Posted by: MLMsSuck ()
Date: October 26, 2005 12:19PM

Alot of the people who worked for Primeamerica now work for a company called World Financial Group. They are also a MLM Insurance company. However, they really don't believe in Term they push VUL's. If you want to check out a site on World Financial Group go to so you can see how some people feel about this company.

Posted by: righteous mama ()
Date: January 20, 2006 08:52AM

My husband and I were approached twice by Primericans. I usually have intense intuitions about things that prove to be correct in the end. My husband wanted to sign up, so I said fine. After a bit I was so frustrated with how much they pull you away from your family that I told him of my initial intuition. We got our money back, after some doing, and feel thankful to not be in it. They wanted him to go to meetings several times a week for several hours each time. On top of his already busy job as a teacher. They basically told me to just be thankful that I was a stay at home mom.

Posted by: richardmgreen ()
Date: February 09, 2006 09:13AM

Blaming those who lose money on such business schemes is not a meaningful response.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is plagued with complaints, lawsuits and financial losses.

It is most often the system itself and not the participants, which causes failure within many MLM schemes.

See []

This research paper explains the inherent structural and marketing flaws that cause so many MLM participants to lose money.

Also see []

This is a Web site that monitors such schemes.
There was an old episode of Dragnet years ago which did an expose of MLM schemes. If you had to recruit 12 people and each person did the same, by the time you got 12 levels down about 250 million people had to get involved. I went to some Primerica meetings and some people make money. It's possible but the average person won't make a lot of money. There are people in Primerica who make millions but they're few and far between. The local office to where I live is in Woodbridge, NJ. One woman has been coming every other week to teach people and she earns about 400K a year. It's doable, but only a few manage it. Most people quit and they even say so at the meetings. So I don't think they're trying to deceive anyone.
Essentially, what you need is a background in sales and or a good feeling for the product. Years ago, I used to sell and design weightlifting equipment for TDS Barbell Company. Not everyone can do it. I was a die hard weight lifter and even had a well stocked gym in my parent's house. I lived, breathed, ate and drank weightlifting. I could bench press 380 lbs at a bodyweight of 165 which would have tied the world's record in that class if I had done it several years earlier. I also didn't use any steriods. I had a natural gift on that lift.
A lot of people knew me and I used to get a lot of sales based upon all of that. Plus I used to train naturally and I used to write workout routines for people. I taught people my secrets. But no one I knew could quite duplicate my results. I bench pressed 375 at a bodyweight of 148 and that was only 27 lbs. off the world's record at the time I did it back in '80.
Genetics plays a role as I had short arms and my chest muscles build up easily. Like I said, not everyone can duplicate those kind of results.
By the way, Primerica's training materials EXPLICITLY state that Primerica's methods work like a pyramid. They don't hide that at all.

Posted by: richardmgreen ()
Date: March 11, 2006 05:32AM

One of the things that Primerica stresses is that you need to be mentally tough to be in the field. As a financial salesperson, you're going to take a lot of rejection. Only a certain percentage will respond favorably to you. I know people who earn a living there, like I said some people can do it. Not everyone is going to be successfull in sales. It's like any other field.

Posted by: richardmgreen ()
Date: March 12, 2006 02:27AM

Primerica's training materials talk about "building a leg" which is a group of people who work underneath you. You're supposed to build both vertically and horizontally. (Deep and wide as the training materials say).
They claim it only takes about 100 people and even then only 4-5 really active people to boost up your ability to make money. When you reach the "Regional Vice President" level you get what are called "VP Overrides" which are commissions you make based on your subordinate's earnings.

