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Re: SOMA NORTHWEST Are they still connected to Tony Cunningham?
Posted by: 180Reject ()
Date: February 09, 2009 02:25PM

Please do not waste your money going to college that isnt even CREDITED! Go to a REAL BIBLE COLLEGE, Soma is a joke!

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Re: SOMA NORTHWEST Are they still connected to Tony Cunningham?
Posted by: BraveHeart ()
Date: February 10, 2009 02:59PM

Regarding SOMA
Your absolutely right!!!
SOMA is more than a Joke, it has become an embarrassment to the Christian Faith and anyone who has attended. Just looking back at the drop out rate each class starts out with should raise a red flag. Not only are students charged over $9,000.00 for a 3 year course of indoctrination into anti-Christian teachings. I would call it ‘bait and switch’ or just simply lying to deceive someone out of there money. SOMA was represented to the members of the churches to be 100% Christian faith based and the promise of becoming accredited one day; it was only a matter of time according to Tony and elders. Students are maligned into believing that Tony & Mike are the ultimate authorities here on earth because they are supposed apostles (yeah right and I’m Santa Clause). Students have been taught teachings like Absolute Authority, Covenant Relationships and Spiritual Parenting, a teaching and life style that goes against the very foundations of the Christian faith and “The Ten Commandments!!!” Add all that to Tony’s polygamist views and you have married men close to Tony, taking single and married women out on dates buying extravagant gifts all in the name of spiritual parenting or being brothers & sisters. So for now Tony is has taken this teaching underground, he is not be so bold with his teachings on Spiritual Parenting. Tony, the people who are closest to you know it and you can not hide it any longer yes these people are coming out of the wood work escaping you and testifying to your concubine. Even your natural children are being hurt by your abandonment of your wife. With all the examples of Tony's manipulation encouraging students to renounce there parents and succumb to a spiritual parent is just down right appalling and ant-Christian,….in fact it is demonic!

Yes I will be bold enough to say, the fall out and damages from SOMA (Tony’s Teachings) run so deep and into so many lives!

You people at Radiant Life and TPC…WAKE UP!!! Quit sitting around like a box of glazed donuts!
In Sacramento why are you tolerating the behavior of your poser worship leader Jon? Or why do you tolerate Tony’s golden boy Andy? Both these men are married yet; they are out dating single and married women! Going to lunch or movie what’s next?
Why are you tolerating the teachings of Tony?
You people of RLc and You sycophant elders, you just turn a blind eye! These guys have NO business flirting with another woman as they are abandoning there wife. The more that comes out about Tony's inner circle the more and more it sounds like a Swingers Cult Spiritually speaking of course.
I challenge any of you to look at that fruit and see for yourself if that is not the most ridicules situation!!!

SOMA is a rip-off and a scam

Now Tony is planning a group trip to Africa??? Hang on to your wallets and your soul!!!

The abusive, arrogant, callousness, condescending, grandiose, impulsive, manipulative, rudeness and verbal outbursts that I witnessed in the Philippines in 2005 were enough to show me that Tony is reckless and out of control!
One morning he stood up in the hosting church and publicly slandered the pastor as all of the SOMA students sat there in a state of shock. Another time he stood there in front of 100+ pastors from the Bananas area and ridiculed them for the way they were doing church. For the SOMA students there it turned into the attitude “Yeah, we are more spiritually enlightened than you!” Hmm Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle….that fits Tony.
He makes all encompassing promises for the future, yet has a poor work ethic by exploiting others effectively.
You people who are throwing your money at this trip would be better to stay home and take care of your own affairs first.

The Soma students never received the education they were sold. Tony misrepresented that the soma curriculum would be as he weaved in his false teachings along the way.
Currently there are SOMA students looking into a class action law suit seeking damages’ & restitution.
Yeah we want our money back you counterfeit apostle!

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Re: SOMA NORTHWEST Are they still connected to Tony Cunningham?
Posted by: BraveHeart ()
Date: February 13, 2009 06:20AM

I had the day off today so I thought I would check out the SOMA North West website.

wow I see on the schedule of events, Strategic Advance Intensive Feb 24 & 25. Hmmm
so I called up to Turning Point to see who the guest speaker would be and sure enough it's going to be Mr. Tony Cunningham.

The nice lady that answered the phone was very inquisitive probing me as to my identity. I was happy to tell her my name. She asked me if I was one of the people posting on the website and I said the Rick Ross website? yes I am. Then she said "why are you so divisive?" I said I'm not at all, there is more evidence exposing Tony to be a false teacher.
"you are a very divisive person." with a condescending tone to her voice.
"Why do you care about something that doesn't involve you?" almost like a robotic response.

So that's is the position Turning Point leadership is going to take regarding anyone posting on this site or asking any questions.
They are just going to call you DIVISIVE and hide behind there closed doors doing what they do secret.
Come on leadership why don't you face the people in your flock and community....answer the questions?

