lillian too/ feng shui
Posted by: greg hamond ()
Date: October 16, 2007 01:42AM

this is a review of her book from amazon
also where is any note of the 60 MILLION people killed in china by Mao and his minions

After owning this book for nearly two years and meticulously following its advice in arranging my living and working space for maximum career success and wealth, here is what I've experienced: after 2.5 years of working part-time at a low wage for a computer company whose CEO kept promising me a decent salary, stock options and all the benefits, I ended up with a 17% pay cut, no salary, no stock options, no benefits. My other client, after promising he'd work hard to build his title insurance business and pay me more, wasted his time on non-productive pursuits and ended up not being able to afford to pay me to work for him part-time.
I've also worked diligently on the side to start other income streams, only to see each of them come to nothing, but delays and time wasted.

Now I'm not a disbeliever in the concept of chi. I practise Chi Gung, Taiji and other internal martial arts, have had acupuncture, and for a westerner, have embraced much Asian philosophy and practises. But when it comes to Feng Shui, it is disappointing in its results unless one is writing Feng Shui books and makes millions selling copies.

No one has adequately proven the validity and beneficial results of either Compass or Black Hat Feng Shui, which contradict each other, and each claims to be right. Safe to say, it belongs in the realm of hyper motivational speakers and self-proclaimed experts hawking dubious theories to enrich themselves at the expense of the naive and uninformed.

Besides, if Feng Shui REALLY did work, China would be the richest nation on earth, instead of one of the poorest. That alone is ample evidence of the impotence of Feng Shui.

Your money is better spent on books teaching financial literacy.

Re: lillian too/ feng shui
Posted by: northstar ()
Date: November 12, 2007 11:20PM

Thank-YOU! Exactly what l thought when l was told that l must get into it. As a designer, l did look into it and found it incredibly stupid, and yet genuis from a marketing lets-make-fast-and-easy-cash standpoint, since it is a "fad". Unfortunately the "fad" dupes millions of people as they despretely follow tricky instructions and the toys that come with the overpriced and badly coloured "kits"...I couldn't believe that this woman who is the self-designated guru of some foreign and probably made up purple hat thingy sect, was claiming that by adjusting her desk and chair at a higher level than her guests, and adjusting their chairs to be low, and then putting everything at an angle, bringing in goldfish and aligning her compass with everything that is hung up or adjusted, she would be successful...with the desk and chair arrangement ALONE she would be in a position of physical superiority...

People are painting their walls with aggressive personal colours that are mystically going to change things...yet this is not of our culture! So Red doesn't register as a valued colour, it registers as loud, in poor taste {usually} and aggressive. Try living in a bright yellow room...eeek!

I do believe in honoring traditions, and our associations in our particular cultures, but this is a example of magic in my opinion.

Like casting a spell, and falsifying your life to believe that now all is right and you need not take action...unless it is to add another goldfish.

Re: lillian too/ feng shui
Posted by: greg hamond ()
Date: November 24, 2007 02:25AM

"Your money is better spent on books teaching financial literacy."
your time is better spent elsewhere......feng shui is a belief india they have vastu...something similar...and there may be some small benefit from,,,,,,,,

HOWEVER WHEN THEY TALK in it improves the energy....................ASK THEM TO DEFINE ENERGY !!!!!!!

Re: lillian too/ feng shui
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: November 24, 2007 06:22AM

GeneZ and Truthtesty:

Can you wrap this thread up?

It seems to go on endlessly.

Also, and this is said one last time, please don't use caps and bold big text etc.

From now on those posts will not be approved.

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