'Landmark Education for Business Development' What?
Posted by: Stooge ()
Date: April 16, 2005 10:17PM

Perhaps people here can let me know about the 'Landmark Education for Business Development' enterprise, how much spin is involved in its claims for corporate credibility, and also how much it pervades the organisations concerned. On the Landmark website they boast that AT&T, Exxon and Lockheed Martin (amongst others) have 'benefited' and 'profited' from the LEBD course. One cannot help but note that a substantial section of the corporations listed have dubious ethical and environmental standards to say the least. On the surface, it appears that Landmark is successfully linking itself in directly to corporate power and finance, which raises some disturbing questions as to the wider spread of the Forum. What's going on? Can anybody spill the beans?

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'Landmark Education for Business Development' What?
Posted by: ULTAWARE ()
Date: July 01, 2005 11:24AM

I, personally would suspect the any, if not many, large US Corps have been "fed the fodder" with different titles than "forum', etc for team improvement, employee empowerment or manager transformation. Just listen to th elanguage used & / or signs of outright narcissism.

IMO, we are such a society with a minority manipulating the majority of manipulated beings that are such an addictive species - working out, sex, drinking, gambling, abuse and also integrity, love, compassion or even laughter.....

As they say, it's a jungle out there, so get offensive...protect your own, advise your friends, help those that have succumbed when you can..

Lost me mate who was a lec victim....I realize what this onion looks like if peeled!


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