Columbia Bible College - cult-like experience
Posted by: Nick Garai 2 ()
Date: July 25, 2022 10:27AM

Hello everyone. I attended Columbia Bible College from 1992-1997. I experienced a cultic-like experience there. I was training to be a youth pastor there. I experienced much investigation and discipline from the faculty there so I wanted to give an example of what I had to endure from the Mennonite cult. I am willing to take a polygraph test or swear an affidavit for anyone wishing one (you pay for it though).

-Jamie Heide was an administrator a Columbia Bible College, a Mennonite institution, while I was a student there. He was the Dean of Men

-Shortly after moving into the men’s dorm, I was sleeping nude. Some students entered my dorm room. My bedsheet was lifted exposing my nude back side. There was a flash, winding sound and several people laughing and running out of the dorm room. Soon after both male and female students were talking about seeing the picture of me nude. I complained to Jamie Heide about this. No action was taken. I was sexually exploited.

-Jamie Heide convinced me to sign a no-dating document prohibiting me from dating any women while I was a student at Columbia Bible College

-I was frequently investigated every two to three weeks by Jamie Heide, while I was a resident in thr men’s dorm, for inappropriate sexual conduct with very young children and teenage girls. I was a youth volunteer at Bakerview Community Church. I was told that I could be expelled for inappropriate sexual relations with minors. There was never a name only a “report” by “someone”

-Jamie Heide met with me to discuss communication I had with Loraleigh Corby. He told me I was getting very close to being expelled. He said that Loraleigh Corby did not want me to apologize to her

-Jamie Heide asked me to be security at an Encounter event. The next day he wanted to meet with me in his office. He said he was talking with a girl’s father and he was very upset that I would not allow her to return to the Gym. He asked me why she was denied entrance to return. I told him I don’t know. He continued asking me the same question over and over again and I kept responding the same way. I never got any girl’s name or the father’s name.

-a student named Rob Brown invited me to participate with other men in the men’s dorm in a nerf gun war. I did participate. Shortly after Jamie Heide met with me in his office and disciplined me for simulating gun violence. I was told I could be expelled for what I did.

-Jamie Heide met with me in his office because he told me that Dave Currie from Northview Community Church called him to report that I was prancing inappropriately with a 13 year old girl named Jenilee Doerksen at Northview Community Church. I explained to him I was her youth leader at Bakerview Church. He told me he was concerned that I was having relationships with very young teenage girls

-I met with Jamie Heide in office to tell him that my parents were getting a divorce. He leaned on his hand at his desk and said “ok”. There was no sympathy, counselling or any follow-up with me. This happened in my third year

-Jamie Heide agreed to give me some counselling sessions. I was to meet with him regularly. He gave me a time once a week. I met with him and he gave me some counselling on our first session. I returned the following week and waited outside his office for forty-five minutes. He never showed up. The following week I arrived at his office and waited forty-five minutes. He never arrived. I stopped coming for counselling

-Jamie Heide arranged for me to meet with students Leonard Klassen, Greg McKone and Shauna Langemann. It was intended to give me some counselling and encouragement. We were going to meet for a few times. I met with the three students and the first meeting was encouraging. I came back the following week to meet with the three of them and all three students simultaneously did not show up. I waited for thirty minutes. The following week I went to meet with the three students and all three of them simultaneously did not show up. I waited for thirty minutes. I stopped going to meet with them after this

-I was playing a game of Axis and Allies with student Warren Edye when Kevin Kooistra entered the room. He asked us if we wanted to join MAC (Masturbation Accountability Club). I agreed. He then asked if either of us masturbated. I said yes. The next day, Jamie Heide wanted to see me in his office. I was disciplined for masturbating and told I could be expelled for sexual immorality

-In my fifth year at Columbia Bible College, Jamie Heide was present with administrators Garth Klassen and Ian Gibson in Garth Klassen’s office. Garth Klassen said that God told all three of them through discernment prayer that I was to be expelled and if I was to return I had to live with a Christian family for one year.

-In my third year at Columbia Bible College, Jamie Heide wanted me to be in a room by myself. I didn’t question this. I was segregated from the other students in my third year living in a room alone for the year. I didn’t want this

-After my third year I contacted Columbia Bible College and told them I was going to sue them for damages. I met the next day with Walter Unger and other faculty in an office. Walter Unger told me that seeking compensation was demonic and that they had many opportunities to expel me. He then told me to return and finish my studies but I could not dwell in the men’s dorm. I agreed and returned.

-John Schmidt told me that if someone was not married he could be disqualified from the ministry. I was concerned about this because Jamie Heide told me to sign a no-dating contract. I began asking women out for dates but no women would accept. I was very concerned about this and didn’t know why none of the women were interested in dating me. Jamie Heide heard of my attempts to date and reminded me about the no-dating contract I signed. Many other students were dating and some even got engaged. No one else was compelled to sign a no-dating clause. I was unable to date or find a partner for my entire five years at Columbia Bible College

-in my third year at Columbia Bible College, I was dwelling in a men’s dorm room alone. Students would walk past my dorm room when the door was closed and chant out loud “Heil Hitler” and “Zeig Heil”. On some occasions there was swastikas taped to my dorm room door. I did not tell Jamie Heide because I didn’t want to get any attention from faculty.

-The youth pastor who recommended I go to Columbia Bible college informed the college that my father was a Jew. I found this out by invoking the Freedom of Information Act.

-I was a Jewish man studying to be a youth pastor during the years 1992-1997.

Re: Columbia Bible College - cult-like experience
Posted by: Nick Garai 2 ()
Date: July 25, 2022 12:41PM

One more thing I want to mention…..

-Jamie Heide met with me in his office in my third year and told me that the college wants to keep everything internal

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