Peace Apostolic Church teaching the Kabbalah?
Posted by: Littlelight7 ()
Date: June 21, 2022 11:08AM

This is an update for information on the peace Apostolic Church in Rockhampton Queensland Australia. The leader is named John Kingsley alley that is the sole controller of this cult and has been for over 25 to 30 years. Many people are speaking out about his manipulation guilt by association techniques and bribing people to give him money so that he can buy brand new cars homes taking long extravagant trips buying Cessna airplanes and extending his peace airport that is also attached to the peace Apostolic Church Rockhampton. If this wasn't bad enough they're also deceiving many church members into thinking that they are going to get rich quick and all they have to do is speak it. The call is from Word of Faith New Apostolic Reformation that teaches that with your words you can bring anything into existence if you pray the right way and if you don't use enough faith then God will not answer your prayers. John alley is a braggart, manipulates people into building houses for him but yet will not pay back those he owes he claims that God blesses him and curses those that do not go along with what he teaches he does not teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ he preaches the gospel of prosperity he follows closely CP Wagner that's claims that he was anointed man of God and that he could transfer that anointing on to anyone that he touched including the false prophet Todd Bentley that claimed the holy spirit said to kick people in the face with a biker boot and to punch them in the stomach leading one man that had stage 4 cancer and his stomach to be punched almost clear off the platform of the church. This demonic activity is clearly mind manipulation techniques new age and just recently finding out that John Ali wrote a book called citygate which has to do with the matrix and the Kabbalah it is mysticism and anyone that is following his teaching needs to get away from him right now he has been falsely teaching for well over 25 years many people are being led to believe they are his spiritual sons and daughters as now he's teaching people to marry into the church family and soon there will be separation of the women from the men and sexual perversion could take place just as it did with David koresh and Jim Jones. Regardless of how innocent this old man looks he is deceiving thousands in Queensland and he is dubbed as another Jesus Christ he states that he is an apostle of God this should send a red flag immediately up after recognizing what he is doing. He holds summits each year bribing people to pay $100 to $150 a pay and now he's taking money online including credit cards PayPal and going through the internet to spread this false teaching of mysticism prosperity preaching Word of Faith New Apostolic Reformation strange fire and now the Kabbalah including Hebrew Roots false teaching this is the mixture this is a deadly combination and it is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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