Christians...but are they really...
Posted by: wraithe40 ()
Date: March 30, 2006 05:19PM

To who ever is willing to read this..
I'm really disgusted with the so called christians in this world and
especially the POTTERS group...
I studied the bible when i was 17-19 years old and decided at that stage the
teachings where very contradictory to the bible that I read and as time went
on i realised that the teachings are the persons views and not the bibles
Now after 20+ years I have come to realise also that the so called christians
in this world are very nasty people and DO NOT PRACTISE WHAT THEY PREACH...
I would like to point out to a few people what the bible says..I wont quote
verses as it will assist you in the understanding of this bible if you search
for these verses yourself, and with any luck you may reap the knowledge that
these books of belief provide...
It is written in the bible that "thou shall not judge or condemn" and also
says "by what measure you judge and condemn you shall be judged and
Now have a good think about these words as only a few of the christians I have
met live by these words and nearly all are no longer members of the
churches...I refuse to be a christian ever again and do not wish my son to be
raised with these very hypocritical people... I will teach my son
christianity as well as some budishm and also some wicca...He will have the
idea of his own and at the end of the day i wish him to be very accepting of
others and to accept that other people have there own beliefs and that is
acceptable to him then...As for this view of the christians that if you dont
become a member of there church and succomb to there ways, you will go to
hell...Tell me have you really read the bible with an open heart...I dont
think so as I know people that have and have become very good friends with
them, and they also accept my beliefs...
A true christian would never turn on a gay person or a prostitute or even a
condemned man for that matter...Y, because JESUS didnt...
As for me...Well to start with the bible has no reference to my life or the
way I am, and as such I cannot see why these so called good people must judge
me for my actions...I am a male to female transexuel and I'm also raising my
7 yo son alone...I have been assualted by christians...I have also been raped
as a child by a christian and as an adult, also by a christian...So dont you
people tell me how good you are when you cant even live or read the bible and
understand that it teaches respect of other people...
You do realise that unless you do right by others you will not stand by god
but you will be condemned to hell...
Next time you read the bible drop the attitude you have and read the words
with an open heart...
I along with the rest of the world will be greatly appreciated if people start
to read the book of there religions instead of listening to anothers
teachings(which are tainted with there own ideas)...

Bless the people and
blessed be...

Christians...but are they really...
Posted by: wraithe40 ()
Date: April 04, 2006 02:15PM

jsut a note to add to this...
I'm now a practising Witch...
i no longer am involved, myself, with any christian group or any other religion other than wicce and am now known as a hedgewitch..(i like herbs and magick)...
my son wishes to follow christianity and i would support him in his own quest for a belief,,,,
I dont have a problem with anyone having there own belief but i do have a problem with hypocrits...
I do wish the best for all the people on this planet and do wish they would relax and either allow others to be or to assist them but not force them to be like them...
freedom of will..
don't blame their god and don't blame their (not my beleif but) devil...
If someone dont like what you are saying then accept that but dont force them to listen
and if you dont like what is being said then by all means walk away...
there is no harm in turning the other cheek...
as all beliefs are evolved along the lines of preserving human kind, why do we start wars over religion and have one religion tell another there wrong...
people that preach and have to force you to believe them are usually very insecure and that insecurity can manifest into abuse...lets stop the religous bullying and start to practise all the different beliefs together...(not a bad thing, i might just see if we can get a day in my town and get evryone together for that day, lets pray to our gods as one and show unity not disunity)

Christians...but are they really...
Posted by: larrye2001 ()
Date: April 09, 2006 02:49PM


what your doing is not a good move on your part, think it over and find a church that works for you. :shock:

Christians...but are they really...
Posted by: larrye2001 ()
Date: May 10, 2006 07:26AM

Out of the 1.258 billion Christians I found 3 people that know what they are doing and talking about. I'm happy I found 3.

Make sure you know what you believe first and find your three.

I'm talking real,living,non perfect people that are as human as you and I but they took the time to find the REAL TRUTH that few care enough to look for.

Christians...but are they really...
Posted by: Poetry333 ()
Date: May 18, 2006 11:53AM

This country's basic start was because of religious persecution and taxation. With the latter not a matter for discussion, the first was why they wrote...FREEDOM OF RELIGION. They were being persecuted for being Protestant Christians. I myself was baptised Catholic, but my parents wanted to leave it up to me what religion I chose when I was an adult. I did choose Catholicism. I believe in everyone's right to choose their own religion, however if it is mentally or physically hurting someone, that I do not ascribe to that.

90% of "So Called"Christians I have met don't accept me. To them I am a Pagan. Because I dress up on Halloween and don't JUDGE others who do or don't, I have been told I am going to HELL by Foursquare & Baptist Christians. I live in CA, when I lived in AL, in the actual bible belt, no one was judgemental, I think they knew what it took with the long history they have to be the protestants they are.

I accept all Religions as I have said and even though in CA most Christians I have met don't accept me, I accept them. I am a Christian too, just a Catholic one. I believe in the SAME GOD as them. I believe in the SAME JESUS, I DON'T pray to SAINTS OR WORSHIP MARY, as many have been lead to believe. I have actually had people ask me if the Catholic Church was about worshiping Mary the mother of Jesus. For me it has never been that, maybe I have a different experience because my mother's family came from Slovenia and the way I grew up was more towards the Orthodox Catholicism. We didn't have any statues of Mary or oil paintings of Jesus, he was always in our hearts, though I would NOT condemn anyone if they wanted those things.

