Pearls And Fish Eyes
Posted by: Anunnakian ()
Date: January 09, 2011 05:06PM

A few nights ago I was watching some television when I saw an add reguarding saving the planet by becoming vegetarian and something about a so called supreme master Ching Hai.
I practiced an orthodox buddhist school for around ten years. I remeber my teacher talking about pearls and fish eyes.
From my understanding, never would someone upright grant themseles or accept such a title, no money would ever be asked or sought ( They say Jesus overturned the money pots in a temple and Sakyamuni taught to beg only for food, money should never come into it though you`ll find human excuses for it, printing books and so on, it`s quite evident in all the religions), they will never get involed in something dirty like politics, and they will not decieve you in reguards to so called supernormal capabilities that some seek ( if someone pursues such things, never will an upright being help in that way, though other bad things will, "it`s what he wants, arn`t I helping him, and isn`t it right I also take from him in exchange (things you really don`t want to lose through such foolishness, what do you want them for anyway, to use in human society, most of these ones seek fame, money...), a saying, "seek nothing and gain naturally".
Some old saying from China," It`s easiear to invite a god than send it away". Another, "Its better not to practice an orthodox school for 1000 years than to practice a wild fox way for one day".
Practicing an orthodox school is difficult and arduous, and you will be tested in every way, until your rid of all your bad thoughts, bad substances ( "like waves crashing on the sand until only the gold is left"). As I was told, something like, "How could it be possible for an ordinary person to go to a paradise or heaven with thoughts of an ordinary person, perhaps they would get into an argument with a Buddha over jealosy, or have bad thoughts upon seeing a beautiful bodhisattva".
I was also tod that when a person has such a right thought to return to their origin, it will shake the ten directions of the universe, and any beings that see it will try to help.
There are very few pearls amongst all the fish eyes, it is ussually a persons persuit that gets them into trouble, and though you may recieve some warning as to this, it`s what you seek, so very few are willing to interfere.

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