Never again !
Date: July 10, 2022 05:11AM

After 25 years of being in the word of faith movement both me and my husband have endured not only being deceived losing friends and family the false teacher that was teaching them LED them to believe that they could take our house and turn it for a profit so can you imagine 11 years you build a home you're getting ready to retire and it's all gone now our retirement money completely drained and all we had was just me him and our dog we took what was left of our savings and with the window of time that we had during covid-19 we left we now live in a 30-foot trailer drive a used Subaru we go paycheck to paycheck stop at the Dollar store if we need food sometimes family brings food over so we can eat and every job that I seem to find hates Jesus Christ it hates Jewish people it loves money full of hate greed but this is what they said what happened and I believe we're in the last days I'm not here to preach to you or to make you believe something that you don't want to believe I do know this that the word of faith movement is a flat-out bloody cult and the longer you're in it the more you give them the more they take I've even seen family separated told that they would become richer while the husband worked in a mine field the wife and the children were let away write into the cult and told to serve a person that said he was Jesus Christ and he was to be called father does that sound familiar? That's what happened with David koresh that's what happened with Jim Jones how many more people are going to continue to believe the lies of these people they want to take your money and lead you to believe that they're God there is no such thing as a sinful Messiah that has sex with children and their children there is no such thing as a messiah that is greedy or taking from the rich to give to the poor that will never happen the rich get richer the poor get poor it will always be that way until the Lord returns I have come to find that I would rather be in a crowded trailer drive a used Subaru and go paycheck to paycheck then live in a big empty castle with billions of dollars deceiving people taking people's hard-earned money taking people's possessions because they feel they're entitled to have them. If you look at the life of David koresh all he wanted to be was a rockstar and the reason why he became the way he was is because of his greed and he lied to himself and he lied to other people making them think that he could create a world that would be of peace and tranquility. The kingdom now theory is dangerous it is deceptive and many people like John Ally,faylene sparks ,randy Clark and the whole so called prophetic apostolic council are charletans. They deceive because they are deceived they love money rather than God they don't have any sympathy for people that are sick disabled and have terminal diseases how can anyone follow such people but they do and they keep giving him money so just like snake oil salesman at that they are they'll keep deceiving others dividing families causing heartbreak heartache and being used to kill steal and destroy. Personally we have pity for people such as this that still live in this fantasy world thinking that somehow they are going to make things better when they are not the ones it's going to change this world because this world's going to pass away someday and God will return and write the wrong. In the end people like John Kingsley alley would just be a name on a headstone they will die with their riches that they can't take with them and their reward will not be in heaven but in hell. That is why it's such a narrow road and some people take money and become more and more greedier they don't think of other people they think of themselves they're actually narcissists. I think the worst place in any person can walk into would be the hyper charismatic movement Pentecostal movement or the apostolic movement seventh-day Adventist movement is evil so many people have been destroyed because of it it's a lesson learned and people need to stay away from people like those who teach Ellen White's teachings or c peter Wagner Word of Faith is nothing but heresy it is so dangerous at least people to believe that they can order God around which is absolutely insane to even think about that where is the humility in serving God where is the humility and putting our faith and trust in Jesus alone by His works alone not our own . Sure it's painful thinking about all the things that you've lost but now that I look back I'm glad I'm not there no more it's been hard for my husband we both cried we can't look at some of the pictures because it's painful still we don't know what's going to happen next we only put our faith in trust in him Jesus Christ after all the disciples were not rich neither was Jesus if we could just live by that example but some people they want to be scribes Pharisees and hypocrites Sadducees they appear so beautiful on the outside but they're actually full of dead men's bones. Now that I think about it to die is to gain this world's not my home what's the old saying you can't take blood from a tournament so I even try they've drained our bank account they have our house they have our property they have the little garden that we had growing fruits and vegetables they have the 21 fruit trees and the exotic fruits that hung from them we had to walk from it away from it all even the artesian well that was Doug The neighbors that we enjoyed talking to the beautiful sunsets and the clear starry nights that showed the Southern Cross. I think about in this hemisphere there is no such thing as a Southern Cross in the sky cuz you'll not see it and God in His infinite wisdom with all creation he put it in the sky to remind people who he is he is above all above the parliament above the preachers above the elite above the tax collectors above the rich above the poor above every single religion you could ever think of his name is Jesus Christ and him I will serve and I will not be ashamed of the Gospel I don't know how long that this message will stay up lot of people are offended when I say this they think Christianity is a cult to be christ-like is nowhere like Roman Catholicism it's nowhere like mysticism honey grubbers that take people's money like Kenneth Copeland Benny hinn Joyce Meyers rod Parsley Todd Bentley Paula White many many more will one day kneel before the holy God and be held accountable for what they've done and they will be judged by The works they've done

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