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Posted by: jeannelucille ()
Date: January 04, 2007 09:11PM


Having seen it from the inside we can seriously mock New Agers

Gawd, yes! I really enjoyed the skewering of Doreen et al. that went on in one of the blog links above. Mostly because it rang so true!

Over the holidays I got myself a secondhand copy of [i:0444083692]Healing With The Fairies[/i:0444083692] and had some good laughs over it. Although I had to skip over A LOT of silly B.S. in the form of alleged fairy wisdom. :P

On the other hand, I do think there are some aspects to the New Age that I'd like to stay open to, such as the possible power of one's attitude in healing (NOT in place of medical care, of course). Another thing... I still have a number of very New Agey friends, so I try my best to be sensitive to their beliefs. Sometimes it's tough though. For example, one of my friends has just been assured by a channeler that within a few years of working on his beliefs, he'll be able to fly. And we're not talking about airplane flying, nor astral traveling. Goddess help me on this one! Yeesh!

Hey, Happy New Year everyone!


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Posted by: jeannelucille ()
Date: January 05, 2007 04:46AM


Owhhh boy!!!! I can totally relate to that and that's my experience too. Not only do I now think it was all wishful thinking, but I also used to think I was either inadequate or lacked some deep spiritual essence.

It seemed as if all these people were having all these wonderful insighful experiences and growing spiritually all over the place, while I seemed to get nowhere and never saw all those 'bright coloured lights' others claimed to.

All I ever seemed to do was end up with one big headache, which naturally meant I was spiritually retarded, closed minded and anal because I didn't set my mind free to believe. I sometimes wonder how many people either pretend or convince themselves they are hitting the required heights when in fact, they feel like they are failing but don't want to say so and appear spiritually defective.


Hi Welf,

I do think there is plenty of pretending and/or denial taking place in new age groups such as Doreen's.

When Ms. Virtue told us to be vegetarians, I'd felt quite upset - having already tried the vegetarian route years earlier and gotten weak on it - but still I tried to comply! I think I lasted several months, and then I found myself feeling weak again. Thankfully I decided to confide in a fellow Angel Therapy counselor; I was so relieved when she told me that not only did she NOT follow the prescribed diet, but that a bunch of others in the group didn't either - at least not anymore! They'd tried to, but felt like they couldn't stick to it.

Sadly, none of us wanted to say anything about it on the message board, for fear of censure. :cry:

Hey, I was at Barnes & Noble today and flipped through one of Doreen's recent books, [i:75392e5076]Goddess & Angels[/i:75392e5076]. If you ask me, she looked rather gaunt in two photos of her in the book. I do wonder if maybe her diet has gotten too strict?!

Oh gosh, it's GREAT to be free to do as I please now - without consulting any spiritual teachers or gurus anymore! :D


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Posted by: jeannelucille ()
Date: January 08, 2007 06:41AM

Today I found the following bit of wicked humor re the New Age, entitled "12 Steps For Recovering New Agers":


While I don't think I'd go as far as the author in denouncing ALL things New Age, I certainly found myself nodding in agreement A LOT! [/url]

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Posted by: borabora ()
Date: February 28, 2007 02:40PM

I have some amazing experiences before I got a book of Dreen Virtue.
I could believe Angel vision 1 & 2. And somethings happened to me.
But I have been like this in my life sometimes but not often, these were not because of Dreen Virtue but stories by many people.

By the way, I like Angel Vision and I bought another books were not good.
I found something wrong in her books , of corse, many thinngs wrong.
For example, she is writing about star people who used to be ailans and reincernated to people. I have seen UFOs three times, last one was missing time and something strange around me, but I was not any religous group and cult group , and I was socked by this last experience.
I believe something be able to happen to some people but I don't think I am a star people and reincornated from alians.
She does not have any experiences about UFO's abductions but she is using this feild in her book.
Same thing, she is also using Mar people etc.
I can tell you something, if we need miracle, we don't need to pay any money. But pray byyourself, this is enough.

I also have some strange experience without anybody sometimes in my life, but I could not expect those experiences before happened them.

I have another point to say this category, each people have ownlifestyle who might have some ability but nobody same.

Dreen even does not know about people's past lives, but she is writing about and telling people " you used to be witch!" often she said that, this might be wrong.

I know something fact, when I get a call from someone, I feel I will have call before I get a call. And my some friends who are normal people said to me They also sometime feel so.

Dogs can feel people come back to home 10 minutes before.
People also have some kind of ability.

I also have to say, when your family think something, you might be know family thoughts.

And also, when I talk to people on the phone or radio, I think we can feel something from radiowave or electricity, I believe so.

