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Re: Praise, Power and Prayer Temple New Jersey, Conn.
Posted by: artistic68 ()
Date: February 23, 2019 04:16AM

I was shunned and disowned because I “ participated in witchcraft, abominations, and and adultey”
Mr. Aldrich molested me from ages 14-19 , my aunt allowed him in to the house when she knew he was having those kind of probables . She slowed him into t room, she shit the door and left , he used olive oil as apart of his way of having his way with me .
No one in his family knows this happened as I was not allowed to say Anthony , I’m sure they will know now after this post . Ray mc Mahon and Mr Aldrich thought I needed “ deliverance” which is so not true !! I was already traumatizzed from being in foster care, and church is suppose to be a safe place , but it was not for me .
I was also public ally humiliated every Sunday in front of everyone , also at school , some of me. McMahon’s children, kirschner children and Aldrich children teased me and made fun of me ,,, partly because I was born disabled .
The pet that angers me and sickens me is Mr. Alfred misted me by using the name of God. Thinking God would be ok with this .
I hope they are reading this! No one deserves to be treated this way. ITS A BOUT TIME FOR MY AUNT, Me. McMahon ans Me. Aldrich to take responsibility for their actions . Not one apologies .
Also I’m friends with some of the Aldrich children on Facebook, it’triggering me , should I unfriend them!!!

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