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Posted by: Harleygal ()
Date: May 03, 2007 01:11AM

Vigilant, thank you for your reply. It is comforting to know that people are reading these posts and that someone can relate to the emotional rollercoaster that we have been on. I agree with you... the children and I do wonder if there isn't also an underlying psychological issue as well. I believe that the most important thing to do right now is to protect myself and my family and that is 'exactly' what I am doing and yes I have hired a very good attorney. The frightening part of all this is... when does it stop, when does he realize what he has done and rids himself of these teachings and gets the help he so desperately needs? You state that you have been there and are not out of the woods yet... how long will this go on?

Abraham - Hicks
Posted by: Vigilant ()
Date: May 04, 2007 04:01AM

HG, I don't know when it ends. Unlike substance abuse, I don't know where the bottom is for these folks. Beliefs are a hard thing to "undo". Most of the time we can reconcile these beliefs and live peacably together. Sometimes things go very wrong. I am almost a year into my trip through the alternative world with my spouse. We are still together, however, the grasp is tenuous and I live each and every day wondering what will come next.


I can not openly confront or challenge her, as that seems more likely to drive her off into an area where she would only sink deeper. At present she is in therapy (as was I) and we are both seeing a counselor together. The "deprogramming" required for this is inextricably linked with that individual's psyche.

Abraham - Hicks
Posted by: shannon ()
Date: May 10, 2007 03:59AM

Hi all,

I have been reading and agreeing with pretty much every post here that challenges the Hicks and their "Abraham" message. I guess it does come down to a matter of what you believe or don't believe and perhaps the feeling you get when you read or hear something.

I, admittedly, got very caught up in the whole Abraham thing- was introduced to it through friends a few years ago. At the time I found it to be relatively decent life advice- Abraham (while slightly creepy) just seemed like a Life Coach to me- in fact posed many similar questions to its audience members as would a friend of mine who does coaching. I got excited about the message and started practicing the principles (to frankly not much avail) and telling friends and family about it all.

But, then, little by little, I started to become uncomfortable with the whole thing. The way the message is delivered (expensive workshops and cruises); the way it promotes social apathy, selfishness and greed; and then the way my friends (the ones who initially got me interested) were going. Without saying too much, these friends are working in collaboration with the Hicks on a project and to me they have become increasingly brainwashed and almost "devotees" to the Hicks and their show. And I have been worried financially for them for some time now- frankly my spidey senses have been tingling telling me that they are in for trouble- that the money they anticipate earning from this project won't be coming. In over 3 years of working with them, they haven't seen a dime. Tell me that's not strange. But still my friends pour more and more of their own money and time into following this couple around and working on their project. I dont' know- of course I don't want my friends to get hurt, but perhaps they are going to have to learn their lesson the hard way.

Now, after reading the posts here, I am even more worried for them and I do suspect that my original suspicions may well be correct. And they are such good people! Furthermore, I met the Hicks at a conference a couple of years ago- I went with the friends I'm speaking about- and I just couldn't shake the creepy feeling I got from them. Jerry had the vibe of a slick used car salesman (I am totally serious here!!) and Esther reeked of ego and snobbery. Either this whole recent fame thing has gone to her head or she was always like this. All I know is that I was so uncomfortable around them and I was shocked because my friends had done nothing but rave about them and say how nice and sweet they are. I saw nothing of this at all! I was baffled.

Anyways, I realize this is just my perception and feeling, but it really changed my opinion of them and caused me to question the whole "horse and pony show"- as someone called it here! Now, hearing about vibes and Abraham causes me to literally cringe. I can't talk to my friends because they are so far into it and I fear I would lose the friendship entirely.

