Advice and a plea
Date: March 23, 2013 11:59AM

Hi all,

Recently I heard a friend of mine had become involved with a company called 'YOR Health'. When I realised the extent to which she had been brainwashed, I decided to do some investigating. This company is an MLM, and the cult-like behaviour seen by the 'independent representatives' is very concerning. I started a blog ( with the aim to create a balance with the fake blogs aimed at manipulating people to join. I really want people who wish for an unbiased view on this company to have some education/critical thinking before they decide to join. Anyway, I would really love any input/info/stories/help from anyone I can. I want to have enough information to present to my friend that allows her to make informed decisions before she loses even more money/friends than she has up to this point.

Thanks for reading

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