Request for Interview
Posted by: doloreswix ()
Date: February 11, 2008 04:05AM

Hi everyone,

I'm a new member of this forum. I was a member of a cult (Jehovah's Witnesses) for 25 years. I left at the end of 2004. Since then, I have been doing research on cults and that's how I found this website. Because the Witnesses discouraged higher education, in 1978 I left college after atending one year. I am now back in college majoring in film production. I'm taking a required course in Critical Reading, Writing & Thinking and we have to write a term paper. We had to choose a non-profit organizition to write about and I chose the Rick A. Ross Institute.

Since an interview is required by my professor, I'm looking for someone to interview for my paper. I'd like to know how this forum has helped you and whatever else you'd like to tell me. Please respond quickly because my paper is due soon. I wish you all continued happiness, success, and peace.

Many blessings,


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Re: Request for Interview
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: February 11, 2008 04:11AM


Didn't you read the rules.

You may not post contact information at this message board.

You may communicate either through private messaging or the board.

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