As for the sickly sweet Abraham message- there is danger inherent within it. Like someone here said before- maybe it makes some people feel better that the poor, sick and disadvantaged people on the planet actually "chose" to be that way, but it never has me. I cannot stand this message. So, in other words, if they are choosing to be that way, then why should anyone ever help anyone else ever again?? Trust me- social change doesn't happen with a bunch of white, upper middle class folks sitting around a crystal pyramid and an Abraham book in their living room sending out good vibes and positive thought! It is more like this: "Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

It takes action! It is not some friggin magical, mystical recipe that the Hicks and the Secret would have you believe. As I've read before: Beware the person who promises a quick, magical fix and beware the person who claims to have a special direct link to God or Source or what have you. Which brings me to another point (boy did I have alot to say on this subject once I got going!): the whole channeling thing. Vigilant, I liked your questions about the channeling stuff. I mean, I don't think Esther or anyone for that matter is capable of answering questions off the top of her head in a live forum like that. It seems she definitely is "tapping" into something. But what is it? Channeling has always bothered me- how can someone lay claim to something that is in the great beyond? Do they even know what they are doing or what they have tapped into? An entity or the infinite wisdom of the universe? And how likely is it that a pair of former Amway salespeople who also did "Get Rich Quick" seminars just HAPPEN to tap into the infiinte wisdom of the Universe? And to make millions from it all?

My thoughts,

Abraham - Hicks
Posted by: Harleygal ()
Date: May 10, 2007 06:26AM

I agree with many of the well-written posts on the subject of the Abraham-Hicks cult. About four years ago, I started dating a man who had 'discovered' Abraham Hicks. He was pretty into it, I got very familiar with the robotic feel-good phrases "all is well" "you can't get it wrong" and "change your vibration". I didn't think much of it, although I found it to be irritating, and thought the whole channelling thing to be utterly absurd. But I figured hey, live and let live. It didn't seem to be to be hurting anyone.

Then I started listening to the CDs he got every month. I couldn't stomach them for very long at any one time, Esther's bizarro fake accent and the innane, vapid audience questions and hysterical laughter at "Abraham's" lame jokes all make for a pretty creepy listening experience. But the more I heard, the more worried I became. I saw that the self-indulgent self-love that Abraham imbues their disciples with can be really destructive to relationships. Expressing normal compassion and empathy for another is seen as "negative vibrations". I will never forget one CD where some guy stood up and basically said he couldn't figure out how grief was compatible with Abraham, and in short found himself incapable of expressing this completely normal human emotion as it clashed with his Abraham teachings. I forget the response from Esther/Abraham, but it was something along the lines of 'don't worry be happy.'

Cult members are encouraged to isolate, no doubt about it, and 'do what feels good' without thinking about the consequences of one's actions on other people. I began to periodically question my mate and encourage him to think critically about what he was hearing. At first he was hostile and resistant, and I got accused of not being open-minded, yadda yadda yadda. I

began to see that he was attracted to Abraham because it not only tolerated but encouraged many of his personality flaws; narcissism, self-indulgence, ego, lack of empathy, a lack of critical thinking, a complete lack of personal responsibility
. I think for some people it can be comforting to think that you can just ignore all the world's problems and blame homelessness, hunger, violence, and despair on the victims for not sending out the right "vibrations". For creating all their own problems.
The Abraham message to me is send us your money in lots of different ways (CDs, seminars, cruises), and write off everyone in your life who might be skeptical of us because they just aren't on the same higher plane as you.

I knew that ultimatums weren't going to do it with my mate, so I just kept camly pointing out areas where Abraham Hicks seemed to me to be not only vapid but really destructive thinking. THen a friend of him sent him "The Secret", and he was shocked with Jerry and Esther showed up because the whole thing is basically a bunch of white males talking about how to become millionaires while inexplicably showing video of people of color in third-world living conditions. It's a bizarre video, encouraging a kind of sick, grasping materialism. I mean, no one wants to be poor, and I like nice things as much as the next person, but I found "The Secret" to be completely over the top, unenlightened, self-absorbed, greedy schlock. After that he cancelled his Abrahama subscription and I haven't had to hear anything about vibrations since. The truth is, you CAN get it wrong. It's important to be considerate of others and have a world view. Empathy is the cornerstone of most successful relationships, and I think Abraham aims to isolate and control, like any other cult, while destroying every empathetic, analytical, compassionate impulse of their followers.