When I was thinking of I might be a witch , during I was listen to her radio, she said to people who called radio" You used to be witch, because I felt so"

Yes, she is something reading, this is true. But this is not perfect ability.

I am afraid of saying what I could read people's thought, used be.
But that was so painful, because always people's thoughts came to my brain was horrible experiences.

I only if I could read people's mind, I was thinking for two years after I read a book.
Then I saw UFO and I could have this ability one to two years, but was horrible, I tried to avoid to know something from people.

I still feel something truth, forexample, someone invite me, I am feeling it, and presents, mail, before I get them.

This is truth, but I can tell you, this ability is not perfect, I have never told another people except family and I don't sell it.
I don't know when I can be perfectly know something true, then how could I sell it to people!

So I love to read somebooks, and someparts , I really believe them.
But I have never spent much money for seminors by pschics.

Not only Dreen Virute, you know Sylvia Brown is on TV shows often, and she sometime seems she could do it but not perfect.

somepopele hide their ability like me, they have never sold these ability because people have never trusted us if we say this, people think we are liers, that's why we can not tell many people about this.

But their job is, polices, medical doctors, normal workers etc.
They are helping people and themselves, never sold this.

I believe they also notice something about this, this is not perfect , but sometime comes to our dream or as a ideas, imaginations.

So, have to not pay much money for psychic and trust yourself and pray, if you have your religions.

I don't like to join forum of spiritual group, I was in Lora Day, used to be.
I loved her book, I had three books and I joined to the free forum.
I know nobody has bad intention at forum but the one was really bad to me.

She loves blind quiz, sometime this is correct but sometime is not truth, of corse.
Only read what she wrote, this is really helping me, because I can use some fact on myway form the books.
But once I joined to the forum, people have many unique ideas and each person believes they can do psychic way to other people, include me was really bother me.
They are believing themselves, but they don't know they can not do for others or not perfect .

To know not perfect on any psychics, this is really important, I think so.
I know what my truth, but my truth and experiences are not for others, of corse.

Between family members, small magic shows might be exciting, but we should not show someother people, they destroy truth on perticular family way.

I think, spiritual is just like this.

We don't need to go any sminors but build up own way by books and movies etc.

People don't know your condition and life at all.

And also I don't think Ph.D. does work on psychic way.

Anyway, this forum does work, lot of ideas. Thank you.

another forum is only atacking me and dubt I am in Dreen's work.
Inspite of I wrote what I could not believe her writings.

I felt really bad from this person in Yahoo japan forum.

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Posted by: borabora ()
Date: March 01, 2007 03:42AM

I am sorry, I am not a native english user and my writing was really not good.

What I tried to say, people may have something strange experiences in our life, or amazing incidents but we don't need to pay money to know amazing things &spiritual things.

Some incidents is not because of money and gurus.

I believe God and another world but to see them , I did not pay any money every time.

I still only believe Angel visions 1,2 , some stories might be true but there are not Dreen's stories.

If she is only an author, it was not so bad.

But not only Dreen, there are many people are doing such seminors around world, taking money form people, How long can they take money from people?

I don't know psychics who write and mentions " I am not perfect to do psychic job" , then they sometime can not read true, and they take money.

Sylvia Brown is also like that.

Why they don't say they are not perfect but sometime could help people.
They need to show us How many people asked them , how many people could know the fact from their reading.
They don't show us numbers and avarage.

Or they should not take charge, they should adapt donations after they helped people.
People appreciate psychic after they solved their problems, they may be pay money , otherwise psychic should not charge people.

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Posted by: borabora ()
Date: March 01, 2007 04:45AM

Is Dreen real Dr.? she has Ph.d. MD, RD, etc... are all true? Or Diploma mills?

Any other hosts of Hayhouseradio, are their degrees OK?

I am curious..

The Hay House empire
Date: March 01, 2007 03:04PM

For all those Doreen Virtue fans and ex-fans .... there is another author whose going down the Doreen path. Both were once beautiful sweet souls whose greed has dimmed their once wonderful gifts as they start their own religion the way Marianne Williamson did.

