Posted by: Terry ()
Date: February 22, 2007 06:20PM

A VERY DANGEROUS PLACE!!!! PLease do not be fooled.

Scores of children have endured untold psychological and extreme emotional abuse at this institution. Depression, suicide attempts, a THOROUGH REVULSION for church, GOD, the BIBLE are just some of the "fruits" of this so-called "ministry" or school.

Do you want your children to be shouted at daily (unless a visitor is there) during "worship" time? Do you want to have them called names to their face? Previous students there have been called "WITCH", "WHORE", "EVIL", "DEVIL". Do you think this is in keeping with the spirit of Christ?

Weaker ones are tormented by teachers on a daily basis: "Do you think you're smart? You're not smart. Do you think you'll be able to get away from me? No, you'll be back with me next year". This is MILD example.

PLEASE ask a lot of questions. Such as:

Where are all the former members of your "congregation"? How many people attend your church-where are THEIR children? May I have names of former students, teachers, members in order to ask them what they think about your school?

ASK around town, at other churches, at the other Christian school in town. WHY are so many of your students (PPPCS) from Hartford? Where are the children from your own town?

How is it that you have been in operation for over twenty years and so few people send their children to you, except those who know nothing of your reputation? Where are all the other previous pastors? Why do you call all members who have left your church "WITCHES"? Why do you cut off all contact with them and call them all demonic?

Why do you scream at your children? Why do you talk about withcraft and mind-control on a DAILY basis, praying violently over children using these terms?

WHY do you hire a man to teach there who not only has NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE in education at all, but was fired from his job?

What happened to the other teachers who have left your school? May I have their names for reference? Why not??

HAS ACSI ever ONCE been there to monitor you?

Can you look me in the eye and tell me that you have never STRUCK A CHILD who is not related to you at your school or church?

WHY is it commonly known that the principal of this school has a serious problem with RAGE, ANGER and VERBAL ABUSE?

Be very solemnly warned to avoid sending children or teens to this "school". The SAT scores they will boast to you about are due to several families who had very bright children, not a result of this "ministry" or its success. The family members of these people are kept in fear and bondage, and they have hurt and abused literally scores of people. But it is for the sake of children that I write this. Please do not let your little ones be subjugated to this, especially if you hope to have them grow up knowing and loving GOD.

See also the information on this website about PRAISE, POWER and PRAYER TEMPLE, CONNECTICUT and NEW JERSEY.

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Posted by: Heather52884 ()
Date: November 13, 2014 03:36AM

I was sexually abused by one of the "PASTORS" in the past few years im just remembering details of it, im terrified to report or talk to anyone

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