Millionaire Mind Intensive "Training" by T.Harv Eker, Peak Potentials
Posted by: Anything ()
Date: June 23, 2011 01:10AM

Hi, I know I am new to this forum and I know many of you here will be skeptical towards me in suspecting that I am a troll sent here by those LGAT organisations. Though my objective is to leak information about what happens inside this "Millionaire Mind Intensive" seminar. It is in my opinion that this seminar is exploiting our greed for money and performing dubious methods of "persuasion". The country that I come from, Malaysia has a notorious reputation in social, economic and political issues which contributes to a nearing situation of a failed state. Yeah, I know I am being all political now but it is important to highlight this fact because these people ( Peak Potentials ) are promising us "ways" to get rich in a fast manner. Because many of Malaysians especially ethnic Chinese and Indians have a relatively harsh working and economic environment, we are highly susceptible and vulnerable to this get-rich-quick seminars and methods. And also I do not think we have much knowledge of what is LGAT's considering there have been almost no expose or critical analysis of LGAT in any form of media here. (Keep in mind that the Malaysian media is controlled by the ruling government entirely except for internet based news). I do not want to waste time blabbering anymore, it is up to the people here to make use of the information and I would gladly answer any inquiries regarding this matter as best as possible.

Below is the information
I attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar which was organized by T.Harv Eker organization Peak Potentials. I am writing this to leak information regarding this seminar. It is my personal opinion that this seminar is a LGAT ( Large Group Awareness Training ) and it exhibits many bad elements of it. I will first provide the background of this seminar then go on describing the events that were happening inside this seminar then provide some of my insights regarding it. I only attended this seminar on the first 2 days and I missed the last day so I would be only providing the details on the first 2 days. I am sorry for not being able to provide details on the 3rd day. It is worth noting that I am writing this based on what I could remember because the long hours pushed my mind to a mushy state and I can't really recall some of the things that happen.

Mind Millionaire Seminar by T.Harv Eker ( Peak Potentials )
State and Country held - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Venue - PWTC ( Putra World Trade Center )
Date - 17-19 June 2011
Duration of Seminar - 9 am to 7 pm ( In reality it lasted from 9 am to 10 pm )
Speaker - Adam Markel
Number of participants - 1400
Price - RM 650 ( RM3 = 1 USD ) for VIPs and RM245 for general admission
Organizer - Success Resources

1st Day
The workshop started with an instructor from the Peak Potentials organization called Adam Morkel. There were about 1400 people here present in the hall. From what I can tell, the hall ideally supports up to 800 people only given and accommodating 1400 people is possible but creates a very stuffy and uncomfortable environment with very tight spaces and barely enough room for people to walk. There were not enough seats for everyone so many of the people were forced to stand. This raises a question on whether did the organizers anticipate this kind of crowd and I heard that many of the participants registered on the day itself ( means there were no prior commitment or registration to the seminar before the day itself and that many of them just showed up on that day itself to register) Why they open up registration for walk in participants is beyond me because doing that created this messy situation. Many of the people who were standing were complaining about the incompetence of the organizers of not being able to provide chairs. ( After lunch time, enough chairs were provided but the venue was very tight and compact with little room to maneuver ) It is unclear whether did the organisers set a limit to the participants beforehand but judging from the amount of people doing walk-ins registration, it maybe that there were no limit after all and they were trying to maximise sales. It is worth noting that maybe half of the 1400 were walk-ins but I have no proof of that but from the number of people I saw mobbing at the registration booth, I would put the figure at quite high. With 1400 participants, the revenue gained from it is ridiculously high.

The seminar started with Adam listing his 2 rules in the seminar.
1. Don't believe a word I say
2. Participation
We were provided with a bag which contained a packet of CD's related to the seminar and a workbook. I really do not know how to describe the workbook because I think most of the contents were idiotic. Nevertheless, we were supposed to “participate” by doing the workbook along with Adam. The workbook was used as the basis of how Adam conducts the seminar by “guiding” us through every page then continuing to explain the analogies and stories to make the point. From the start, I was growing dissacociated with the seminar because the contents were one, general and vauge and two, practically everything said can be figured out ourselves and three, practically the same content of any self help book or seminar.

