Re: Christadelphian HELP PLEASE
Posted by: AndrewM1 ()
Date: April 19, 2013 08:00AM

When it says that Jesus will return as a thief in the night it clearly means that we do not know exactly when that will be and so it is wrong and foolish to predict it too dogmatically. Scriptural prophecy relating to what are called 'The Signs of the Times' are intended to keep us alert and watching for his return and Christadelphians perhaps more than many denominations do place a high priority on Bible prophecy.

Re: Christadelphian HELP PLEASE
Posted by: ejk ()
Date: April 20, 2013 08:56AM

AndrewM1-yes it clearly says no one know the time, except the Father-so why are CD's so obsessed, trying to work out when it is going to happen, when Saddam send few scud missiles to Israel, CD's were worked up then as this is the signs, I cannot comprehend why you people are so fanatical. I know christianity has been abused by many believers who have their own version and belief system, but majority accepts that Christ can return tomorrow, so be ready, but don't try to work it out, looks foolish when it fails and your religion looses more credibility. I see some good points in CD's but the religious fanaticism is not what I am after. I think your younger generation might be more understanding then the older ones who say "because we know". I remember one Lady that was sitting nxt to me at a lecture, who said that John Thomas was inspired by God- really: a man who first attacked Elliot, writer of the book "Horia Apocaliptica" and Grenville Penn writer of " The prophesy of Ezekiel concerning Gog", then turn around and copy their writings in His so called original\autentic Eurika- Elpis Israel-Anatolia and so forth, today JT would have been dragged thru courts. JT did not like mainstream christianity with some logical questions, but He was not inspired by God. He plagarized his way- lets say to stardum. Unfortunatly CD's do not question their own views and their founder. They are preached, "don't listen to outsiders" in other words, shut yourself from outside comments. Time to wake up and question yourselfs, are we right all the time as we think we are. There is not one religion on this earth that is 100% correct. But when you claim "we alone got the TRUTH" thats scares the hell out of me. It is the way you interpret the Bible to suit your belief system.

Re: Christadelphian HELP PLEASE
Posted by: Jody ()
Date: June 23, 2021 08:59PM

A follow up, since I was part of this thread, almost ten years ago. It took me ten years to get completely separated from this group, and to get deprogrammed from it. It thoroughly destroyed my life, for some of the reasons articulated in this thread by several people. I had to lose all of my friends and all of my relatives to make a complete escape from it. It is very definitely a cult group, in my personal experience, and the only way I would ever return to it would be in a pine coffin.

Many things in life are not what they appear to be on the surface. I have found that nursing homes may appear to be very lovely on the surface, and actually after some examination it can be determined that they are often "storage for old people." I once frequented a garage that had an excellent reputation, and then found out its primary expertise consisted of gouging its customers for car repairs that weren't necessary. I once worked in what appeared to be a very upscale restaurant, and, in reality, the kitchen was not kept clean, much of the food was ersatz, and the chef never remembered to wash his hands.

It was my experience that the Christadelphians, in the same manner, can appear to be something attractive and benign, when in reality they are often something very, very different under surface. And if what they are isn't a cult, then the term "cult" needs to be redefined.

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