Trek Alliance visitors comments from
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 20, 2002 02:06AM

"I was in Trek Alliance for almost a year. In Indianapolis, IN it is known as 'Midwest Alliance.' I was fairly successful, but began investigating and matched names with titles on their disclosure statement. I realized that only six to eight reps, out of the thousands that had purchased inventory, made six figures."

"I can't believe how many people have just fallen off the turnip truck and think they are actually going to get rich. The only ones that usually do, are typically people at the top. It takes money to make money, and they are not going to get mine."

"I just started my job search and scheduled an interview with 'Bayside Alliance' in Tampa. After viewing your website I decided to cancel and save myself a trip downtown. Being fed a line is not my idea of an interview. You know, they called me three times in one day trying to get me to come in anyway."

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Trek Alliance visitors comments from
Posted by: AprilMaria ()
Date: July 21, 2006 02:46AM

[b:38a4b7757c]I was in Trek Alliance for about a year. I spent more than 4K on products, traveling, workshops, etc. The workshops I went to were very convincing and persuasive. I am not angry at my rep because I think she was just as brainwashed as I was. She was a very good person, we were pretty close. Now we've lost touch. All the 'top' people in Trek were very superficial and fake...I saw right through them, but not enough obviously because I lost my $$ to them. :evil:
I guess the FTC is sending out letters now to those of us who lost money, there is a possiblity that we can get refunded which is great.
Any other ex-trekies out here in California???[/b:38a4b7757c]

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