HERBALIFE ExDistributor
Posted by: Horazio ()
Date: July 04, 2002 10:21PM

HERBALIFE - Ex Distributor.

A few years ago I was unemployed and I was looking for a job so I found
one of those ads ( "...work from home...") in the classified section of a local newspaper.
I called and I set up a meeting.
The interview was to be held in a hotel in town where I found a lot of
people that were there for the same reason:looking for a job.
At first we were asked to tell who had sent us there.Each recruiter had an
indentifying code,we were asked to tell the name and the code of the
recruiter we had arranged the meeting with.
(Later on I discovered that recruiters received a bonus depending on how
many people thay got into the company).
Then they started telling us the successful story of herbalife and their own
successeful story as herbalife's distributors or sponsors.
After a while they said we had to buy the "international business pack" to
became an herbalife distributor.
It cost about 100 dollars.
Some of the applicants were very annoyed because
they weren't there to spend money,they were there to find a job.So they left.
I was skepticAL but also interested.So I decided to investigate more
about herbalife.
I talked to my recruiter and I arranged another meeting, a "big one".I was
invited to go to a two-day meeting in another hotel.
He told me there would be food and drinks during the meeting.
All I found was just a lot of herbalife products for us to taste !
Anyway,it was very funny (and weird).Cultish !
In this meeting we were told successful stories.
We also listened to some "herbalife-technicians" explaining us how today's
food is bad and the only safe way to live is by consuming herbalife produtcs.
Then we were taught about how the products should be sold trough just a
few low class tecniques.
After the meeting I was so emotionally wound up that I signed the contract
there and then (paying 100 Dollars).
Then my sponsor gave me that stupid "opportunity box",he also gave me a few
audio cassetes to motivate me.
I went home,I opened the box and I found some herbalife products ready to
use&sell. And two books.
One was just a manual.It claimed to be a manual,it listed the stuff you
could buy to become a more successful salesman !
The second one,was a book with legal information about the company.
ON Reading the book I noticed that the income of selling herbalife products
wasn't tax free at all ! Then I also learned that herbalifes wants you to
be an "independent distributor" so it can lay all the responsabilities on you
in case you have any trouble.Herbalife will never back you up.
I wasn't happy about thIS news but I was determined anyway.
I started posting ads to recruit people
and I started calling all my friends to sell the products.
1-No one replIed to my ads. 2-None of my friends were interested in that rubbish
Later on I discovered that too many herbalife distributors were "working"
in my town.
I couldn't sell anything but I was often asked by my sponsor to go the
the meetings to recruit new people...
In other words I was supposed to spend an entire evening working for my
sponsor without being paid !
He also told me I would be earning money depending on how much effort I
was putting into my work.
Who was to judge my effort ? Him ?
He would have taken a percentage on my sellings !
A couple of times I asked my sponsor about pyramid schemes,
He told me it wasn't a pyramyd,it was a "net"!
...A net? Nets don't work vertically. I knew I was into a pyramidal scheme.

After a month more or less I dropped out of that multilevel marketing
scheme scam !

I got out just in time.I lost 100 dollars for the distributorship, that's all.
Otherwise I would have lost a lot of friends trying to sell that
useless stuff and I wouldn't have made any money.
It is noteworhty that the same type of herbalife's products is sold in
most supermarkets or drug stores.
So an herbalife distributor doesn't have anything exclusive!

I was naive. I needed money fast and nobody warned me...

Stay away from multilevel marketing.
It's a waste of time,it's a waste of money.
You also might loose friends because when you're into that business
ALL the people you know become CUSTOMERS !
Often MLM makes you mix frienship with business.

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HERBALIFE ExDistributor
Posted by: Yaakov ()
Date: December 06, 2005 03:33PM

You are right...Herbalife is not only scam, but a Pyramid scheme as well. I know this guy in our community here in Israel (Herbalife is big here) and asked him how money he pulls in a month...ballpark average. He looked at me with a weird look and said..."alot". I asked again and he never really answered me. I told my wife later...that if they products are so good, etc...why not sell them like other businesses do. Get a license and purchase them wholesale. Resell it with a markup like other legit businesses do. Why have all this upline/downline nonsense? Ask that of any MLM person and find you will never get an answer worth anything.

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