Kangen Water / Enagic
Posted by: 95percentbs ()
Date: October 26, 2009 11:18AM

Does anybody have experience or has anybody heard of other people's experience with this company? They sell very expensive water filters and make huge claims about the health benefits. The business model is MLM. FYI I would never get into a MLM (already made that mistake) and I have recently studied (mostly thru this website and also Richard Dawkins website) how MLM, cults, and self-improvement seminars operate (mind control and brainwashing.) I am just curious to hear if anybody has any experience or have heard of other people's experience with this particular company. The reason that I am interested is because my girlfriend's dad is involved. He brought her to one of their "seminars." I am trying to talk sense into her, but I am only armed with what she tells me about it plus what I see on their company website.

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