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Posted by: Harleygal ()
Date: March 07, 2007 08:30AM

I am so pleased to have found this site... I am emotionally and physically drained. My husband of 29 years has gotten involved with Abraham Hicks and the Secret. I've been observing the progression of this and it has literally scared me and it has destroyed our family. I was informed that he wants a divorce as he has found another woman who shares the same beliefs and therefore he must disgard the negativity in his life. I guess that is me and our children. Our children stated that there is controversy about these beliefs and he was mad. He literally started screaming at them... these people are non-believers as there is nothing wrong with thinking positive and ridding yourself of the negativity. As on of the postings stated... "this Abraham belief that you must only ever follow your joy seems a convenient way to justify any action (regardless of its morality)". I guess this then is his justification for his actions... having an affair and wanting to leave his family.

Abraham - Hicks
Posted by: skeptic ()
Date: March 09, 2007 01:42AM

Gulab Jamon
What really got my goat was when one of our members posted on our email list about a horrible tragedy that had just befallen her family. All of us posted our condolences and best wishes to her, but this Abraham-Hicks follower simply unsubscribed from our email list! I guess the "negativity" made her run away, instead of offering her sympathies like a normal, compassionate person.

This is precisely what some of this new age ideology does: it dehumanizes. It fosters sociopathy. It is sick and dangerous. I saw it (in myself and others) in an lgat that I was involved with (seduced by) for several years. I felt a split inside myself as my humanity struggled to stay alive in the midst of the sociopathic lgat madness. I now hate this new age insanity crap with a passion.

Abraham - Hicks
Posted by: Superliminalman ()
Date: March 23, 2007 09:04AM

Glad to see people here that are awake to this scam. The question with the Secret and 'you create your own reality' is what is really being sold?

Programs, seminars, books...maybe, but I think its more like high concept marketing propagated by the Haves to sedate the Have-nots. Reminds me of karma which institutionalized slavery under the hokey and presumptuous given that souls are born into their caste based on past lives.

Now this isn't to say that past lives, psychics, manifestation is all bullshit. I think its far more complex than that and the only reason any of this stuff really sticks to the minds of the gullible is because it presents an essence or ring of truth, however watered down.

What sets is apart from genuine 'magic' is the acknowledgement of sacrifice.

Abraham - Hicks
Posted by: sheag ()
Date: March 29, 2007 06:40AM

I agree with many of the well-written posts on the subject of the Abraham-Hicks cult. About four years ago, I started dating a man who had 'discovered' Abraham Hicks. He was pretty into it, I got very familiar with the robotic feel-good phrases "all is well" "you can't get it wrong" and "change your vibration". I didn't think much of it, although I found it to be irritating, and thought the whole channelling thing to be utterly absurd. But I figured hey, live and let live. It didn't seem to be to be hurting anyone.

Then I started listening to the CDs he got every month. I couldn't stomach them for very long at any one time, Esther's bizarro fake accent and the innane, vapid audience questions and hysterical laughter at "Abraham's" lame jokes all make for a pretty creepy listening experience. But the more I heard, the more worried I became. I saw that the self-indulgent self-love that Abraham imbues their disciples with can be really destructive to relationships. Expressing normal compassion and empathy for another is seen as "negative vibrations". I will never forget one CD where some guy stood up and basically said he couldn't figure out how grief was compatible with Abraham, and in short found himself incapable of expressing this completely normal human emotion as it clashed with his Abraham teachings. I forget the response from Esther/Abraham, but it was something along the lines of 'don't worry be happy.'

Cult members are encouraged to isolate, no doubt about it, and 'do what feels good' without thinking about the consequences of one's actions on other people. I began to periodically question my mate and encourage him to think critically about what he was hearing. At first he was hostile and resistant, and I got accused of not being open-minded, yadda yadda yadda. I began to see that he was attracted to Abraham because it not only tolerated but encouraged many of his personality flaws; narcissism, self-indulgence, ego, lack of empathy, a lack of critical thinking, a complete lack of personal responsibility. I think for some people it can be comforting to think that you can just ignore all the world's problems and blame homelessness, hunger, violence, and despair on the victims for not sending out the right "vibrations". For creating all their own problems.
The Abraham message to me is send us your money in lots of different ways (CDs, seminars, cruises), and write off everyone in your life who might be skeptical of us because they just aren't on the same higher plane as you.

