Get educated on cults Christians !
Date: July 10, 2022 05:23AM

I think the biggest defense against Cults and cult leaders false teachers and the charlatans called Word of Faith Prophets would be to get educated read about the biography of Waco Texas read about the life of David crush and how he become to be one of the most notorious murders in Texas read about Jim Jones why were these men so powerful what did they have that other people didn't have? Why is it that people like Ellen White were so powerful and then ask the question what all did they have in common? First of all they had power they had a way to persuade the crowd, they became very popular and very prosperous I called these the three p's that you need to watch out for because it doesn't discriminate against color race or sex. The one thing I have noticed with cult leaders is there a very charismatic and the approach to lure you into a false sense of Truth. Look up the techniques called Love bombing and guilt by association. Both of these were used by Jim Jones and David koresh to hold people inside and to isolate them. They first led them to believe that they were family that they were a part of something bigger when it was all an illusion it seemed like an atopia Paradise but deep inside it was darker and more sinister than you could ever imagine. What was the motive behind what they did and nine times out of 10 it's greed coveting and lies gluttony and sinful fleshly desires. If you experience this in your church then it's not a church it's just a building that labels itself a church. True Christianity is not built upon some church but the very word of God and that may be hard to understand but actually the Bible gives history and a lot of it those stories in the Bible are truth they're not just some made up fantasy tales why do you think the Germans hate the Jews why do you think that the Nazis wanted to kill the Jews because they're part of the history of the Bible it's time for people to wake up and realize that these people are wolves in sheep's clothing and the more you give them the more they take and the only way to stop it is to stop giving into them stop giving them the money stop giving them the attention stop putting them on the TV shows to leave others to believe that they have some kind of fancy snake oil to sell somebody when it's just all smoke and mirrors true Christianity is not built on smoking mirrors prosperity it is a bloody gospel and if you can't see it as that then you're already deceived

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