The Facts Speak for Themselves: Sonia Choquette's Ph.D. in metaphysics is from the American Institute of Holistic Theology which is unaccredited. She attended the University of Denver and the Sorbonne in France but from what I gather ... did not receive a certificate or diploma or baccalaureate. In Diary of a Psychic I recall her stating she dropped out of Denver and worked as a flight attendant. She has stated that she studied the Kabbalah when mainstream Judaism does not allow anyone to study it unless they are Jewish, a man, and 40 plus. Sonia once stated in her radio show that another psychic told her she was a rock star on the planet Saturn (I kid you not as God is my witness) either in a co-reality or previous incarnation Listen carefully to her radio show and other public appearances when she gives readings. There is a pattern of her saying many of the same things over and over again. She constantly tells people they are psychic so they will train with her at $3500 for level 1 and 2 at a spa resort in Illinois. More recently she has announced a new course for the price of $4000 for people to learn how to read her three oracle cards at Miravel. Before Sonia met her husband she got involved with a man who left her for another man. If she is so psychic and trained since age 12 why didn't she pick up bisexual tendencies before being dumped for another gender? She charges $800/hour for personal readings but why is it that a lot of people whom I know who have read her are often told the same thing? Her response is that she attracts a soul group. Everyone is told to do The Artist's Way, that they are psychic, to read Mindful Loving, to do The Hoffman Process (which she is on the board of advisors - maybe she gets a kickback or something), come to her workshops (of course, more money for her), and she recommended to a listener to do alternative medicine... such as homeopathy which has been proven to have ZERO ingredients to be of effectiveness. She also recommends in her earlier books (such as True Balance) the following teachers: Sai Baba (an Indian guru with controversial allegations of abuse on young followers), A Course in Miracles (written by a woman in New York City who was an agnostic Jew yet claims to channel the voice of Jesus Christ), Lynn Andrews (a plastic shaman who has been exposed for making all her books up), and in her newer book references Dr. Emoto on the impact of thought energy on matter. Dr. Emoto's Ph.D. is also from a questionable university and his findings were done not according to scientific protocol nor have his reports been peer-reviewed to maintain quality control. If you don't believe me do your own research ... and just listen to her radio show ... the same things over and over again is a pattern of messaging that is too obvious if you go through the archives carefully of her shows. In many of her writings she states that one some level you choose everything that happens to you, everything you think of creates your reality, and it begs the question: (1) in one of her books she is quoted as saying that “even the people murdered chose that reality” yet last I checked capital crimes were to be prosecuted and would she say this or even believe it if the awful fate befall someone she cared about? Would she be so spiritual about it? Would she be so calm and esoteric to say it if it hit close to home? (2) So did she have a thought about attracting in a man who would betray her to be gay on some deep subconscious level just as Henry did to her in Diary of a Psychic or in Heart’s Desire?

Hmmmmmmm....... Finally, the facts speak for themselves ... she is a graduate of an unaccredited higher educational institution that she is now on the faculty of, claims that Christ taught her to be psychic in her autobiography, says she is Catholic yet practices spiritual methods that the church does not approve of such as divination, and so forth and so on. Though she is a well-meaning lovely lady the facts for any consumer should be taken into account. All that said, Sonia's guidance has turned around the lives of many people, overall she is a sweet wise guide who uplifts many people's vibrations. But as much as I personally adore this writer for her genuine sweet nature ... as a lawyer and Catholic I cannot overlook certain facts.

Choquette’s earlier work was much better until she aligned herself with Hay House (publisher of Sylvia Browne’s books) and has become more concerned with keeping up her game and being brand consistent in her messages to truly now be of any personal use to those who seek her out. Her beautiful gift of second sight has now dimmed as her business model and personal livelihood is now so tied into having six sensory groupies all over the world in devotion of Sonia’s saying as their substitute personal religion. The very gift that brought her acclaim when she operated from a sincere spirit of service is now second to Choquette’s quest to be special and spiritually superior.

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Date: March 02, 2007 07:39AM

Many of the Hay House authors have Ph.D.s which have been granted by degree mills such as Carolyn Myss, Emoto, John Gray, Barbara DeAngelis, and as for Doreen she got her education from Clarkson University but I believe is no longer accredited as a licensed psychologist. The best measure of someone's effectiveness is their life when no one is watching and how stable it is.

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Posted by: kath ()
Date: March 25, 2007 08:05AM

Today I found the following bit of wicked humor re the New Age, entitled "12 Steps For Recovering New Agers":


While I don't think I'd go as far as the author in denouncing ALL things New Age, I certainly found myself nodding in agreement A LOT! [/url]

Sorry I had lost track of this thread for some reason, I just came across this post and am laughing at this article a lot :lol: :lol:

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Date: March 27, 2007 12:28AM

Doreen is misusing her gift and now so is Sonia Choquette of Chicago. Doreen has her angel therapy practitioners and Sonia has her six-sensory clones. Both have a form of their own religion. The sad part is, their gifts once helped people but then the greed rendered them useful and attracting groupies. I loved their early work. Now they are just con artists.

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