I knew that ultimatums weren't going to do it with my mate, so I just kept camly pointing out areas where Abraham Hicks seemed to me to be not only vapid but really destructive thinking. THen a friend of him sent him "The Secret", and he was shocked with Jerry and Esther showed up because the whole thing is basically a bunch of white males talking about how to become millionaires while inexplicably showing video of people of color in third-world living conditions. It's a bizarre video, encouraging a kind of sick, grasping materialism. I mean, no one wants to be poor, and I like nice things as much as the next person, but I found "The Secret" to be completely over the top, unenlightened, self-absorbed, greedy schlock. After that he cancelled his Abrahama subscription and I haven't had to hear anything about vibrations since. The truth is, you CAN get it wrong. It's important to be considerate of others and have a world view. Empathy is the cornerstone of most successful relationships, and I think Abraham aims to isolate and control, like any other cult, while destroying every empathetic, analytical, compassionate impulse of their followers.

Abraham - Hicks
Posted by: Etopia ()
Date: April 28, 2007 07:35AM

Firstly, I would suggest that “knowledge is power”. Why don’t you all find out the facts before you make up your minds? I see in a lot of the posts here, “I don't have much knowledge of their work at all” or “The Secret', but I am not sure what that is” or "The Secret" - which I haven't seen yet”. I find it very interesting that you let the opinion of others RUN YOUR LIFE. No wonder all of you hang out together, so that you can commiserate and have everyone slap you on the back and agree with everything that you say even when YOU DON”T KNOW what you are talking about. A lot of you accuse Abraham followers of rejecting “non-believers” and here you are all gathered rejecting us, judging Esther and Jerry – what hypocrites. One of the main messages of Abraham is to trust YOUR inner being and let that guide you. Listening to what others have to say instead of trusting your inner guidance is what has screwed us all up for centuries. It is a fundamental teaching of spirituality from the times of Buddha to “Be a light unto yourself”.

Also part of the Abraham teachings are about “The law of allowing” – “I am that which I am and I also allow all others to be that which they are. In all of our differences I find joy”. Nowhere is it taught to reject those who don’t agree with you or have different views. You can however through your intention attract those that are harmonious with your vibration, and why not? That is exactly what all of you have done in this forum. We all long to be surrounded by those who understand us, its human nature. No blame, no judgement necessary.

A lot of you mention negativity and how Abraham followers reject it in favour of just thinking positive. This is garbage. Abraham says that negative thoughts that have attracted negative situations into your life can bring you absolute clarity to help you decide what you really want. If anyone tells you otherwise then they have not understood the information as it was intended. I also see a lot of posts that say “This person did this” and “this person did that” and they were an Abraham follower so this adds to my argument that they are all bad. So if an alien lands on Planet Earth and has a bad experience with one of us dissecting him and shoving probes into him he can go home and tell his friends about how rotten all humans are. Well I know this priest who did this so Christianity is rotten. And I know this Muslim who did that so they are all rotten. And and and… So I guess that makes us all ROTTEN! What baloney! The true message of Abraham has been distorted as has every other message that has ever been sent to us. All of them have been distorted. The only way you will ever know the truth is to find it for YOURSELF.

Now what about all of this “It’s a money making scheme, it’s a con etc”. Would you listen to someone preach about wealth when they are living in a cardboard box under a bridge? None of you would listen. Doesn’t it make sense that they would be a good example of what they are saying? Wouldn’t that make you pay attention? Obviously not. And why do you begrudge them making a living? Would you do your job for no salary? There are tens of thousands of sites on the internet that charge people for goods or membership or information or pictures of filth, porn, beastiality, disease and even photos of dead people and that’s ok. But good people trying to uplift human kind mustn’t charge or support themselves. I find that attitude disgusting. Besides using the law of attraction is not just about things and money. Abraham says, “We would have saved a lot of words if all you wanted was joy”. That is the measure of true success – JOY!

