Convergence Seminars by Dan Gibbons and Landmark Education
Posted by: selena123 ()
Date: July 08, 2023 04:21PM

Does anyone know if the personal improvement courses called "Convergence Seminars" by Dan Gibbons is related to Landmark Education/ Landmark Forum? A friend of mine has been insisting I go to one of these seminars to "become a happier more successful person". I decided to look into the program because I was very skeptical. Google results showed the official website for "Convergence" but also showed results for Landmark Forum. I'm not sure if the two are the same program/organization or are just very similar; after looking into Landmark Forum I became very concerned. So far a few things have been lining up but I wanted to see if anyone knows for sure if the two are related in any way.

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Avoid personal development seminars requiring you sign a waiver
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: July 09, 2023 09:34PM

Most LGATS (Large Group Awareness Trainings) whether Landmark or by another name have several manipulation techniques in common:

*You must sign a release of liability form giving up your right to sue or mediate for damages in case you incur harm during one of their event. These groups are all about YOU taking responsibility for everything while THEY disown any responsibility for what they do to you.

Anyone who shows you such a document (these days you probably do it using your phone) should be avoided. BTW how secure is your phone data if you download an LGAT document onto it, eh?

Tell them you will not sign anything until your lawyer reviews it.

Examples of these documents:



*Recruitment (high pressure sales) by people who have done the program. They will have an answer to any objection or misgiving. Some who take the precaution of leaving their credit cards at home tell how LGAT recruiters will guilt trip them saying they have paid on their credit card for you to take the program!

Anything or anyone that keeps you up past your bedtime is to be avoided. A key method of any LGAT whatsover is the combination of sleep deprivation and stress.

Pressure to disclose intimate traumatic information about yourself with NO safeguard for confidentiality. LGATs do this by planting their own people in the courses to create peer pressure.

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