Systems of "Motivation" assoc. w/ Amway
Posted by: sabrina ()
Date: March 29, 2003 02:20AM

Various systems of "training and motivation" are attached like leeches to the
otherwise legitimate sales orientation of Amway. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to separate the two divisions--the MLM of thought reform techniques (brainwashing) and the MLM of salesmanship, the original old-
fashion door-to-door Amway. Beware of the methods used to coerce you into attending these meetings and the bombardment of "affection" you receive from current members attending. Beware of the pace of it all--they are taught to move quickly with new "prospects" and sign you up asap so you soon have a vested interest. Beware when they try to change your appearance so that you are more "approachable" to the public in order to solicit others yourself. Beware when you are told to "check upline before you doing anything" and when your pertinent questions go unanswered. Beware when you are told to separate from your friends and family who are not involved (including your spouse) until you have reached your "goal" in the
"business"--THEN you can return to them (if it's not too late). Watch out for
the hidden agendas of those involved above you. And most of all--when you
start to question their practices and they label you "unteachable" and make you feel that YOU are the problem--remember that you are NOT. TRUST YOUR
INSTINCTS! I was an "upline" for over 8 years and made to feel crazy for not conforming to their ways. Follow YOUR heart--not your sponsor's.

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