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Date: May 17, 2006 03:07AM

Not sure if this is the right place to start this thread (so feel free to move it if it's wrong). I just read on the RI site the information about the pervie-pants that is associated with apologeticsindex.org.

See [www.culteducation.com]

Not only is his 'explanation' of how the US Justice System is messed up, messed up....but his "explanation" of how he ended up getting charged with it in the first place is just about as comical as L. Ron Hubbard's claims of Xenu and DC-8 space planes.

In ittty bitty font he types he 'misread' the instructions about when to use the cream. let me guess...he puts on a condem AFTER the money shot too?

Then, because it is late and there are no doctors...they have time to go to a drug store to get spermacide....and then go someplace where she can have privacy to spluge herself (but does it wrong).

Then...as to make it all okay..."Then I made the mistake of my life.."

Welp folks, that pretty much sums it up for me!!

Let's just assume for a moment that the only thing he did was help a 13 year old put sperm killer in her neither-region....(perv)....after having sex and bleeding...does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture?

I think I made my eyes swell up and bleed from reading that dribble.

And....even if everything he said were true....signing a plea deal - is signing a plea deal! That's it. It's over. You get everything that comes along with the package. But then to skip town - and then try and justify it...nope - not gonna go for it.

And just because someone else in another country thinks you didn't do anything wrong - doesn't mean according to the people you made the plea with...that you didn't do anything wrong.

And regardless if they say you can stay - that still does not take away from the fact that you are a perv and wanted!!

I can not respect anyone or their words if they cannot take responsibility for their actions. In this case - he took a plea. Deal with it. If he was innocent - never ever under any deal - say that you are not.

I think I would much rather spend 3 years in jail proclaiming my innocence...than 6 months in jail taking a plea.

Rick, I read the page where you took, point by point, what your detractors say are 'bad things' in our corner. I can much respect the way you put things out there, took responsibility for what you did...and how you corrected mistakes.

As long as people can see through the smoke of BS that certain people put out there...then you can see a "religion" or cult (and members of those organizations) for what they really are.

Snakes. (Some of them are extraterrestrial snakes...but snakes just the same!)

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