Posted by: mookamobile ()
Date: March 15, 2006 02:16AM

I would not choose financial sales for an MLM career opportunity, or as a customer.
I encountered a successful individual with Primerica who ulitmately tried to sell me mortgage services when we bought our first home, and included the "flashy with large numbers" retirement and investment information into a nice presentation. He said he could guarantee me a low rate, and an insanely high mortgage (all without having even seen my credit history). He seemed professional enough, I checked the website, noted the affiliation with Citigroup (while Citi itself lends it's name does not necessarily support the offspring business) and even noted that some individuals with Primerica are registered with the BBB. However, I felt that somehow he was trying to "sell" me the opportunity to do what he did over the services Primerica provided. When I asked him how he was compensated for services I may have him perform, he would not tell me commission percentages, and actually seemed offended I even asked. I firmly believe any person who assists you in your financial decisions should be open with this information, you have the right to know what you spend your money on. Even consultants for A.G. Edwards tell you how they are compensated and how they work for you. Bottomline though, anyone has access to Citigroup services, and other financial services, you do not need a sales person to purchase services on your behalf. Personally, I think the presentations are all flash and mean nothing. The scheme element of this MLM is that you have the ability to "ride on the reputable name" of an established business entity.

Posted by: primericahater ()
Date: March 24, 2006 10:20AM

PRIMERICA MAKES ME SICK! I cannot believe people actually think this "cult" helps middle class families get ahead in life. WHAT? They are selling financially uneducated people crap investments/insurance. I just had a client tell me today that his parents invested $25K of their hard earned cash in Primerica 10 years ago, and ended up with about $800-Very sad! On top of that, they prey on recruits who are not that great with money themselves and brainwash them into thinking they are helping their fellow americans. I had a recruiter tell me that he refinances people's mortgage at a high rate, but it allows them to consolidate their debt. Do these recruits really think there is money to be made? You split all your commissions with the people at the top of the pyramid. I unwillingly sat through one of their intro meetings and they talked about how Primerica has grown to over some hundred million dollar figure. I felt like saying, for christ's sake I would hope so, since you're screwing everyone who signs up for $199, that adds up. (I was invited by a friend of a friend type deal, so I did not want to be a bitch about it.) I find it funny that this friend of a friend has been there for about 3 months and suprisingly hasn't got his licensing yet. Supposedly that is what the $199 is for, "the investment into your licensing, your future" HA..HA..HA. And those 6 references they want...yeah, that's so they can screw 6 more people into either coming to their drum circle or buying their crap "investment" products. One other little thing to ponder, why would Citigroup (the biggest credit card conglomerate, with high rates I might add) be in cahoots with a debt consolidation company trying to help middle class people get out of debt? Hmmmm.

Posted by: Gulab Jamon ()
Date: April 01, 2006 02:03AM

I find it funny that this friend of a friend has been there for about 3 months and suprisingly hasn't got his licensing yet. Supposedly that is what the $199 is for, "the investment into your licensing, your future" HA..HA..HA.

A reputable company would never charge their registered reps for their licensing fees. Those fees are supposed to be paid to the NASD and the other stock exchanges by the company, not the employee. The company is the stock exchange member, not the employee.

Posted by: mrpc ()
Date: April 27, 2006 02:27AM

First of all, the $199 is required to get a state licence, it goes in no one's pocketbook. It is for classes and books only. Plus the company reimburses you once you do complete your exam. In fact, you make a dollar because they refund you $200.

This "friend" who has been there for about 3 months needs to study and take his license. I am sure he is a big boy who knows how to schedule a time to take is exam on his own. You just pick up the phone and call. At some point in time, the responsibility to get things done is yours. You take responsibility for your own life and its outcomes.

And as for the response of "primerica will take everybody", you need to do more research. Don't most colleges "take everybody?" Don't you go to college to learn new things and work toward a career? Why is this any different? You go to school, study your books, do some on the job training, take your STATE exam, NOT Primerica exam, and the rest is up to you. Work part time or full time. No one is twisting anyones arm here.

Posted by: Gulab Jamon ()
Date: May 10, 2006 11:03PM

And as for the response of "primerica will take everybody", you need to do more research. Don't most colleges "take everybody?"

Um, actually, no they don't. Most colleges (good ones, anyway) have an admissions department that decides who will get admitted to the college and who won't. Reputable colleges often have many more applicants than they can accept each year, so they choose the students they want.

Even state colleges and universities don't take everyone. Maybe community colleges do, but I admit I don't know much about those.

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