Sexual Abuse
Posted by: Heather52884 ()
Date: December 27, 2022 12:02AM

I am warning people to not send your family to this abusive cult, and to not send your children to this "school" my own aunt allowed Alfred Aldrich to sexually abuse me for 7 yrs ages 13-19 yrs old . he did this all in Gods Name. In feb 2020 I finally came forward and made a police report at the town of Windsor CT police dept detective made several attempts to get a hold of my aunt who is currently hiding in Arizona with some of the DAVIS FAMLY MEMBERS , she is being protected by life elevation church in Arizona . Cynthia has personally taken ownership to me in regards to knowing Al Aldrich had abused other girls prior to me . Police told me due to statute of limitations being past I can't press charges against al or my aunt . however I do have a case with my aunt duet her and ray McMahon leaving me homeless , and being special needs . for the last 2 yrs have called out my aunt, ray McMahon and al Aldrich publicly, all 3 of them have reported me for "harassment and bullying" one of Al Aldriches daughters has personally reached out to me saying she and some of her sisters 100 percent support me calling their dad out publicly, however they are terrified to come forward to police .Sylvia Aldrich, and the oldest daughter Rebecca has be blocked on Facebook, (Just goes to show they have something they are hiding )I flew back home to CT in attempt to confront Al Aldrich and ray McMahon only for them to be tipped off I was coming . according to mutual friends of mine and Al aldrich these friends claim AL Aldrich never sexually touched me(interesting I done recall these friends being at the house when this was happening ) and they claim AL ALDRICH IS A CHANGED REPENTENT MAN!!! he's a coward if he trully showed any remorse he would contact me . Al Aldrich , my aunt and ray McMahon make fake accounts on Tik Tok and stalk my videos and report them , I believe former members of this destructive church are also making fake accounts and reporting my videos . if anyone reading this really knows me u would know that I came from torture and abusive foster homes and and an abusive birth mom , only to be handed over to Cynthia who then let al Aldrich sexually abuse me I wish none of this was true but sadly it is. Ray McMahon is covering this abuse up , I want believe that ray knew nothing f of this but sadly I think other members knew something was going on. if anyone reading this has connections to legal aid please let me know , im still trying to find away to at least legally hold my aunt accountable and Al Aldrich accountable

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