Survivors of Dobson's Childrearing Methods
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 28, 2023 07:50PM

Discussion about one renowned Evangelical authority on childrearing.

Digging into James Dobson’s parenting books and the thing that strikes me most is how much he hates children



I’ve been working through childhood trauma in therapy, mostly along the lines of severe emotional neglect. My parents were big fans of Dobson’s work and I remember them having copies of Dare to Discipline, The Strong Willed Child, and several others.

Dobson refers to toddlers as tyrants, tigers, sadists, and worse. He claims that a few (2-5) minutes of crying after a spanking, but any more than that and the child is deliberately punishing the parent which should be addressed with - you guessed it - another spanking. A kid who doesn’t want to go down for a nap is intentionally trying to assert dominance over his parents, and a little girl who kept trying to follow her mom when mom disappeared out of sight “decided she didn’t want to obey” by staying behind. Tears are manipulation. A newborn infant crying for his mother is trying to train her to indulge his every whim.

You guys, what the FUCK. This explains my childhood with horrific clarity....

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