“Reality Check” The couple that you speak of are misinformed and it’s unfortunate. They don’t fully understand the law of attraction and that is why you need to seek your own information. If people die in car crashes it is not because the person left behind “Attracted it” through negative thought. Souls leave our plane and withdraw their focus when their journey here is complete. It is very unfortunate and painful for the ones left behind and so we must grieve to heal. Nowhere does Abraham say that grieving is wrong and that you should blame yourself for anything. Please get this – it is clearly stated that you cannot create in the universe of another. If you experience another having a problem – THEY attracted it through THEIR thought. The whole point is to accept that you are attracting experience good or bad through thought so that you can be a deliberate creator rather than being at the mercy of some unknown fate. Some people take this idea to far and make it a “Blame Game”. This is not how the message was intended! Abraham says that the worst thing that you can do is BEAT YOURSELF UP for any reason. Once again – People out there are misinformed, or misinterpreting/distorting the information.

One of the posts here “I don't know enough about Abraham-Hicks to know whether their teachings say to blame people for their problems, or whether these particular people you and I have encountered are misinterpreting the teachings.”

Gulab Jamon – You hit the nail right on the head! Please find out more information!

Please note that I am a spiritual person and I love the Abraham – Hicks Material and compassion for others is of utmost importance to me! Having compassion for others is Godly indeed.

Anyway, there are so many posts here that are born out of misinformation that I can’t reply to them all. All I can say in closing is that a lot of folks have taken the information and distorted it and passed it on to others causing them to be sceptical or turn away. Like I said before listen to the information yourself and make up your own mind. Stop being a sheep. Guess what? The Earth is round! Please don’t stone me to death for that statement it might be true.

Blessings and light,
Cean :D

Abraham - Hicks
Posted by: Newbie! ()
Date: April 28, 2007 10:28AM

This is a test.

Abraham - Hicks
Posted by: shakti ()
Date: April 29, 2007 03:56AM

...Now what about all of this “It’s a money making scheme, it’s a con etc”.

....Would you listen to someone preach about wealth when they are living in a cardboard box under a bridge?

....If you experience another having a problem – THEY attracted it through THEIR thought.

...Blessings and light,
Cean :D

To address some of these points....

1. Truly enlightened people realize that one of the biggest problems in our society is greed and an obsession with material items, which are often times produced in environments of fear, greed, and coercion, like in China. People "preaching about wealth" and how "being rich is good", and how we "need to attract money into our lives with our thoughts" are only perpetuating desire, envy, and greed, though they do it in a "New Age" cloak of "enlightenment" and "finding your true self".

2. So if we "experience another having a problem -THEY attracted it through their own thought?" To a limited extent this can be true. For example, if I wake up in a foul mood, hating everyone, and carry that attitude to work, and then blow up on my boss and get in trouble, well, yes that would be an example of "creating my own reality".

HOWEVER, how does this "quantum philosophy" explain things like Love Canal or Chernobyl? How does this explain children born with Downs Syndrome? Did they create their own reality? Etopia, I would love to hear your answer to this. A simple yes or no would suffice. Joe Dispenza, of Ramtha What the Bleep fame, at least has the honesty to say "yes", when asked if children born with birth defects created their own reality. Can you say that, Etopia?

Also, Etopia, can you not see how this philosophy would be very useful to the powers that be, in the sense of "let them eat cake"?

Abraham - Hicks
Posted by: Etopia ()
Date: May 01, 2007 02:19AM

Hi Shakti,

Thanks for your questions. I was reluctant to post in this forum again as when people have made their minds up it doesn't really matter what you say and I know better than to try and convince others. I can only respond to you from my own perspective and inner communication so here goes.