Abraham - Hicks
Posted by: Harleygal ()
Date: May 10, 2007 06:32AM

I apologize for my last post... I was trying to quote the following:

"I began to see that he was attracted to Abraham because it not only tolerated but encouraged many of his personality flaws; narcissism, self-indulgence, ego, lack of empathy, a lack of critical thinking, a complete lack of personal responsibility".

I can relate with this as I believe in what you have stated...

And the last post from Shannon - my hat is off to you.

Abraham - Hicks
Posted by: shannon ()
Date: May 11, 2007 12:42AM

Back again! I'm just reading Choices by Melody Beattie (I'm a mental health/addictions worker and I use her material with many of my clients) and she's saying something that really struck a cord with me.

She says that if someone came up to her and told her that we have absolute and total control over what happens to us in our lives (good and bad) that she would laugh and say that that is more than she could believe. Instead she looks at it this way: Everthing is pretermined [u:ca9c33bd07]and[/u:ca9c33bd07] we also have free will. "We can't choose what's on television, but we can choose what channel to watch or whether to watch television at all. This process of discerning what we can choose- what we do have control over- and what we can't is the heart of mental health and the heart of the spiritual path". She goes on to say that it's all about choosing and recognizing the effects and impacts that our choices, big or small, have on our own lives and the lives of others (the Butterfly Effect). A little more weighty on social and personal responsibility,isn't it?

This just felt so much more realistic to me than what the Hicks preach. I mean, what they preach is obviously much more pleasing and exciting to us- to think that we really are co-creators of everything in our lives!! Just like the snakeoil salesman who sells a miracle fix, a cure, a dream, a promise. But it just doesn't even make sense.

I've often wondered if the theory that "people created and chose situations for themselves- they even chose to be disabled, or hideously ugly or addicted to heroin, or poor, or living in a war torn country and are being tortured on a daily basis" was just a way for the able-bodied, beautiful, non-addicted, wealthy and free people to feel less guilty and better about themselves? It's just hogwash if you ask me- we can never stop reaching out to people and helping whenever we can.

The Hicks preach the notion that we choose to keep coming back lifetime after lifetime because we seek the pure joy of living- the happiness, the thrill of life and co-creating!! I wonder who would be so quick to come back as one of the millions of starving children in the world? I just don't get it.


Abraham - Hicks
Posted by: Harleygal ()
Date: May 15, 2007 07:00AM

Hello everyone: It has been a tough 4 months and it just doesn't seem to let up. He has basically decided that he no longer has a responsibility to his children financially or morally. He refuses to help with any of the children's finances, but does seem to have the funds to travel to see and entertain his new girlfriend. Once again he 'deserves to find happiness and that is exactly what he is going to do'. So basically in following the A-H beliefs, you can do whatever you want and it doesn't matter who is affected in the process? How damn selfish are these beliefs? Basically discard a family and any responsbility associated with that.

Abraham - Hicks
Posted by: shannon ()
Date: May 15, 2007 08:42AM

Hi Harleygal,

I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through and I do wonder how many others are experiencing the same thing with regards to Abraham and its message.

I do remember when I was into this stuff, the motto was "Don't give a hoot what others think- do what makes you happy". It's all about "getting into the stream of your desires and creating" and it's all about you. Really. They tell you to "get selfish". Selfish is a good thing.

You know, like the old addage that if you were on an airplane and it started to experience trouble, they advise you to put your oxygen mask on first, because you can't help others if you yourself can't breathe. This, I understand, but to me the Abraham message has never taken others in one's life into consideration. And you and your children are experiencing this right now.

Also- has anyone noticed this new DVD for sale on the Abe-Hicks website? It is called The Secret behind "The Secret". Now let me get this straight: They pulled out of The Secret because they didn't like the way the marketing was going, etc causing a big kerfluffle and now they are promoting themselves on a DVD that uses the name The Secret?? Wow....talk about riding the coattails of another. If money is not an object for these two, as they claim, they certainly have a rather funny way of showing it.