By what authority is Tony Cunningham an apostle?
Do you have any supporting evidence that backs up his apostolic claim?
by what authority is Mike Villamor and apostle?
Why has Mike allowed Tony to teach "spiritual parenting" and covenant relationships, Heart of David, 5 Fold ministry, and again strategic advance?
Why does the Leadership embrace the teachings of Tony Cunningham?
Does Mike have a Spiritual Daughter living with him?
Why is Tony still practicing Spiritual Parenting?
What are Tony's views on polygamy and why does his teaching of Spiritual Parenting support his polygamist views?
If Tonys teachings are so good then why does he have such a long list of broken marriages and broken families from his church?
If Tony is an apostle then why have his church plants broken off there ties with him?

If leadership is going to spin the people posting as being divisive they better pony up with one shred of evidence that would prove me wrong.


Your pastor is embracing Tony simply because Tony empowers him with the title of apostle! It is all about power and authority for these guys.

Elders of Turning Point why are you going to allow Tony to come into your church and teach strategic advance? What does he have to offer?
Look at every church plant Tony has been involved with Katy Texas, Laguna California, West Sacramento, and the Philippines where are the relationships today? Non-existent. you're going to allow a man into your church that cannot keep a relationship going outside of his inner circle and what benefits him. You're going to allow a man into your church that has taught children to renounce there parents and cling to a new spiritual parent. You're going to allow a man into your church that has hurt hundreds of people with his false teachings.

Well Mike and fellow elders of Turning Point, you better buy a big bag of dog food because the Wolf is coming.

Why do I care? let me give you this illustration and hopefully you will see....
If I have knowledge that a tour bus company is operating several buses that are in need of serious repairs and the owner refuses to make the repairs. He continues to load people on to those buses and drive them back a forth.
Do I just ignore that knowledge? NO I CAN'T!
What if I knew that one of His bus drivers has and expired drivers license or is under the influence of illegal drugs?
Are we supposed to just put our head in the sand and ignore it?
Well sorry folks but I have a responsibility to warn people not to get onto that bus! to contact the authorities that this Company is operating a defective and unsafe buses.

I know by first hand experience the anti-Christian and destructive nature Tony's teaching will bring to your church. Just look at what is happening at Radiant Life in Sacramento. It is falling apart! Look at the spiritual incestuous behaviors of Tony’s worship leaders and worship team, to the mass exodus of staff and members that is still occurring. Why would you embrace his teachings? And why would you expose his teachings to your staff and SOMA students???
I am asking you people to do your homework, test everything!
If these leaders can not be open and honest with who they are and what they believe then expose them for what they are!!!!

When it comes to a church representing to be Christian, people have the right to know what that church believes. If the church says one thing, but practices something else, we have a problem. If a church embraces a false teacher and false teachings that oppose the 10 commandments, then people have a right to know what they are getting themselves into. People need to look closely at the theology and belief system of the church!
When a church starts playing games with the membership, hiding there deeper beliefs like "Spiritual Parenting" then that manipulation needs to be exposed!

I am simply asking the leadership and members of Turning Point to address these issues publicly.

Do it now! before another person gets hurt or spiritually abused.


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Re: SOMA NORTHWEST Are they still connected to Tony Cunningham?
Date: February 13, 2009 07:41AM


They dont affiliate with Tony, have cut off all ties with Tony and no longer teach Tony's theology. But now they have him scheduled to come in and teach at SOMA NW. I am not even sure what to say.

Regarding the nice lady's comment who took your call, do you know if that was Carol, their receptionist? I do find it ironic that she resorted to the "divisive" attack. After all the spiritual parenting concepts taught at RLc and TPc are as divisive as they come. We have seen testimony of several who discussed telling their own parent that they were submitting themselves to their spiritual parent and would no longer submit to their God given parents.

Please post your comments on the Turning Point Thread as it is relevant to the discussion taking place there as well.

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Re: SOMA NORTHWEST Are they still connected to Tony Cunningham?
Posted by: BraveHeart ()
Date: February 13, 2009 03:02PM

Yeah when I last talked to Kim Barns she told me that they were distancing themselves from Tony and considering changing the name of the school. She said that they do not allow Tony to teach spiritual parenting. so I asked her why then would you have him come up and teach anything? IF you have found some of his teachings to be false. I was told that is up to Mike....
What about TPC being an elder lead church?
What about accountability and responsibility to the students?
When I find out that Kim lied to me and has tried to cover up there association they have with Tony and down play anyone who asks about the teachings that Tony has brought to Turning Point.
The Students, Staff and Church members who ask questions are immediately labeled DIVISIVE.

Hey SOMA students you are paying good money for an alleged education....make sure your education is not being hijacked!
Ask Questions and Demand an answer! Start calling the church office and ask to talk to Mike. Talk to the elders Ask your questions publicly and demand an answer.

Here is my observation with Tony's theology; it is as if every day he starts a “GO”. He never progresses down the road of life. But he goes back to the starting point of the christian life everyday.
How can you mature with that warped self image?
Tony believes that everyday you have to start your relationship with God over and that Jesus blood was not payment in full and that he has to keep being sacrificed all over again. That’s like getting a “Go Directly To Start” card at the end of the day. Again that puts the emphasis on me and what I can do to make God happy. Go back and read my testimony

remember this; God uses his people to do his work. Just like David with those three stones and a whole bunch of faith and trust.


