Where's the Kool Aide?
Posted by: Summerseve ()
Date: July 04, 2007 06:22AM

I have to admit I was taken in by the whole Abe thing for awhile. I listened to the CD's read the books, etc. But little by little questions started to arise.

The repetition of cute little sayings, changes in accents, conflicting answers, the money hungry ways like the charging $10 for shipping of CD's that cost $1 to ship (I'm in business too and NEVER order charge for shipping), the blatant boasting of the money they spend while people are being charged outrageous fees.

Esther bragged on the DVD how they ahve had a small construction company working for them for years straight with all they are always building and doing. Or the comment she made in her April 2007 (ashville NC) that they own 40 acres for their office to sit on and they have spent millions to get power to the site just so they could build in the middle of it. Or talking about their 1.4 million dollar "bus" that they tour around in.

I know other speakers are wealthy but 1.) they don't sit and brag about it, 2.) they don't charge what these two charge for their CD's book's etc. 3.) they don't act like they are "God" speaking to the world and they were selected to give the message and 4) if God/source is all knowing, then ehy is it that Esther will pretend at times she is does not know what something is and she will have to ask the person " what is that, or what do you mean" If it is God then God would know.

This last set of CD's I listened to was it for me. I went to their board and noticed no one is doubting, no one questions the validity of it. So I thought OK I will be the first. I didn't attack I just asked How do we know this is true when I have been believing for 9 months and have seen nothing.

Within about 2 minutes the vluture "Jody" the moderator swooped down and sent me an email. It was so fast I acutally through it was an auto repsonder. Nope, it was to me stating that my ad was beign taken down and if I wanted to discuss Esther and Jerry I could discuss it with her in private through email but not on the board.

I wrote back and told her that I was sorry if I offended her but thought freedome of spech would be allowed. I was not attacking,swearing, etc.

She replied with they do allow freedom of speech but like to keep it off the boards. How the heck is that freedom of speech? What are they hiding?

Anyway, I told her I was looking for answers and I believed that I had gotten the answers I was looking for.

They are cons and that is why they dont' want anyone posting anything bad about J&E...

I would love to hear of any charities that they donate to.

Then the cowards come on here and compare them to Jesus. Please.

I say go back to your little clut group and chat with Jody. She will be more than happy to discuss these two with you.

Thanks for letting me vent~
The much wiser one~

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