Re: Ex members of John MacArthur's church
Posted by: gracetowho? ()
Date: April 01, 2013 02:39PM

Thanks for bringing us back to the main
topic :

John MacArthur confuses repentance with the fruits of repentance,
and also to confuse faith with that which faith ought to produce.
He confuses saving faith
(which takes place in a moment of time--Rom. 13:11; Eph. 1:13)
with discipleship (which is a lifelong process).

It has been said, "Lordship salvation is not the childlike faith of John 3:16.
It insists upon repentance but includes a change of behavior
Lordship advocates
attempt to make behavior and fruit essential ingredients of,
rather than evidence of, saving faith"

John MacArthur and his disciples preach a false gospel of
terrible consequences in this life and the next.


Re: Ex members of John MacArthur's church
Posted by: Lass o' the Glen ()
Date: April 02, 2013 04:12AM

Thank you bjw and gtw? for getting us back on track.

My prayer this Easter Monday is that everyone who reads this thread will understand that true faith and trust in our risen Savior sets them free from every burden that JM would have them bear.

Jesus accomplished it all, and declared "It is finished." His is the victory. Hallelujah, He is risen!

Re: Ex members of John MacArthur's church
Posted by: sandeepsidhu ()
Date: April 04, 2013 11:24PM

Hello alll, i am new here.....

Re: Ex members of John MacArthur's church
Posted by: gracetowho? ()
Date: April 04, 2013 11:55PM

Hello Sandeep,

How can we help you?

Re: Ex members of John MacArthur's church
Posted by: Mark Scheiderer ()
Date: April 24, 2013 07:39AM

Have any new ex-MacA sites started up? Where is everybody?

Re: Ex members of John MacArthur's church
Posted by: gracetowho? ()
Date: April 24, 2013 10:50AM

Hi Mark,

In light of recent events I must say one more thing
about Calvinists.

They believe that God bombed the Boston marathon.

For those of you who are lurking Calvinists,
Please rethink this evil characterization of our
holy benevolent God.
God sovereignly controls Satan's every move.
This makes God the author of everything evil,
even the most wicked sinner of all. Some Calvinists actually
admit this, and seek to defend it from Scripture.

If ultimately God sovereignly is in control of everything,
and if free will of man, angels, or even Satan,
is ultimately under the control of God,
then the responsibility for all wickedness and
evil must be placed at the feet of God Himself.

We are all puppets according to Calvinism. Blech.


Re: Ex members of John MacArthur's church
Posted by: bjw ()
Date: May 01, 2013 04:56AM

The Gospel According to MacArthur!
I just got a letter from the cult in the mail that contained a form letter signed by MacArthur along with an envelope for sending donations. The letter had the usual lies about how the college is affordable (if you call $20,000 affordable), that without the donations of the members the students couldn't be educated (what do they do with the 20 grand then?), and how much more valuable an education at masters is than any other college (very few of my courses would even transfer).

However, what was even more troubling about this letter was the offer it makes to the potential donor. MacArthur has written a new book called "One Perfect Life" and if you send the envelope back (whether you donate or not) they will send you a copy.

The book purports to be a 480 page volume in hardcover that is a "seamless blend of all four gospels-told as one complete narrative" (their words, which they use twice in the letter). The book includes the subtitle, "The complete story of the Lord Jesus" in the middle of a crown of thorns.

He has already made a study bible, a book he calls "The Gospel According to Jesus" that introduces Lordship Salvation, and now he has written a book that is his version of the four gospels. Am I reading too much into this? When the original 12 Apostles wrote the New Testament, if they wanted one seamless account of their original 4 books wouldn't they have done this themselves?

I am worried that MacArthur's followers will take this as canon like they do the study bible and Gospel According to Jesus, and that MacArthur will somehow rearrange these verses (or rewrite them altogether) to emphasize the doctrines of the lordship cult, like: Lordship Salvation, Restoration Process, Nouthetic Counseling, etc. It will be interesting to see how he interprets Matthew 18 and other passages, and how he will treat the problem of the Atonement bringing in the dispensation of grace.

I may be worrying too much about this, but it will be interesting to watch as the book is released to the public at large. Anyone else have any thoughts?

Re: Ex members of John MacArthur's church
Posted by: bjw ()
Date: May 06, 2013 07:21AM

I'd still like to see a discussion of MacArthur's new book (as mentioned in my previous post.)

However, I found this article today about Scientology involving a current court case. This ruling may also affect MacArthur's Lordship cult since Scientology's practice of "sec checking" is very similar to the practice of confession practiced in Nouthetic Counseling, and the info is shared with other members and church officials:

For those unfamilliar with the technique used in confessions in Lordship/Nouthetic Counseling, check earlier in this thread. Often a counselor badgers a confession out of a person while a witness is in the room badgering you too (who is supposed to be there as an independent third party), and the info is usually shared with MacArthur's student life division (if pertaining to the college) and/or the church officials (if pertaining to the church.

However the courts rule on Scientology, it makes me wonder if this will affect how many more people come forward about Lordship Salvation.

Re: Ex members of John MacArthur's church
Posted by: teacher ()
Date: May 06, 2013 05:26PM

Hi all. I have not forgotten the website but my mother has a large tumor on the brain and hydrocephalus and I have been caring for her and my dad since January with basically no help at all. I have little time to dedicate to anything else. I am awaiting an operation for her but the doctors have no idea what will happen. I want to remind new and old that my parents' church was "taken over" by Mac Arthur's followers and he and my mum were basically displaced and deprived of everything. That is why I am here. No one who says they love the same Lord as me can treat others as my parents have been treated. My main translation is on its way for proof reading and I will begin working on shorter extracts during the summer when I hope to have a little more time.
I am still here! Battered and broken but here.

Re: Ex members of John MacArthur's church
Posted by: Mark Scheiderer ()
Date: May 07, 2013 06:02AM


Why does MacA have to "MacArthurize" everything? IMO, and the opinion of others I've talked to, it's like he sees himself as separate from the rest of us sinners and he has the ability to come up with his own version of the Gospels!
The NO-thetic Counselling oversteps it's bounds. It's almost like the counselors are human "Holy Spirits".
Hierarchy is the word that leaps to mind with many things MacArthurish. Where do he and others associated with him get the idea that they are "lords" over the flock of God?
I hope somebody starts doing an in depth study of "Lordship Salvation" and other Unbiblical stuff that MacA and his ilk promote.
What REALLY scares me and troubles me is that many who are leaving the apostate churches in the U.S. are turning to MacA and accepting everything he says and does. After awhile you can't talk to them. They are literally like cultists. I talked to one counter-cult ministry about this and they stated that some of MacA's followers/fans would "follow him off a cliff!"
The man and his enterprises are NOT balanced.

Teacher -

God bless you and your Mother. I'll have to remember you in prayer.
Godspeed to your upcoming article.


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