Is Adventures in Missions/World Race/Seth Barnes a Cult?
Posted by: Grace Alone ()
Date: September 21, 2016 10:39PM

Hello all,
Regarding Adventures in Missions, I am concerned how many young people are being influenced by them with very little discussion. I noticed a forum from 2012 and wanted to start a new thread.
They have sent out, according to their site, 100,000 missionaries.


My family has a site that discusses the teachings of this organization. I would really like to add personal testimony of former racers and/or parents that have discerned the error. I am not sure they classify as a cult, but it is alarming the teaching they espouse on separation from family.
Thanks for any discussion. In Christ by Grace Alone

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Re: Is Adventures in Missions/World Race/Seth Barnes a Cult?
Posted by: Kenny Sacht ()
Date: April 12, 2017 10:37PM

Hello CEI,

Today, I came across your website today for this topic above. I founded Wipe Every Tear, an NGO/ministry that brings hope, freedom, and a future to precious girls trapped in the sex trade in the Islands of the Philippines.

The subject title above really caught my attention, to say the least! I have followed the World Race, Adventures In Missions, Seth Barnes, and many racers over the past few years. I have read many blogs of both Seth Barnes and racers as they are on their 9 or 11 month missionary journey.

I am deeply in love with our Lord Jesus, the great commission, and the Kingdom of God. Not that the following means much, but I also graduated from Western Seminary, located in Portland, Oregon, and have continually been involved in Christian ministry since becoming a christian in 1976 during my first year of college. I have pastored a church, planted a church, and have been involved in Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and currently oversee the affairs of Wipe Every Tear (

I have spoken in depth with many racers and their parents, and Seth Barnes himself, and follow and subscribe to his blog. I have read one of his books, and have personally seen his commitment to God, the scriptures, local church, and the body of Christ throughout the world. Never has a red flag of aberancy waived, as I have only seen a good heart for the Good News of salvation through the atoning blood of Jesus, and God's great love for all mankind.

Wipe Every Tear has hosted world racers and their parents in the missionary field of the Philippines on numerous occasions, and I have worked directly with Seth, AIM staff, and their employees. I have only seen Seth's commitment to the God of the Bible, never once hearing anything in person from him that would cause me to question his commitment to Jesus and his saving and atoning blood through Christ alone.

I have read a little online of some concerns that people have about the World Race and AIM missions, but after sending over 100,000 people out in both long and short term missions, as AIM has, there will always be something that someone(s) doesn't agree with. Shoot, I just Googled and found that there are posts stating that World Vision and Compassion International have cultish practices!

I am personally thankful for Seth's heart for all nations, including the USA, and their need for Jesus to set them/us free.

I appreciate the space here to convey my thoughts on Seth Barnes, AIM, and the World Race, and their continual pursuing God's heart for all nations and all peoples to come into relationship with him through his son Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your ministry and service.


Kenny Sacht
Founder and Lead Director, Wipe Every Tear

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Re: Is Adventures in Missions/World Race/Seth Barnes a Cult?
Posted by: Grace Alone ()
Date: April 14, 2017 12:46AM

Dear Kenny,
Thank you for your response. I am not at all surprised to hear that Seth is a likeable person with a heart to help others. These are good things. It sounds like you likely have a lot in common with him in that regard.

I beg to differ with you, however, regarding Seth’s commitment to the God of the Bible and the saving work of Jesus. After spending much time, since writing the original comment above, researching the teachings of AIM it is clear that the organization’s view of God simply doesn’t match up with God’s revelation of Himself in Scripture. The Jesus that Seth speaks of is not the Jesus of the Bible. There is no clear Gospel message to be found anywhere in AIM’s literature or Seth’s blogs. The substitutionary death of Christ for sinners who would otherwise face the wrath of a Holy God is simply missing.

The “gospel” that AIM preaches has more to do with listening for God’s voice and seeing/expecting miracles.

I would also disagree on Seth’s love of Scripture and the church. He consistently takes Bible verses out of their context and incorrectly interprets them. We are called to “rightly handle the word of truth” (2 Tim 2:15) so this is greatly concerning. There is almost no mention of growing in grace through the study of God’s Word. Seth also consistently undermines the church in his blog posts. It is impossible to love the Jesus of the Bible and not love His church.
If you find these things difficult to believe please consider the information on the following site: There is excellent scriptural support for the many concerns with AIM.

There are also many testimonies of former Racers that state the opposite of what you have said in your response.
Certainly the word “cult” has the potential to be overused. Even if AIM is not a cult, it certainly teaches serious error and is an organization that others should be warned about.


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Re: Is Adventures in Missions/World Race/Seth Barnes a Cult?
Posted by: Grace Alone ()
Date: April 14, 2017 12:59AM

I might also point you and anyone else looking into AIM that there is an older thread on this site that has many posts that could be helpful as well.

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Re: Is Adventures in Missions/World Race/Seth Barnes a Cult?
Posted by: Kristi Baker ()
Date: May 09, 2018 07:18PM

Do you know anything of recent is very difficult to find information.

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