Shortly after this, Adam told us something that made my “alert” alarm went off. He asked us not to disclose any information regarding on whatever happens inside the seminar and to keep a confidentiality pact. The reason provided was that telling others will ruin the experience and what happens in this room should stay in this room. Adam gave no time for anyone to ask anything about this issue and quickly proceeded resuming his talk. He went on to preach the differences between “rich” and “broke” people and the usual things about confidence, attitude and the lots. Then Adam drop a bombshell by saying that we are all here because we are “broke” and that our mentalities, attitudes made us this way. He then introduced some concepts or terms like “Reconditioning” and suggested us to “Unlearn” the “destructive” habits that we had. I could see that the crowd was being edgy and emotional now. He gave the “ I know what your thinking about now” speech in pointing out that some were being skeptical now. He talked about the “little voice” inside our mind that was holding us back and introduce a T.Y.F.S method by telling the mind “Thank You For Sharing”. (To be honest, I actually bought into this idea but I added a “But No Thank You” and instead directed it to Adam ). By now, I could see the crowd was eerily silent and signs of stress were apparent in the faces of people beside me. Then Adam suddenly spoke in a calm, emphatic manner to them and the crowd suddenly turn into a relieved manner. His calm, emphatic manner was in direct contradiction to his previous manner which was forceful and fiery. If you ask me, this was the same as the Good Cop/Bad Cop approach in that they try to emotionally break you with the Bad cop approach first then try to extract information afterwards with the Good Cop approach.

By now, I noticed that Adam has a disturbing habit of calling the crowd to repeat after him phrases and keywords like “Integrity”,”Attitude matter” and such. ( I found this approach extremely lame and stupid, it was just like how I was taught in kindergarten ) The crowd was repeating after him constantly throughout the seminar. And he has this habit also of calling people to hi-5 to each other and say “You have a Millionaire mind”. I can say almost all of us did the hi-5s including me but I didn't say the phrase but I noticed that many of them gave me an irritated and disgusted look. ( Most of the crowd were having this “Group mentality” thing now and that they expect everyone to think and act like they do. Though this is just my own opinion and observation.)

Shortly after, we were given this leaflet of “Attitudes of Wealth” and Adam asked us all to stand up and put our hand to our heart. He then asked us to participate in this “declaration” by saying it out loud sentences like “ I am an excellent money manager “. Many of the people followed this “declaration” and they concluded by hi-5ing each other and saying “You have a Millionaire mind”. After lunch, one of the local speakers ( assumably from Peak Potentials ) got the crowd into a “dancing” frenzy by blasting some songs and calling for people to clap and dance around. The scene was similar to a night clubbing scene where people were just shaking their heads and hands like they were in a club. After this “dance”, we were asked to do the “declaration” again and subsequently the hi-5s with the phrases.

Adam took over from the local speaker and starts talking about money management. He promoted the idea of the JAR system in which you allocate a specific amount into each jar. According to him, it is the easiest money management system and that anyone can do it. Though he only make the bold statements but provided no proof or any evidence to the effectiveness of the system, he just said that it work and no further elaboration was provided. And he talk in depth about what Financial Freedom means. He proceeded to explaining about passive incomes. The jars are divided into
1. Financial Freedom
2. Long Term Savings for Spendings
3. Education
4. Neccesities
5. Play
6. Give

Adam has also this habit of calling people to put their two fingers to the side of their forehead ( Think of psychics or Professor Xavier doing the mind power in the movie X-men First class but with two hands ) and repeating after him countless motivational phrases. Then again we were subjected to a new and different declaration “Attitudes of Wealth” and the same thing happen with the hand to the heart and the saying out loud of the phrases and sentences. We had a break at about 5pm and the same thing happen again with the local speaker calling everyone up for the “dancing”. After the “dance”, we were made to do both of the “declarations” with the usual hand ritual, recital and the hi-5s.

