A,J 's Luck is running out !
Posted by: totowashere ()
Date: October 02, 2022 05:01PM

you may have heard this title " queensland is the Bible Belt of Australia ?
lets rephrase that " Queensland is the Capatal of Cults but they dont read their bibles , instead they listen to narcissit type males and females that are on a power trip with GOD . they acutally think GOD the Creator that wiped out the whole earth the first time with a Flood killing , men , women and children , even animals and plant life , Killed all but 8 in a ARK made of Gopher wood by a man that was told to build it and was 100 years old !

Looks like these hirlings get craftier and more cunning , from fancy conferences and play dates with preachers that stand on stages like its a comedy club
swilling beer and doing shots off the bare stomachs of young neive girls that love the Beiber ! how about Karl Lentz , or Brian Houston , and now thet pass the buisness to their besties ! vomit vomit vomit ! they still push GODS buttons climbing higher and higher to their towers of Babble babble babble !

dancing and they dare you to join the same dance , yet they secretly dance to the tune of "we're in the money $$
Australia has freaks that dare tell you " im Jesus Deal with it
that hide behind the gize of that fake smile and long hair hippy look
that most that are not Christian want to knock his teeth out ! taking peoples money and building a cross shaped compound , stealing their hard earned money and lying to them cause they think they are really Jesus ?
dividing and destroying lives A.J Millers and Mary Lucks are a dime a dozen
no different thant those that called them Selves Christ David Koresh , Jim Jones
and look where that ended !
still not a peep from the police or the government
cause they use the excuse that they are the "church "
at the expense of innocent and broken people
people are sick and darn tired of their nonsense they are worse than
non believers ! have this form of so called godliness
but deny the power of the TRUE God of creation !

still they used platforms and social media to recruit innocent men woman and children
hell yes there is sexual abuse going on there as Aj miller
smiles all the way to the bank they sold their houses , moved their lives, he seperated thier loved ones for his own pleasure

this cult leader needs to be put in a institution locked away
he is more dangerous than the average lone wolf terorist
hes is a terror to Australia

why the hell do the news people bow down to his narcissim
it onlt fules his power
what the hell are they thinking as people are suffering
and some have died from his mental manipulation

and still we see his face on face book , u tube and he smiles that
sick twisted crooked grin as if " aha i got you with my wit and charm and good looks " another david koresh in the making
heck put them side by side and Aj miller even plays a guitar thinks hes a rock star too !

only a matter of time , lets see if Queensland does something about his
bastard that is playing Jesus in Queensland

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