Should we have left ? Was there another way ?
Posted by: Littlelight7 ()
Date: April 09, 2022 09:57AM

Dear Mr Ross .
After watching your videos of destructive Cults , I was checking all the boxes with the situation we was in in Queensland. Just wanted to know has other cult survivors that have broke free from compounds ever asked these questions ? Did I over react ? Could I have still stayed there when we was living on their land and they changed against us after not becoming more involved in Alley's teaching and manipulation . We never heard about stockpiling weapons untill family members broke down and was so afraid to talk about it that they too stayed away in another City scared . Many wanted to report this to police but we're threatened and feared their lives ,their jobs . They seen what happened in Jonestown the ratting on one another the paranoia and the doomsday preaching . I just never seen anyone that was supposed to be Christian turn so fast in less than a year we was enemies , and I feared for our lives . We left our home we built ,everything behind we did not tell them why ,they would have reported back to them and I was panicked trying to get out of the country cause COVID ,19 was making it almost impossible for us to leave . We sold everything we could and with the life savings what little we had we left in the middle of the night ! It's still hard to talk about it but if I hold it in I get more upset . I pray my husband will recover from this is worse on him

All for the love of money ,power ,and position
To this day those who have been thrown out of this cult for questioning ,or leaving are thinking alley can curse them and their children and finances
This is unreal .
I just felt like a vice was closing around us ,who says alley couldn't manipulate our neighbors in that cult to shoot us ?
I kept my doors locked
Could not sleep ,eat ,I cried in fear up till the day the planes wheels left the red soil of Australia !
This was our home Mr Ross
What else was I supposed to do
Take a chance and be in the line of their fire ?
We refused to mortgage our beloved home to alley and his chosen disciples and up untill then I had no idea what was going on untill friends that left that church had told me of his mental manipulation and how they still fear for their lives !

We can never go back there again
We will probably never get to see our loved ones or family ever again in Australia

Only time will tell
God bless you ,thank you
For sharing those videos
I pray some day I can help others get out of destructive Cults .

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