Message board has passed 50,000 posts
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: August 20, 2008 12:17AM

The Ross Institute message board has now passed 50,000 posts.

Not bad considering the ongoing threats of lawsuits, a failed lawsuit filed by Landmark Education and the seemingly endless DDOS attacks for over a year perpetrated by Searcy, Arkansas resident and crank Bruce Raisley ( see [] ) through his former "botnet" of "zombie computers," principally located in Eastern Europe.

With help from dedicated attorneys such as Peter Skolnik and Michael Norwick at Lowenstein Sandler, Douglas Brooks, Robert Rivas, Thomas Gleason, and both Harvard University's Berkman Center and Public Citizen of Washington DC as helpful resources, the Ross Institute has survived every legal challenge posed by a list of would-be Internet censors, which attempted to dictate its content.

And with the help of Croatian Internet security experts, a dedicated system administrator and ISP in Sweden, the good work of the FBI and US District Attorney in Newark NJ, this message board survived and stopped Mr. Raisley's onslaught of DDOS attacks.

Though "trolls" have come and go and no doubt will continue to be an ongoing nuisance, earnest participants here have shown again and again a willingness to endure them and move on in an effort to benefit others.

It's been a great six years and counting since this board was launched.

Thanks everyone for sharing to make this board a meaningful resource for research, so that others can benefit from your knowledge and experience.

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Re: Message board has passed 50,000 posts
Posted by: John Fox ()
Date: August 21, 2008 07:14AM

Wow. Wasn't it just the other day that the board passed the 20,000 mark?

You've been a very busy boy, Rick!


John :-P

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Re: Message board has passed 50,000 posts
Posted by: greg ham ()
Date: July 11, 2009 10:22AM that werner erhard ? or scientology?

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Re: Message board has passed 50,000 posts
Posted by: John Fox ()
Date: July 15, 2009 01:42AM

Good question, and very relevent.

Landmark Education is the current name for the Werner Erhard / est movement. Same "technology".

Interestingly, Werner Erhard knew L. Ron Hubbard and pinched the bits that he liked out of Scientology to use in what became est. Consequently Werner is now a "suppressive person" which means that he's no longer on their Christmas card list.

So they are actually quite connected.


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