Posted by: yummyconfections ()
Date: April 06, 2006 08:39AM

I have to say, this is the worse I've seen yet. This person ceased the moment when Jennifer Kesse suddenly and unfortunately disappeared from the face of the earth. The owner of and offered a generous donation of [] which included a forum (like this one) for visitors to comment and find Jennifer. It was a God send for the family.

He immediately migrated the forum which was receiving 10,000+ hits per day due to nationwide coverage to a new site [ ] he quickly formed with advertisement spots. Everyone became outraged and one member of the forum which was moved to his site, a real estate vacation rental owner setup a new website [ ] which also made national news w/forum which was later moved to their domain [].. it was a horrible horrible series of events which ultimately lead to eliminating the forum on []. The manager of the site surrendered [] to the Kesse family but continues to manage their guestbook which he fills and allows to be filled with hateful comments about what happend.

It is sad and shameful. Everyone who desired to help were shunned by both the media and the Kesse family. This is a black mark. I pray there is a way to recover the damage that was caused. It is incredible that as [] has moved on, he is out searching for new victims. He accused those individuals who were against him that set up the new forum on []of attempting to scam the family of donations when what really had occurred is that a media release was made regarding [] posting a link on their site to replentish a reward that was withdrawn.

I worry about other families now.

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