I DON'T WORSHIP the POPE EITHER nor do I pray to him. I ONLY pray to JESUS. :!:

I DON'T JUDGE, it is NOT the Christian nor Catholic way if you truly believe in Jesus. As Wraithe said, the bible says, THOU SHALT NOT JUDGE OR CONDEMN. :D


Out of the 1.258 billion Christians I found 3 people that know what they are doing and talking about. I'm happy I found 3.

Larrye is lucky to have found three. I have luckily found three, maybe Wraithe, as Larrye said, you can find three. I hope that you do and I am truly sorry for what could have only been horrible experiences. Good luck and God Bless to you and your son.

Christians...but are they really...
Posted by: 4Justice ()
Date: May 24, 2006 10:27PM

I don't think it is accurate to say that ALL Christians are hypocrites. I mean, who could know all people proclaiming to be Christian? I've traveled the world, and I can honestly say, I personally have not met the millions of people who claim to be (christian, buddhist, atheist, witches and/or warlocks, etc....).

To lump every person into one group (ie: christians=hypocrites), would in effect, be the same as saying that all witches wear black, make sacrifices, and cast spells.

Certainly, I do agree that there is alot of hypocrisy in the Christian religion. There are many who claim to be one thing, and yet, are another. But that is true of every group of people, every race, every religion, so forth, throughout the world. Always has been, always will be.

There are those who truly are trying to do the right thing and live their lives in honesty. Give them the same break you yourself would want, were the roles reversed. :wink:

Christians...but are they really...
Posted by: Janus ()
Date: May 25, 2006 01:15PM

jsut a note to add to this...
I'm now a practising Witch...
i no longer am involved, myself, with any christian group or any other religion other than wicce and am now known as a hedgewitch..(i like herbs and magick)...
my son wishes to follow christianity and i would support him in his own quest for a belief,,,,

Interesting....You do realize that your credibility may suffer from such admisssions. Gerald Gardner really should have chosen another word, especially since he went about taking all the fun out of it anyway. "Never boast, never brag"...words to the Wise but under Gardnerian Wicca you can't even blow trespassers off your property what to speak of raising storms up against the Spanish Armada or shoving folks like Her Hitlers blitzkiege up his butt....., all one can do "lawfully" are "bindings". Oh well, probably for the best as most Witches I know would be more surprised then anyone else if one of their spoells actually worked...and they've been bragging about them for years.....
Just having a bit of fun dear, no offence intended, just my way of saying "Merry Meet." You are not alone here. I too am a Witch...for a long time, since before I even went looking to the East to fill in a missing gap, a technique of Theurgy (God working) not come down to us through any traditional Western line. We got only the Drawing Down of the Moon and Son. The Vaisnavas of India known in the U.S. as the Hare Krsnas provided us with the second technique which has to do with the installation of deities, the animation of God forms.
I don't usually reveal my Pagan Wiccan affiliations in mixed company, being associated with the Hare Krsnas makes me "Kook" enough in most peoples eyes, but sometimes the need to show support to others outweighs my reasons for being silent about what I am.

Christians...but are they really...
Posted by: Janus ()
Date: May 28, 2006 05:21PM

The positive oral values of Judao-Christianity are some things we internalize in our formative years, along with cut throat capitalism, so we have internallized two opposing and irreconcilable world views, one can go either mad attempting to reconcile them or one can do what any good domesticated primate does, one makes a choice. It's like watching sunsets. Whenever we watch the sunset we are not seeing it from the perspectives of those who know that the world is round and that it circles the sun, we are viewing the nice, beautiful sunset from the perspective of Ptolomean, not Copernium we can see by this example that human beings can have different world views or views of reality and the universe at the same time. We make a choice.
One thing that bothers me about Christianity is that it seems to say that you can lie, cheat, steal and even murder anyone that you like to providing that you say that you are sorry to Jesus and repent your sins...and that you can lie, cheat, steal from and even murder anyone who doesn't worship the God in just the way that you do, Islam seems to be this way and Judaism seems to have been this way once too. I think that all non-liberal fundamentalisms are. Thinking along these lines if human sacrifice means to kill people to please your God then Christians have practiced and still practice human sacrifice. PS I am not nor have I ever been Jewish, Moslem or Christian Before my father became a Hare Krsna he was an atheist and had a Socialist education so I didn't get Religious Indoctrination 101

Christians...but are they really...
Posted by: kameornj ()
Date: June 13, 2006 11:08PM

It is so sad when people misquote scripture for their own purposes - and then make justifications on the misquote.

The Bible does not say "Do not judge".

The Bible does not reflect that a true christian would never turn on a gay person or a prostitute or even a condemned man for that matter...Y, because JESUS didnt...

What the freak bible are you reading. I think you need to take that back the motel 6 and get another copy.

What you fail to realize in this instance....a prostitue coming to Christ has foresaken their previous lifestyle and have become reborn in Christ.

That is TOTALLY different than accepting the prostituete. Damn, that is like basic math!

I don't care if you are witch, warlock or elf. But if you are going to make sweeping assumptions about the Bible and Christianity - please, please, please - know what you are talking about before you open your mouth.

You suck up all the good air for people who are actually trying to pay attention!

Please don't take the words I say as an attack on anyone. It' just gets me going when people misquote the Bible - and then act in accordance to that misquotation. Please, if you are going to lead your life in opposition to the Bible teachings, understand what that teaching is before you spit on it.

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