Adam continued giving the usual “motivational” stories and analogies. By 6pm, it was evident that the crowd was getting tired and many were going to the toilets for a break. Adam now suddenly starts his forceful and fiery manner of promoting countless seminars offered by Peak Potentials. He wrote down the prices of each seminars and proceeded to cutting the prices each time in half for a couple of times. The crowd was going into an euphoria mood with people cheering and shouting. After the cutthroat prices strategy, he proceeded in blasting the crowd who didn't register by saying “Stop being afraid” “have the guts to finish the race” ( Before this, he used an analogy that life is a race. By “showing up” at the seminar, you have completed 80 percent of the race. He proceeded to say that to finish the 20 percent, you have to go “one step further” ). Basically, he was threatening the ones who sat and did nothing that if they don't “take that next step”, they will be left behind. He then went on congratulating the people who registered and promising their lives will “change”

Dinner started at 7 and ended at 8. Many people had left at 7 itself but there was still a sizeable crowd who stayed. Adam then called them to prepare a RM100 note then proceeded to call them to burn it. Most of the people did not do it but some did and immediately douse the money into a cup of water provided to them. He then drill in the message that “If your burning your money, your burning your time. If your not willing to do it, stop wasting your time and do the right thing” ( Not the exact words of Adam but it was along these lines.) What the “right thing” means, I do not know. He then proceeded to give more of his talks and eventually it ended at around 10.

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SCAM Millionaire Mind Intensive "Training" by T.Harv Eker,
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 27, 2011 10:06AM

The Millionaire Mind "Intensive Training" is clearly a highly manipulative LGAT seminar, designed to take your remaining money, and transfer it to the seminar presenter and his business partners.
Literally every single technique mentioned so far, has been copied from other LGAT seminars.

The goal is to lure people to buy more products, and enroll in more seminars, and various schemes, to make the seminar organizer make more money.

Adam Markel has his videos all over the place.

These guys roll into town, hype people up with false promises they can teach them to be "millionaires" overnight, and then sell them junk that doesn't work. People get over-excited, and buy all these products they can't afford.
The products don't work, and then the people are persuaded to buy even more.

Its the oldest get-rich-quick scamola in the book, and these guys are serious sharks.

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Re: Millionaire Mind Intensive "Training" by T.Harv Eker, Peak Potentials
Posted by: buyerbeware ()
Date: December 29, 2011 10:41AM

This is very interesting. After doing business with some of the wealthiest people in the country and world. Don't know one that used any methods other than luck, or inheritance. Timing was everything when luck stuck. Bill Gates came along at the perfect time in history, and from a young age spend hours on his computer, Excell, intel chip, butterball turkey all came at a time when there were no competitors, and hit the market at the perfect time, but cambell's soups, waterford crystal, making all the interiors for mercedes, etc were inherited, and those companies started when competition was low On the other hand, new millionaires take the stage with think you can invent, invent, and then let me in on your good fortune. Studies were done on motivational speakers like Tonny Robbins. He's a wonderful speaker, gets the audience worked to a frinzy, but study's showed few lives changed down the road. How ever I do believe in miracles, and dogged determination, and of all the people who makes so much sense, what's his name with the wierd hair, the one who says think big...Donald Trump. the guy may seem strange, but he's smart, if not brilliant. He graduated from Whorten the number one business college in the country. Hard as hell to get in, and what he says about buisness makes sense. When he said it's harder for a little guy to get a 100,000. dollar loan on a small house than a large business loan, because banks are in the business of making money. The problem with so many methods that claim to change your life is the is really no way to really gauge their success, and when occationally someone does make it big, and was using a particular method they will forever be used to endorse that method, and of course, no one is more hooked than the person who just won. Keep on, keep it up, sooner or later it'sll pay off...and so will your efforts. I was in partners with a man who said he never trusted anyone unless they'd gone backrupt three times, and many successful people have tried many things before it hit. I will continue to try the release technique, although it hasn't made a penny's worth of difference in my life, and actually things are worse, but releasing stress helps, like a quick form of meditation, a quick form of relaxation, your mind workds better. Hope everyone has a great year. I say we synchronize a time for prayer or positive thoughts.

