Todd Bentley, "Florida Outpouring"
Posted by: DownToEarth ()
Date: June 15, 2008 01:49PM

This "Christian" thing has been going on since the beginning of April in Lakeland, Florida. It is broadcast on GodTV via the internet. And it's growing. And it's getting scary.

Many Christians are seriously concerned about this so-called revival when it comes to doctrinal teachings, but what I saw tonight online gave me fresh cause for concern. Someone else's comment made me realize that if the secular authorities aren't already watching this situation, they perhaps should be. This is worrying regardless of one's religious beliefs, and look at the people involved. They are zoned right out and not thinking AT ALL anymore.


Here is a video of one of Todd's "anointings". Notice the woman down on the floor being kicked by one of Todd's assistants. There is plenty on the internet regarding Todd's fondness for violence during his ministry.


If you google "Todd Bentley, kick her in the face", you'll come up with many hits about that, plus all the youtube videos you would ever hope not to see.

This Florida Outpouring has been endorsed by the Canadian television Christian program "100 Huntley Street". Todd was interviewed on that show last month. Todd is also endorsed by Christian International Ministries.


Todd now feels he is "at war" with people who oppose what he is doing (cult--"us" vs. "them" attitude):


Todd is claiming that people have been resurrected from the dead as a result of this revival. I'm not sure what the last count is as of this time, but folks affected, including the resurrected, have been invited to send in e-mail accounts of their experience. This link says the count is at 21 resurrected, but that was from June 5.


Re: Todd Bentley, "Florida Outpouring"
Posted by: Coolhermit ()
Date: June 17, 2008 10:29PM

I've been fascinated by the spread of this 'revival'. I watch most nights on God tv. For me, the 'impartation of the spirit' as per Todd Bentley and his ilk bear such a striking resemblance to kundalini being 'awoken' as to be identical.

Osho (Rajneesh) and numerous other gurus have imparted their anointing by blowing, touching the willing recipients. It seems it's a revival of the Toronto Blessing phenomenon in Christian circles.

This site will give a description of kundalini being awoken and its effects on the 'awoken':


Apologies for the poor linking as I'm a cyber dumbo and do not know how to link properly.

Re: Todd Bentley, "Florida Outpouring"
Posted by: PeaceBStill ()
Date: August 14, 2008 10:12AM

Oh ... my .... gosh!! This is horrendous! and has actually been going on, here in Florida, for a good long time -- dating back to the "Brownsville revival/anointing" that took Florida by storm! This whole "Holy Spirit anointing/slain in the spirit movement is more than horrendous, it's blasphemous, if one would, if but for one moment consider the fact that this movement TAKES THE FOCUS OFF OF CHRIST AND PLACES IT UPON THE SPIRIT (and emotional experience) WHO'S ONLY OBJECTIVE IS TO GLORIFY GOD IN CHRIST, NOT HIMSELF! As far as I know, having looked into this specifically, no where is such a practice taught or supported in Scripture, and not even by the Apostle Paul who deemed such things the LEAST of all gifts, as it pertained to the speaking of tongues, which would be proven to be nothing other than the means for one to communicate in a language other than his own so that those of that language would understand! It is not (were one to actually study the Bible and take it for what it says) a special language or emotional experience between oneself and God! O, I could on and on about this subject too, for all of the marriages, relationships, and families that have been destroyed because the one so called "slain" accuses and degrades the one who is not. One might consider, also, that were this of God, then Christ would have been sure set the example, and He did not. I mean can you imagine, Yahushua Messiah (Jesus Christ) rolling on the floor in UNHOLY HYSTERIA? Heaven forbid! Geez, the last time I turned on TBN, which was a number of years ago now, Oral Roberts Jr. was kicking a poor woman who had supposedly been slain in the spirit. Mercy.

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