Forever Living
Posted by: Lexy ()
Date: August 13, 2007 01:40AM

Hi Morgs,

Thanks for your reply to my post which I read with interest.

I have a few comments.

Firstly I found your tone just a touch patronising and as if you are a little superior and know better than others. Why?

a) you say you are an FLP distributor but "don't need the money". You should try to understand that most people join these schemes because they do need the money and therefore the difficulty in recruiting people to sell above market price "health" products and at the same time maintain one's integrity is a serious issue.

Many people spend money in their setting up period , buying all the leaflets and paraphanalia etc the initial optimism and egged on by all the positive upline encouragement,"cheque giving out" ceremonies at national functions etc

Make no mistake, the tecniques are all aimed to tittilate people's greed and cause them to "go for it" to the point of overspending.These monies favour those well up the hierarchy. At long as there are plenty of initial ,naive recruits spending lots of money before they have time to become disillusioned and drop out, then the business will succeed for the elite.

b) My second point concerns your comment about the American Forever Living UK top Manager who died of cancer. I actually said it was [b:e358248304]slightly [/b:e358248304]disconcerting (as he was still quite young) and thought I was clear in making a contrast with the early death of Mark Hughes of "Herbalife" by saying that Forever Living,unlike "Herbalife", did [b:e358248304]not[/b:e358248304] try to hide the sad truth. I'm sure we all know about the "lottery" of cancer without a lecture from you. Nevertheless when the Top Man of a Health Products company dies young I think it is fair to acknowledge this truth. I ,for one, was quite shocked when I read about it in the Forever magazine.

I still use the products.....some seem to be good ,some less good. With the dollar / sterling exchange rate so favourable ...(every pound I take is equal to two dollars for FLP) the prices should be lower. Even expensive Health food shops in Britain sell similar,high quality products at two thirds of the price and some mail order companies like Goldshield at a fraction of FLP prices. Where's the justification ?

........and hasn't their Chief British Vet (whatever his name is) got a bit of a glint in his eye ??

Good luck anyway Steve.....don't forget to keep your [b:e358248304]CRITICAL THINKING[/b:e358248304] solicitously intact and don't get brainwashed :D

best wishes,

Forever Living
Posted by: Lexy ()
Date: August 13, 2007 01:56AM

morgs, as I cannot edit.

I know I'm insufferably cynical.That is the result of being dissolutioned after belonging to a cult for over thirty years...BUT... part of the Forever [b:ee31113858]"respectability and we're really not all about making money"[/b:ee31113858] tactics is to push the line on being "nice" and "helping people" ,helping the others in your group etc etc ......fairly cultish (and no negativity allowed ).

Also......when they announce another "charity" sales push....where the distributor gives his profits to charity which FLP then advertises in their magazine (all good for the appearance of respectability)....try asking what happens to the upline profit on the purchased from FLP goods.....I suspect they give nothing to charity up the line..........I dare you to ask that gem of a question!!

Also morgs,there was one part in your text where you yourself were using [b:ee31113858]"cultspeak" [/b:ee31113858](IMO)... When you talked about "THAT" and "THAT" something or the other (can't remember what and I can't read your text while I'm posting).....a bit like[b:ee31113858] That Peace [/b:ee31113858]and [b:ee31113858]That Love [/b:ee31113858] ..things I used to hear in my ex-cult.

Bye again!

Forever Living
Posted by: Lexy ()
Date: August 13, 2007 01:59AM


It was "[b:cc1a6795a4]That [/b:cc1a6795a4]free-will and [b:cc1a6795a4]That [/b:cc1a6795a4]money"

use of THAT very cultspeak.

Re: Forever Living
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: January 07, 2010 10:02PM

To whom it may concern:

See []

An article run within the Manila Times is critical of Forever Living.

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