up and coming Kedge foward lead"futurist" is former cult leader
Posted by: knotty ()
Date: June 28, 2012 01:13AM

A friend told me about this as he was looking into going to Savannah College of Art and design. He got wind through an art forum of a cult that operated there and then after some digging found this information from a former member of that cult.
This is what he found:

Frank Spencer of Kedge forward which is a human potential firm with a creative twist is the same Frank Spencer of Banner of the Nations, a campus cult that used intensive mind control techniques which led some to the brink of suicide and several others to psychosis, some have never recovered. At Banner of the nations, he was using the international art school to spawn his cult all over the world until a mother of an autistic daughter who was rescued from suicidal state, called the school and outed him. It is believed that Savannah College of Art and Design forced him out. There was also a lawsuit by a former member, not sure if he/she won or not. He later resurfaced as the "Futurist" of kedge forward. Forbes seems to think he is a swell guy.

[banner-of-the-nations.blogspot.com] -his former Banner of the Nations blog with photo

[forum.culteducation.com] -a post by a member about banner of the nations

[forwardonline.wordpress.com] Kedgeforward website with photo

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