MLM IS A SCAM Is Just Pure Ignorance.
Posted by: ChrisAvalon ()
Date: August 04, 2004 03:22AM

Sorry to say, but most people who think negatively towards Network Marketing and MLM are just plain ignorant and misinformed. They think they are informed because they "read some article" or "some book." People are gullible into being tricked into believing anything negative-- talking about that puts people on the defensive, so they believe whatever that person is saying so that they are not "tricked" too-- but the fact is, they are being tricked, just in a different way. You can't believe the one-sided facts and information-- even if the statistic is true, have you ever thought there could be other statistics that could be true to counter that? They're being tricked into believing the authors opinion so they aren't "stupid." Believe me? I'm not trying to scare you with onesided statistics and theories, that's just fact, take it how you like.

The other half of negative network marketing "gurus" are people who have only just touched the network marketing industry-- and failed. They cannot grasp that it was not anyone but their own faults for failure, and attribute their loss of money to a "convincing scheme." They didn't tell me this, or they didn't tell me that. It's your fault for not doing the research, not the companies for inticing you to look at them and try them out. Of course they hype themselves up-- to get you excited to succeed, to make you do your best... but you need to do your own research. There needs to be a disclaimer of the skills you WILL NEED TO LEARN-- but you cannot blame them for your lack of skills.

I'm not saying there are no scams out there-- because there are-- they're just so easy to pinpoint. The MLM companies that focus solely on "recruiting for your downline" cannot work-- you need products. Products that work, that you can be passionate about selling. There are so many legitamate, profitable, and high income potential companies out there-- it's up to you to find the vehicle to success-- then use YOUR skills-- not your uplines or your companies-- to achieve success.

You can use tools to HELP you out from your company, but it is ultimately up to YOU to achieve the individual success. If a company told its thousands/millions of distributors to ALL do one thing, there would be too many people doing it that it would be pointless! Market saturation ring a bell? The market for the products will never dry up, but marketing methods and advertising can become less effective. You must personalize YOUR business effectively for success.

Another quote that bothers me every time I hear it is someone say, "Well if you recruit 12, who recruit 12, who recruit 12, you will be beyond the population of the world." as if that should mean you can't be successful then.

A simple lesson in mathematics: you cannot multiply those figures-- that is simply not accurate-- because you're multiplying your numbers over each other again and again for everyone. It's hard to explain, you have to write it out. Sure, eventuallly 12 x 12 x 12 x 12 etc will reach past our population, but not EVERYONE is doing that. The people within the 12 x 12 x 12 matrix are supporting each other, so you can't recount the 11 below the person in your first line for your own, and then add it up for their own too-- you're counting people twice! They are complimenting each other, so you can have a lot of people with a lot of people under your people, those numbers, even though they count as one person, add up for everyone's downline figure-- to a very very high number you can do this-- a number that you will not reach. Try to get the whole population of the world to do ANYTHING-- it won't happen. Potential is there, theres nothing we can do with our lives that could ever create the amount of saturation needed to take up the whole world-- but it doesn't mean theres not the income potential there for the amount of people any one person can recruit.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with MLM. Why would Coca-Cola, AT&T, Texas Instruments-- to name a few-- use network marketing if it was not a sound concept that works? If going door-to-door worked, you'd be seeing a Coca-Cola Salesman at your doorstep! Network Marketing Simply Works-- just not for everyone... but does that mean these companies make false claims because they say Everyone Can? No. Why? Because everyone CAN-- they just won't, or just don't know how-- and blame their company for that. These people will never go away, but anyone CAN achieve success with the desire to do so. Desire does not equal spending more money or putting in more time somewhere. It means desire to learn, act smart, and become a serious professional, not a desperate dreamer.

To be successful in MLM you have to know how to MARKET. Advertising, marketing, and sales is crucial to your success-- people get wrapped up in simply "telling their warm market." This is the worst place to go, which leads so many to failure! Of course people don't take the blame for their ignorance or lack of information-- it's the companies fault, right? =\

MLM takes communication skills, marketing skills, sales skills-- all of which can be learned.

Yes, do your research-- and do your homework. Before you join any MLM company, become a master of marketing! It's like any other skilled job-- SKILLS are required. This CAN be an industry for everyone, if they are willing to actually be serious and LEARN. Companies set up their own training systems-- if you take full advantage of this and do your own research too, you can become successful in MLM.

The reason these "training systems" don't work, is it's the blind leading the blind. YOU have to take hold of your own education, not rely on some upline to show you the way, because the chances are-- they don't know.

There are many problems with the MLM Industry right now which I won't get into, but the concept of Multi-Level-Marketing and Network Marketing is the BEST in the world for great income potential-- the people need to change, the process needs to change-- the idea is solid.

Bashing MLM without knowing and acknowledging how and why it can be a great industry sounds like pure ignorance.. Yes MLM is a "scheme" but ti's definately not a "scam." Before you say "not everyone can succeed" or "you're going to fail" to someone-- do your own research. Ask yourself, what do you truly know about what it takes to be successful in MLM? Do you really know? You're not rich, so don't preach how you can't make it big with MLM-- you probably don't know.

-Chris Avalon

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