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Re: SOMA NORTHWEST Are they still connected to Tony Cunningham?
Posted by: movingon ()
Date: February 15, 2009 06:20AM

that was not Carol, it was Laurie Worden who is the administrator for SOMA NW. She doesnt have correct information and was informed to pass call along instead of getting worked up and defensive. It is ironic that Tony C is coming to TPC to teach the intensive. Considering there has been no realtionship with TPC for a year. should be interesting.

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Re: SOMA NORTHWEST Are they still connected to Tony Cunningham?
Posted by: BraveHeart ()
Date: February 24, 2009 04:38AM

There are 3 inhibitors to repentance:
and Wrong Motive.

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Re: SOMA NORTHWEST Are they still connected to Tony Cunningham?
Posted by: LearningPoint ()
Date: March 03, 2009 11:29AM

I posted the following on the main TP thread, but it's relevant to this one too.

"...You can hear this same message of narcissim in the new SOMA video. Consider how much credit Jesus gets in this video. Is He even in the picture? Wait until the very end when Mike says something like, 'And it shows no signs of slowing down.' []

Testimony #1: Ask this man how those closest to him felt about his early retirement to attend SOMA and whether he took their concerns into consideration or if Mike's opinion was more important to him than those who would be most impacted by the decision.
Testimony #2: Ask this young woman how her parents responded to her dropping out of college in her senior year. Ask yourself what is so wrong with bringing justice to the people of "the world," with fighting for justice in any situation? Also ask, who on earth boasts about their own humility? Can we say "oxymoron"?
Testimony #3: How do you think this woman's husband and children feel when they hear her wondering what her REAL Kingdom purpose is? She kind of comes 'round to it in the end, but only after SOMA gives her what she needs.

Anyone else find this video disturbing both for what it lacks and for what it reveals?"

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Re: SOMA NORTHWEST Are they still connected to Tony Cunningham?
Posted by: wantingtruth ()
Date: March 04, 2009 01:17AM

how was the visit by the great one Tony C.? Seems the people of Marysville WA must have a lot of extra money to throw around. After all the students of SOMA NW think nothing of PAYING to be lied to.
Most places you can get lied to for free.

So how was Tony's viist? I hope it was entertaining, because it did nothing to draw you nearer to God. Fake apostles, false teachers, and false prophets lead you astray instead of drawing you nearer to God. What does this say of the discernment of your leadership? Do they have no clue as to what has happened in Sacramento?
Tony's "I should have seen this coming" is beautiful and reveals him for who he is. A Narcissist who couldn't prophesy his way out of a wet paper bag. Previous posts on this blog are uncovering the unsavory truth. Tony is one of the most divisive men in ministry that you will ever meet. Has it rubbed off onto Mike and the gang? Have they been contaminated by the "covering"?
Perhaps Tony came to TP and SOMA NW to teach "defensives"(of himself) rather than "intensives".

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Re: SOMA NORTHWEST Are they still connected to Tony Cunningham?
Posted by: BraveHeart ()
Date: April 26, 2009 02:20AM

It is very interesting to look at the SOMA Northwest website today and see that they have pulled the video that highlights the presence of Tony Cunningham. In looking for more information about the current curriculum. They will not and do not list the books required for the courses. You have to make a written request for that information. So that brings me to this question, What are they hiding? Why can't they list out the books that they teach from?
Poking around on their website today I find this interesting, they have a "Practicum Self Evaluation Form"

Now this is a fantastic example of what the main focus is for the leadership involved with SOMA, as these questions point out the underlying theme of what they are wanting to produce from their quasi Christian School. (you see administrators want to know, if they are achieving their goals. They want to make sure that the students are soaking in all the false teachings, making sure that the brainwashing techniques are taking hold.)

Now you people who are attending this school and or attending Turning point Church I know that you have been instructed to NOT read this web site and NOT think for yourself.
but since you are here reading this,
I have to ask you; are these the best questions a Pseudo Christian school could ask you?
Are these the most important life changing questions that they can ask a student attending SOMA NW?

In what ways have you been a benefit to your ministry leader and assigned ministry this quarter?

How have you served this quarter ( Explain your answer.

What have you learned from serving in your practicum this quarter?

What are some areas you would like to improve in this next quarter? How can you do this?

Other thoughts or questions you have for your advisor:

And this is a supposed Christian ministry? These questions simply relate to how much of a sycophant have you become? How much of a mind numb robot are you? and are you joining arms with the Locke step movement we are presenting? When we ask you to jump your response will be, how high?

Now for some of you, you may not be familiar with this term, "Practicum" = "A practicum is a college course, often in a specialized field of study, that is designed to give students supervised practical application of a previously studied theory. Practicums (student-teaching) are common for education and social work majors." (Sounds like the same techniques used by the Marxist Democratic Party of today!!!)

Now you watch and see. I'm sure that this website will get changed or pulled. So in all fairness, I will post it here.

Attachments: SOMA_NW Practicum Self Evaluation Form.jpg (111.9 KB)  
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