Firstly, I agree that greed and obsession with the material etc has caused alot of problems in our society but let me point out to you that if you actually took the time to listen to the Abraham - Hicks material, Abraham says that these things are born out of us not knowing who we really are. If we knew that we were masters who could create anything we want we would not have to rob others and hurt others to have what we want in our lives. lets make this a more relevant discussion by narrowing it down to you. So forget about China, how about you? Wanna live in a cardboard box under the bridge? I don't think that you do, I'm sure that you want comfort and a nice house. Don't we all. So others are greedy. What about you? I know that I'm not greedy and I also don't want to live like a begger. Is that asking to much? Should we all live in the gutter like beggars to make the world a better place? So here in this forum we are talking about ABRAHAM HICKS so lets talk about that. Once again, the message that is being sent is being distorted. HAVE YOU ACTUALLY LISTENED TO THE SPECIAL TOPICS CDS to make up your own mind? It certainly doesn't teach people to be greedy or envious. If people are going to be that way then there is nothing that you or I can do about it. Why blame the evil in some people on Abraham - Hicks? I don't agree with you. Yes there is alot of that kind of stuff around, you are not wrong BUT Abraham - Hicks is not one of them. Please also note that the truly enlightened look at the world from a broader and wiser perspective and know better than to zone in on all the negative things adding to them with more thought. The definition of enlightenment is constantly shifting as we evolve.

NUMBER 2: You don't understand the law of attraction yet, there is no limitation about it. Your thoughts are vibrational and like attracts like. Whatever reality you are cunrrently living good or bad YOU are responsible. You have invited it all through your thought. If you don't want to accept this like all the others here, that really is your choice. You can also attract joy, it doesn't only have to be MONEY. Joy is the grand prize by the way, money is seconday because without joy it's worth nothing anyway. This is the whole point, you can use the law anyway you want. Not everyone is greedy and bad and out of control. Some of us Abers are real decent people but invisible to you because it doesn't fit in with your negative argument.

NUMBER 3: the simple answer is YES but there is a broader perspective. Its the context of what you are saying. You are not aware of the fact that we all live an unlimited amount of lifetimes and that our inner being is eternal and ancient and wiser than we could ever imagine. Even a newborn child contains this ancient and wise soul and if that soul sees VALUE in being DEFORMED then so be it. Who are you or I to judge a souls dominant intention? We can not! You might have had down syndrome in one of your past lives. SO WHAT? It's one lifetime out of an unlimited amount. Your soul knows best and so we have many lifetimes and many experiences "good" and "bad. There is no good or bad only experience, free will and choice at every moment.

That is why I love Abraham-Hicks! It makes sense out of all of this confusion by looking at life with a broader and wiser perspective. I suggest that you all give it a fair shake and actually listen to it before judging it. If not, that is your choice.

All the best,

Abraham - Hicks
Posted by: Lila ()
Date: May 02, 2007 06:03AM


That is why I love Abraham-Hicks! It makes sense out of all of this confusion by looking at life with a broader and wiser perspective. I suggest that you all give it a fair shake and actually listen to it before judging it. If not, that is your choice.

Has it ever occurred to you Esther Hicks may have multiple personality disorder?

How can you listen to someone who is likely insane?

Abraham - Hicks
Posted by: Vigilant ()
Date: May 02, 2007 09:35PM

First of all, Harleygal, get a good lawyer and protect yourself and your family. I have no doubt that your husband is suffering from some serious underlying psychological issues. He needs help and your family needs you.

Trust me. I've been there and am not out of the woods yet.

Etopia. Setting aside the "benign" message of A-H, let's address the point of Jerry and Esther's claims. Do you believe that Esther is channelling a collection of beings (magnetic entities) called Abraham?

If so I would challenge you to explain why their "pilosophy" is nothing more than a set of weak platitudes. Why no earth shaking, ground breaking revelations (cure for AIDS, design for cold fusion, etc.).

If you don't beleive they are channelling, then what is their angle?


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