Help In Dealing With A Girlfiend in Quixtar
Posted by: wide_eyes ()
Date: July 29, 2005 04:15PM

My advice would be to say and do what you can to get her thinking about the numbers and the system. Get her to see [u:3c7f1325f3]herself[/u:3c7f1325f3] what it is you see.

I was involved in Quixtar myself, and I've been able to help a couple of friends get out of the business by asking them what they thought of the plan and the numbers presented. That it would be a good idea to cover their bases and really look at what they're making, so as to track their growth and see the results firsthand, as I wanted to see them succeed. Yes, my words were a bit on the devious side, as I knew in my heart they were destined to be on the losing end, but I didn't want to flat-out ridicule them; I wanted them to open their own eyes.

As for being a dream-crusher, I understand what you mean. I, too, had to carry that cross a ways when my friends realized that this business was stacked against them. However, I didn't let that stop me from doing what I knew to be the right thing: help my friends to think for themselves and not allow other people to tell them how to make decisions they should be making. Even when they decided to leave, I didn't judge them or throw out "I told you so," and they knew that. In time, they thanked me for getting them to watch the numbers and not be goaded into doing what someone else tells them to, as well as for not pressuring them to quit as they had been warned others would do. Indeed, I would never do that-their choices are their own, I simply laid my opinion on the table with facts to support it, and let them take from that what they wanted. I would still care about them even if they'd stayed in, and supported them even, as they are my friends, and no business can change that.

A suggestion would be to try and get her to emphasize, for herself, the I in IBO, which is Independent. Sure, information and training from successful people is a great thing. But when she implements the training, is it because she wants to use it and truly believes it's good, or just because she's told to? That's the thing she needs to ask herself.

Anyhow, the best of luck with your dilemma. Nothing should stand in the way of two people's feelings for each other, least of all a business model. I sincerely hope that this experience makes you both stronger... together.

Help In Dealing With A Girlfiend in Quixtar
Posted by: carioca ()
Date: April 20, 2006 08:24AM

I know this is quite an old subject, but I just wanted to share that my fiancee's family has been trying to show his sister and husband (which are Q's) the truth for quite a while, but they have been BRAINWASHED and nothing seens to open their eyes to reality.
It might be really frustrating.

Help In Dealing With A Girlfiend in Quixtar
Posted by: zianian ()
Date: April 25, 2006 12:11PM

Me Too.....


I think I lost the girl. Not simply over her dreams.

I just hope the seeds I planted, in her eyes, Help open her eyes.

Before she loses too much money

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