Dominion Christian Centre
Posted by: ex-shep ()
Date: September 11, 2006 05:47AM

I read with interest the article on the Dominion Christian Centre. The article mentioned that the leaders were both students of Zion Bible Institute. The name of the group, for me, is a tip of the type of theology. Zion was part of the Latter Rain Movement. They are also part of movement which feels they are responsible for bringing the Lord's Second Coming.

I was a prospective student and an attender in the church on campus. I left when I saw how the worship, including repetitive choruses, pyschological coercion and being in trance like state was affecting the membership. I had lost a friend to a shepherding group. In the process of trying to get her out, I realized what was going on and walked out in November of 1984. The services were often punctuated by repetitive choruses, frenzied dancing, and a working one to hypnotic state where one felt "the Lord was in this place". Other thought control dynamics included placing students up to six in a room, a strict student handbook legalistic to the point of expelling a student for being "disloyal to the Zion experience", loading students with activities to allow little time for self. The adoration of Zion by students was also punctuated by an addictive "gee, I really missed the presence of the Lord when I went home this weekend".

If this mindset was occuring in DCC, I can see why the parents took the action they did.

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