FX Trading
Posted by: LaughingCoyote ()
Date: September 08, 2009 05:27AM

I hope I have finally found a place to voice my frustration. I sent a letter to Attorney General about this but it was Elliot Spitzer at the time and I doubt he was working hard on the case.

It all started hiking on the island of Kauaii. In the rainforest I met a woman who was from Canada. I dont remember the exact details but she claimed to be a teacher of tantra or some type of 'new age' ideology. I think it might have been 'her own' but again I dont remember who she was affiliated with. I am sure many of you know the type Im talking about.
She talked me into something called FX Trading and told me it was perfect for 'people like me'. I fell for it.
When I got back from vacation I put $10k into this scam. It all seemed so legitimate. I had $35k in a college account and I never went to college. I even put $2500 as my MAXIMUM Loss Potential. The brokers name was Nick Sautter and I will never forget his name.
Have you ever seen Boiler Room? Well I sure wish I had before I gave this bastard 1/3 of my college account. Forgive me please, dad. I was Boiler Roomed.

And what happened? Did I lose $2500 in a week? No. worse. Much worse. He lost the entire $10k account. I dont think it took him more than a few days. And Nick Sautter? Oh, he doesn't work for FX Trading. In fact, FX Trading doesn't even exist, according to Wachovia (The bank in Florida I sent my money to)

It was so embarrassing I couldnt even talk about it. I think corruption like this is crippling the American Economy.
And the SEC? Oh, they actually signed a LAW preventing any private investors from suing these brokers.
I contacted JK Sokolove or whatever his name is. You know, the lawyer on TV. He doesnt care about $10k.

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