Hi i am looking for a good Christian church in Salem ,Keizer
Posted by: bonniej ()
Date: October 08, 2004 11:14AM

I was a member of the potters house CFM for over 8 years , i left the church a few years ago . alot of what i read are the same things i went thru. I would like to go back to chirch but i am afraid to get into another bad one. please any help?

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Hi i am looking for a good Christian church in Salem ,Keizer
Posted by: ConcernedMom ()
Date: July 14, 2006 03:22PM

Hi Bonniej,

My daughter is attending the Potter's House and it has taken over her life. Her pastor has told her that she can't be involved in any ministries because she lives with us. :( She started when she was 12 and suffering some problems. We hoped it was a phase and she would grow out of it but now she is over 18 and show no signs of turning away. It wasn't until she turned 16 or so that we began to see how it was warping her.

We try to talk to her but she gets hysterical when we suggest she go to some other church and would get hysterical when we made her miss a single service or "outreach". She has moved out but still isn't allowed into any ministries because she doesn't have her own apartment. They are trying to control every aspect of her life and we are very worried about her.

What can we do? Is there anyone around the Salem-Keizer area that can help?


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