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Re: Millionaire Mind Intensive "Training" by T.Harv Eker, Peak Potentials
Posted by: agiragos ()
Date: June 12, 2012 07:48AM

Yesterday was the final day of a weekend seminar entitled Millionaire Mind Intensive. I’ll credit the seminar for teaching me some interesting money saving and money making tactics like “the jar system,” Investment Retirement Accounts, and Tax Liens. However, for the most part, the seminar was a waste of time. 1/4th of the seminar was dedicated to the useful tools stated above, 1/4th to funny or interesting stories shared by the trainers, and 1/2th was dedicated to selling you more of their courses.

The most disturbing part of the entire weekend is the way in which they marketed to a group of emotionally and financially vulnerable people. A common strategy they used to market their products to the audience was to get them riled up emotionally and ask them to purchase things impulsively based upon their emotions. I can think of three primary ways they did this, not necessarily in this order.

In the first phase, the trainers would begin by stating their backgrounds and telling some jokes and having fun with the audience. At this stage they built trust and credibility. Next, they had people write about and share their personal financial situation. Most people in the room were undergoing some form of financial difficulty and, thus, this was a sore subject for many people. Many people were so upset with what was going on in their personal lives that they began to cry. That’s when the selling started. At this point, they would praise their products and tell people that it would change their lives. They would ridicule people who didn’t buy their products and mocking them with a whinny voice. Also, they were encouraging people not to research or think about the product, but to “buy from their hearts.”

The second phase of the coaxing involved the trainers telling moving, personal stories about their own lives and how the product had helped them. They all emphasized how they had paid so much more for the same products and how each would pay itself back tenfold. These stories helped the audience relate to and trust the trainers. Then there was singing and dancing and turning to your neighbor and high fiving him, to get the group excited and motivated. And when we were all happy and gay, the selling began. Often times they promoted “group think” by asking whether people liked their product and ending the question with a false choice like “true or true” or “great or great” or “right or right.” Even their questions were intended not to get you to think. They would then ask the crowd a question like who doesn’t have a small business. These “employees” would be asked to stand in front of the group, and the trainer would instruct them to go to the back and purchase something. Sometimes he would have them stand for a minute or so if they didn’t buy anything, and I think many felt pressured by the fixed eyes of the group to go to the back and purchase more programs.
The third phase included an exercise where people would put a wooden arrow to their necks and would break it by stepping forward. This is somewhat of a frightening exercise, but the trainer built up people’s trust in him by encouraging people to do it and helping them do so. Then, hypnotherapy tactics were employed, where they asked people who still hadn’t bought anything to close their eyes and imagine their ideal lives. The hypnotherapist or trainer would describe a serene and idyllic life and many people awoke from the hypnotherapy with tears in their eyes. And when the people were at their most emotional, the selling continued. They told people how they couldn’t afford not to purchase their products and how a real millionaire would do whatever it takes to purchase it (implying that the broke people should borrow money or take it out of their savings to purchase the product). They would discount their products over and over again making you think you are getting an amazing value. They would tell you that the offer is only for a limited time and for a limited number of people and if you didn’t act now, you would miss out on an amazing opportunity.

In sum, I didn’t learn much about making money, but I did learn a lot about mind control and brainwashing. These people should be ashamed.

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Re: Millionaire Mind Intensive "Training" by T.Harv Eker, Peak Potentials
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: April 16, 2016 01:35AM


The irony of how-to-get-rich programs is that they tend to make the promoters rich rather than the students.

This was allegedly the case with a Surrey father and his two sons who paid just over $74,000 for a program on how to become a millionaire offered by "financial freedom" guru T. Harv Eker and his North Vancouver company, Peak Potentials Training Inc.

Raymond Roch and his two sons, Devin (a realtor) and Nathan (a student), filed a lawsuit in B.C. Supreme Court this week claiming Eker used "high-pressure sales tactics" to induce them to pay an "exorbitant" amount of money to buy into the program in October 2005.


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