The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: Altar_Kent ()
Date: February 23, 2004 03:15PM

Is anyone familiar with this movement? It is based in Kalona Iowa at a camp/compound called Shiloh. IT is primarily located in the United states, but also has churches in Brazil and japan. It was founded by John Robert Stevens and first called the walk. Stevens came out of the Latter Rain movement, built quite a congregation, and then died in 1983. The Living word Fellowship is currently being run by Gary and Marilyn Hargrave.

IF you are familiar with it, there is an ongoing discussion about it at


I would like to get a discussion going concerning this movement and its destructive teachings and abusive practices. If anyone is familiar with it, please post.

Thank you

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Re: The Living Word Fellowship, The Walk, John Robert Stevens
Posted by: NancyB ()
Date: January 07, 2019 03:14AM

Dear Fellow Walk survivors: I have an URGENT message for you.

I 've sent a few private messages and made a few random posts on the current news.

This was brought to my attention from KCII's posts:
"Kalona Church Ending Agreement with Living Word Fellowship
Posted: Friday, January 4th, 2019 at 6:26 am
Author: Brandon Shanahan - KCII News
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The Shiloh Church in rural Kalona announced they are ending their legal agreement with The Living Word Fellowship.

This announcement comes after reports of sexual misconduct from a former leader of The Living Word Fellowship. According to their website, the Shiloh Church is committed to remaining open and serving the community as an independent church.

After the allegations, The Living Word Fellowship announced that members Richard Holbrook and Scott McDonald have been removed from their roles in the congregation. A former member of the congregation, Shalom Abrahamson-Caples posted on Facebook about her experience of being a victim of sexual misconduct, which then motivated others share their own similar stories, according to Senior Pastor Gary Hargrave. The Living Word Fellowship has hired attorneys to lead an investigative committee to look into these claims." End quote.


I have no names attached to the allegations of sexual abuse...some of you dear friends will most likely have some good ideas.

I am living back in Iowa now. My son and I have had many questions and have wondered how to proceed with our issues. I am sure that this new and current investigation on allegations made by recent members of the walk / shiloh need our loving support as well as privacy. I don't have any more in facts that what I quoted.

****We certainly do not want to do anything that will hamper the investigation. so I would say to be careful to not discuss this matter on the forums at this time. Possibly you may want to write a letter mail it to the Washington county sheriff- should you wish to remain anonymous at this time. ( address below)
it is extremely important that we do not taint any evidence - do not put any ideas into some one else' head. Write down your memories of name dates, places independent of any other member of this group. Even go so far as to google "how to be a good witness' even if you are too afraid to come froward today.

Because of my concern and the fact the we know this heinous "crap" unfortunately is nothing new but deeply embedded for generations in the walk I called the Washington county sheriff to offer my assistance as a go-between to put the word out - *** now is the time to come forward - we have the attention of the authorities.

The fist call taker asked me if there were "more Shilohs in the US." Was the female dispatcher playing dumb or did she really not know the expanse of this organization?

I briefly gave the historical connections to survivors all over the country. I told them that I was in an on-line secret group with survivors and that I only know them by code names- some we have figured out do know each other - and can validate credibility. - I also explained that many of us are in fear. There has been a long standing pattern of psychical abuse, sexual abuse and fraud. I was a Washington girl - my credibility can be checked out.

I stated that I had read from others currently or recently about concerning issues about the "home schooling". I added that what I had heard was 2nd hand- I was not there and had not been for a long long time....however I believe that I can get the word out and gather up credible witnesses. I am willing to act as a go - between.

I can not and will not tell you what to do. If it is in your heart, please help spread the word. The current victims need our help.
I would think that if we have enough coming forward with names from the "abusers" we know first hand as survivors I believe that the law can figure out the deep seeded connections to the current accused. We probably will be able to get the federal investigators involved now.

PM me if you need to.

or please call Washington county sheriff.
There is an officer in charge who will call me on Monday. They are particularly interested in what happened in Washington county. My guess is that they have no idea of how extensive our allegations are. Are you willing to give "puzzle pieces" they need?
The choice is yours to give or not give information if you have anything that may help... again, keep what you have to offer off of the forums for now. Anything previously posted- leave it.

Jared Schneider is the County Sheriff

Washington County Sheriff's Office
2181 Lexington Boulevard
PO Box 6
Washington, IA 52353

Washington county Sheriff Phone: 319-653-2107
Fax: 319-863-1002

I hope this new development brings the peace we long for.

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