Notice of impending closure of all GeoCities web sites
Posted by: John Fox ()
Date: April 26, 2009 12:50PM

Hi everyone,

Just so you aren't caught out .... Yahoo is pulling the plug on GeoCities.

For those of more recent times, 15 years ago GeoCities became for web sites what YouTube is for video. And just the same ... in there somewhere is some truly good content. Which is about to disappear. Along wih the last of the "blink" tags. (geek joke there)

So ... how many of you know about a good cult resource site (or even a mediocre one) on a GeoCities site? Add it to this list and I'll do my darnedest to grab a copy before the big switch-off.

John Fox

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Re: Notice of impending closure of all GeoCities web sites
Posted by: Harold ()
Date: June 21, 2009 07:08AM

Oh, now I see how the public message works.
MSN is dropping Encarta also. It was a best source for clear explanations on the latest science in plain English. Am I being paranoid or are they trying to heard us into mainstream Bologna mind control. The trouble with reducing everything to cults is that it's not even true and a lot of original thinking gets bad mouthed. It is not nice to trash people for fun. Bruce Lipton and the new science is really onto somethings that are being ironed out as science takes on a whole new personality. Fear of change is not a good plan. Do you know the body is actually addicted to thousands of years of the false matrix, lies of leaders and societies and it is actually a physical addiction to overcome. It's no wonder people feel uncomfortable with something new. Society being 60% left brain is a problem that is serious and no joke. Switching to the right brain is only a partial solution. Our left side is controlled by the right brain, and the heart is considered on the left side. The right brain works more from feeling so it is appropriate that the heart should be controlled by the right brain. The problem is that emotions call also be the source of crimes of passion, while the left brain can be more for cold blooded crimes. Just some facts so you can eventually start adding up what's really going on, because it's not only what you think. It may take years to get it as the body lies so much too us, while the intuition tells the truth, although it has to be tested as we try to deceive ourselves there also. I can't believe we will go through another thousand years not breading out of our delusions that we are mostly delusion free, because we are not at all. The more we think we are out of the matrix, the more I would worry, if I where you. That comes from 70 years of experience.

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