing I sat and waited for her in her house. All these are big red flags but for some reason I was intrigued by the very neurotic person. I wanted to find out what really made somebody in a Landmark tick. And for some reason I thought that she went out with me for some other reason other than to use me or to get me in to the Landmark. It was a small apartment with no furniture and cushions for the floor. It was very hot in her apartment it must've been at least 90°.

Sunlight burns their skin. Knowledge destroys the illusion.
They get what they want and then they're gone. All the pop psychology is just a ploy to get to to commit to series of increasing expenses courses. There isn't any desire to improve your family relationships or to help you reach your full potential. If somebody tries to seduce you into their organization that it is a horse of a whole different color. The amount of lying that incurs is just astounding. The house was merely a stage and by the time you read this they would have packed up and moved to another town. Maybe somewhere along the lines a separate their attendees into two types to ones who believe and the ones that don't. The true believers are given instruction on manipulation and deception. They are unbelievably prepared and slick that shows that people who developed the indoctrination really thought through their tactics. They can lie out at blink of the eye, fake emotions and manipulate what such a single agenda of getting you into the class. What they leave behind is feeling of betrayal and emotionally drained. Now I'm not saying that all people who take these courses become "the walking dead" but the committed one do.

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Vampires and Racketeers
Posted by: Excalibur ()
Date: September 22, 2005 04:36AM

Wow, what a post!

I see you're a new member. As an RR message board regular, welcome and thanks for sharing your excellent insights. It's people like you and posts like your's that do humankind a service by exposing nefarious cults and scams like Landmark.

Sounds like you've been through LM. Please contribute more!!

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Vampires and Racketeers
Posted by: xinhuce ()
Date: September 29, 2005 06:58PM

oh , too long to read for me ,what a pity

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Vampires and Racketeers
Posted by: Dynamix ()
Date: October 05, 2005 02:46PM

Nice comparisons, metaphorically accurate. Well done!

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Vampires and Racketeers
Posted by: jan ()
Date: October 14, 2005 02:23AM

I did LM a few years ago and none of what you say makees sense. It was really helpful and i gained a level of self understanding that has changed my life for the better.

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