Jesus People USA vs. Mike Warnke
Posted by: Jim B ()
Date: December 12, 2007 01:04AM

I recently had the opportunity to help sponsored a Mike Warnke concert and it gave me the chance to ask Mike to forgive me for not intervening in the dispute and attacks that Jesus People USA had launched against Mr. Warnke.
I was a member of JPUSA from 1984 to 1986 and was subjected to the "purging beatings" and numerous other mental, financial and emotional abuses conducted and approved by the leadership of Jesus People USA (JPUSA). The leadership demanding that if you owned a vehicle, you could not stay at JPUSA, so they demanded that I donate my car to them, a 1970 Dodge Charger R/S and what little money I had at the time. In the mean time, some of the Elders including Glen Kaiser, had sportcars and a couple of new fishing boats hidden away in the upstairs storage of what is now, Lakefront Roofing. They called the storage unit: "The Deacon's Storage or Deak's Storage". After Lakefront Roofing moved into that building the vehicles were moved to a new location. The Rez Band also maintained a building that was labelled the "Recording Studio", but it had very nice private living quarters in the upstairs. It wasn't until this weekend that I figured out it might be Glen and Wendy Kaiser's private quarters, because the Rez Band members were rarely seen at the Malden or Wilson street buildings.
I was present when Elder Steve Follman (I was a member of the Follman family) claimed that if Mike Warnke did not stand before the JPUSA congregation and public confess his sins, repent and finally submit to the Elders authority and live at JPUSA for during the time of his repentance/restoration, that Jon Trott would launch a campaign to expose and ruin him. A public confession at JPUSA did not nessessarily mean that you would be forgiven. I know from personnal experience, that if you stood before the congregation and repented for anything, you would be openly judged and in many ways shunned. I never experienced a personnal healing or restoration from my experience. I feel that if Mr. Warnke had stood before the JPUSA they would have found a way to punish him forever.
I was present when Jon Trott was asked by a member of the carpentry crew if he could help us, for a brief moment, as several of us remodeled the Cornerstone Offices located on Wilson Street. He very rudely refused and I later overheard him say to Eric Pement that he needed to sensationalise his stories in order to justify his lack of being involved in the physical labor that was required to build up the Jesus People USA ministry. This goes along with a statement that Bob Cox, the former cartoonist for Cornerstone, had told a group of us prior to his departure for JPUSA. I believe twisting a story should be treated the same as a letter from a false prophet. If it isn't 100% accurate, it should not be printed nor adhered to. If Mr. Trott has exaggerated in anyway on the Warnke story, he should be held accountable for his actions.
When I lived at JPUSA, Mr. Trott and Mr. Pement had been so rude and arrogant to me and others for that matter, that I decided never to read an article written or printed in the Cornerstone Magazine. I would not recommend doing business with anyone running an ad in that magazine.
Jesus People USA and Mike Warnke are both dear to my heart and responsible for me being a Christian. However, I believe the Lord's name is being damaged by JPUSA and Jon Trott's action. I believe wrong doers are going unpunished and un-exposed. I know for a fact that Jon Trott has a hidden agenda for his non-stop attacks on Mr. Warnke. Mr. Warnke has stood before a council of legitimate Elders and has been restore to the Body of Christ. It's time for his wounds to be healed and the Body of Believers need to forgive him in the same fashion that Christ forgave Mike and you. I feel it's time to expose Mr. Trott motives.

Re: Jesus People USA vs. Mike Warnke
Posted by: wizeone ()
Date: February 10, 2008 12:32PM

Mike warnke is a fraud and a fake

Re: Jesus People USA vs. Mike Warnke
Posted by: weblogas ()
Date: February 12, 2008 11:00AM

It's all about the money! Should have been a warning. Ain't no Jesus there! When the leadership starts taking possession of other peoples property, human nature takes over.

Re: Jesus People USA vs. Mike Warnke
Posted by: Coolhermit ()
Date: March 24, 2008 08:50PM

In (aguably) the earliest Christian writing, The Didache, the believer is warned that if anyone prophesies that you should give them money or anything else then they are false.

These hustlers have always been around, there is nothing new under the sun.

Re: Jesus People USA vs. Mike Warnke
Posted by: weblogas ()
Date: April 07, 2008 08:59AM

sorry oh wiseone,
but as Bela Lugosi said in the 1930's" there are such things." No matter how deluded they become the accult is spiritual refuge for those who know no better. It is a false one,but none the less still a form of refuge.It is perhaps easier to deny
if you have no personal experience in such things. Be glad all you may have been is suckered by the JPA USA

Re: Jesus People USA vs. Mike Warnke
Posted by: wayfarer ()
Date: April 12, 2008 08:13AM

I was at a Mike Warnke concert in Seattle in 1988 and went in thinking he was solid and honest, but came out with a bad gut feeling about the guy convinced he may be a fraud. This was well before the truth about him had even come out. The reason - in the middle of that 1988 concert, this happened:

Warnke: "...and ha ha ha this reminds me of something else funny..."
Shouts from audience: "Mike! MIKE!"
Warnke: "ha ha..there was this old country preacher back in..."
Multiple shouts from audience: "MIKE! STOP!"
Warnke: "What's going on?"
From audience: "There's this kid up here who looks like he's possessed and he's saying "Praise Satan" over and over"

Mike Warnke at that point started putting on a big show of taking charge of the "situation" and calling a couple of people to take the kid into a back room and "minister" to him. He spent about 5 minutes making a scene of this complete with admonitions of "everybody keep cool" to the audience and a hypocritical sermon on how we weren't going to make a big scene of this (how strange, since he JUST DID.) The effect was the audience, who had been loosened up from an hour of humor, had a complete change of mood to one of fear. That's not all. Warnke used the situation as an excuse to segue completely away from comedy into a sick talk about Satanic cults where he described gory details which I'm not going to repeat here. The audience, already shaken up, was given a complete mind rape by the guy, who then predictably passed the buckets around for donations for his "ministry" rescuing kids from the kind of stuff he had just described. As it came out later, he had no such "ministry", just a lavish lifestyle to fund.

Read up on mind control and audience manipulation techniques, and the use of plants and shills, and it is obvious what Warnke was doing.

Now as for JPUSA: adult spankings, requiring anyone joining to turn over their possessions to the group and "hold all things in common", a group which has some good material and research on other cults and phonies but hypocritically screams "anti-Christian bias!" when somebody brings up their own cultish practices. Does this make their expose of Warnke invalid? No. It would have been better if the secular cult-watch and skeptic movements had blown Warnke's cover but they completely dropped the ball on this one.

My personal take on these two: JPUSA, somewhat sketchy and disreputable; Mike Warnke, extremely sketchy and disreputable.

Re: Jesus People USA vs. Mike Warnke
Posted by: rock under ()
Date: September 21, 2008 09:17AM

i am a former member of jupusa and am talking about it for the first time since i left. i also saw and experienced things very questionalable. i also was a mike warnke fan back in the day and am very confused about the whole thing would love to learn more. dont really know what to say at this point ,except im very stressed about talking about it, but i need to.

Re: Jesus People USA vs. Mike Warnke
Posted by: Jmprater ()
Date: March 28, 2013 11:36AM

I grew up in Jpusa and have been working on a documentary of my experiences detailing unreported cases of sexual abuse. Check out my kickstarter.


Re: Jesus People USA vs. Mike Warnke
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 11, 2023 09:22PM

Mike Warnke Q Early Warning Signs...I Should Have Seen This Coming: QAnonCasualties


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