Does anyone else find this shady? I would expect they might have a nice little bit of trouble coming from The Secret folks.....

My thoughts,

Abraham - Hicks
Posted by: Harleygal ()
Date: May 23, 2007 02:03AM

Hello everyone: I made it through my daughter's graduation this past weekend. He made it very miserable for me and my children. It was so terrible that my son came and took my hand, we walked over and took my daughter's hand and we left 'her' graduation party. If I walked into a room during the party he would either get up and walk out of the room or he would turn his head as if he were going to vomit. Not to mention that I received the same treatment from his A-H friends. Hmmm, where is the positive thinking here? Isn't this being a little negative by an A-H follower?The only positive thing I can see is that my children have seen the negative side of the A-H followers and will not take that path in life. Instead they will be compassionate people who will have empathy for others, have good beliefs and become productive individuals in their lives and in society. I have been blessed with two very smart and wonderful children.

PS This is may be a repeat of an earlier post that I thought I had sent, but I can't see it under the topic reviews.

Abraham - Hicks
Posted by: lesbryab ()
Date: May 29, 2007 06:54AM

The teachings of Abraham Hicks are really about personal responsibility, to call it a cult is laughable! Since applying some of their processes and procedures to my life I have had enormous success in all areas of my life. How can promoting meditation and allowing be considered a negative thing. It has been my experience that christians,jews,catholics,and muslims are far more robotic and mind-controlled than any of the people I have met that practice the teachings of Abraham, Not to mention the fact that most Christians give 10% of their earnings to a church, That’s a lot more than $12. For a book!!.The ONLY difference between a cult and a religion is the amount of people that practice whatever belief system in question. Traditional religions have torn our world apart, JUST LOOK AT WHAT GIVING YOUR POWER AWAY HAS DONE TO THE EMOTIONAL STATE OF THE UNITED STATES!!!!!!!Take your power back and together we can take America back. Microcosm/Macrocosm!
Jerry and Ester Hicks’s pasts are irrelevant to the teachings .So what they were involved with Amway. We all have things in our past that others may find questionable, that’s their life and those were their choices. That does not take anything whatsoever from the truths they speak of.
It is unfortunate that some on this thread have less than ideal relationships with their partners. However to attribute that to Abraham Hicks’s teachings is really placing blame upon the wrong party. Our relationships are of our own makings. Take back your power in your life and quit portraying yourself as a victim. Look within and move on, you and your children deserve better anyway!
People have free will to buy a $12. Book or not. People have free will to attend a $200. Seminar or not. No one is forcing you to buy or believe anything !The person whose friend who has contributed to the Hick’s for the past three years has done that on their own free will, How do you know they haven’t benefitted from those transactions. Have you seen a bank statement? Anyway, it’s really none of your business. Live your life and let them live theirs.
There will always be people who look outside of themselves for truth. They do it with everything, not just with Abraham but with every belief system. There will always be contradiction when one does that. The message that I get from the Hicks’s is to look within and feel what is right for me and by doing so releasing any resistance to any life situation. Not look to to any Guru, Abraham, Jesus, and Satan, Budha or any God-head dujour for truth but to go within and feel what’s right for me in any and all situations. To find and feel my own path and live the life I choose, while allowing others to live the life they choose. How that is negative or destructive or “CULTISH” is beyond me. I find it myself to be empowering and it to be the essence of true freedom.
The responses Abraham has answered during seminars are specific to the questions. Those that apply those statements as a “Blanket” remedy will sometimes not have the desired results. However to discount that message to that specific question is really missing the point of the original answer. It was not intended for that person in that situation. I listen to the seminars for entertainment and for general information. Not for direction. Those who choose to do so choose to do so. I don’t feel they are trying to intercept, or control anyone with their suggestions, only to inspire or to open one to possibility.
Life is meant to be lived! Let’s live the life we desire, and do so while celebrating each other. That is happiness that is freedom.

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