victory christian academy genesis by the sea
Posted by: florahoward ()
Date: August 22, 2004 02:53AM

hello does anyone have any info at all about these facilities or has anyone been to either one of these?i know quite a bit about both schools they definetly are using cult tactics on the girls here if anyone out there went to either of these places please do feel free to contact me i am willing to listen to your experience someone i love dearly is in one of these schools and it is absolutley heartbreaking.vca is in jay florida and the "cult" leader is named dr michael palmer well he calls himself a dr that is doubtful from my finding he could have possible "bought" that title on the internet. neither of these schools are licensed i have spoke to former prisioners of this cult who have monsterous stories to tell not being allowed to speak or look at anyone until they have seen the light, being forced to eat there vomit to prevent bulimia and anorexia being zip tied and blind folded for days at a time, being handcuffed to chairs, being forced to hold there urine all in the name of "god" they claim to be independent baptists however this does not seem christian to me nor to anyone i have told these stories to.they are not allowed to wear tampons,they are fed very little,no pants even saying the word pants is considered "bad" they are also claims of being locked in a "get right" room with sermons playing for days at a time,none of this seems right to me and the sadest part of it all is that he is still in buisness and will stay in buisness untill ppl are willing to speak out so please do so these ppl can not hurt you anymore ladies you can do this!!!!!thanks to everyone for letting me post this and for those of you who have read it take care and know you are not alone!

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