Catholic Experience
Posted by: ohmmmm ()
Date: June 07, 2006 02:22PM

As a young man I was made to go to to a Catholic Church and school. This included manditory church during school hours, skits and other teachings. This occured nearly everyday and I'm certain I was brainwashed. I was made to memorize many prayers and our vision was to save everyones soul or else they faced a long time in pergatory. I remember that I was told that moses did so many astonishing things. Jesus spoke to angels and a lot of cosmic stuff. I was made to feel guilty about everything, including original sin. If I left the Church I was go go to pergatory or hell. Many priests have been found to have committed terrible crimes. I've seen priests that drink a lot, they get a free house and all expenses paid. The catholic ones can't even marry. They are made to go to school for years and basically give up their life for the church. Ever see how well the pope lives...the rich guys there basically run a country within a country. I think many other christian churches/groups fit the cult descriptiion too. I would be very careful about any religeous group. I never thought of this large group as a cult, but they fit the description. Think about it....

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Catholic Experience
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 07, 2006 09:34PM

No. The Catholic Church does not fit the definition of a "cult" and relgious indoctrination is quite different from thought reform or cult "brainwashing."

See []

Note the definition of a cult as outlined by psychiatrist Dr. Robert Jay Lifton. The Catholic Church and the overwhelming majority of Christian churches would not fit this definition.

Cults are typically personality-driven and authoritarian. They are controlled by a living leader that defines the group through his claims and beliefs.

The Pope doesn't fit that description and he is after all elected.

Cult leaders like Jim Jones, David Koresh, Charles Manson fit that description and certainly were not elected and had no meaningful accountabiltiy.

To better understand the differences between thought reform and religious indoctrination see the following chart organized by psychologist Dr. Margaret Singer.

See []

Note the gradations of influence ranging from education, advertising, propaganda, indoctrination to thought reform.

Are you associated in some way with a group, leader, organization or movement somehow mentioned on this database?

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Catholic Experience
Posted by: kameornj ()
Date: June 13, 2006 11:00PM

The hell that Catholicness is a cult!!

I too was born, raised and educated Catholic. Yes, there is religious indoctrination - but there is NOTHING cult-like about the Church. Yes, I agree that there are bad things that have happened in the distant past and recent past (hell, probably even today), but that is pretty much anywhere you look.

I "left" the church shortly after coming into my own as an adult. I didn't go to hell or pergatory. But...when my life started falling apart (through my own missteps), I found utmost comfort and solice in the foundation that was supplied me. And I found my way home.

As for priest having houses and expenses paid and such (but can't marry), please - if you don't understand the relationship that a Catholic priest has to the Church...don't comment.

I'm not referring to the ones that like to step past their vows and sleep with kids. Those guys scare and sicken me. I'm talking about men of God who are giving their lives in service to the Church. I can speak to it since I spent many of my years in seminary. I think I have a handle on it.

As for the opulance of the need to do some schooling to understand the structure of the Church and what it is for before you can start to comment on what is right or wrong about it. far as I can equate - None of my time in any Catholic setting has ever been anything even in the mildest representation as certain cults like Scientology, Heaven's Gate, Jonestown, etc.

And equally said - If I had to choose between a life without, a life under some cult following or the Catholic Church....Stand, Kneel, Sit, Pray, Pass the Wafer and call me a saint!

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